Sunday, June 6, 2010

0 Jane Tried to Kill Me!

Why must this mogul insist on deleting such retarded topics like this? Does she not comprehend deletion is futile as people will screencap, save files, and publish them on their own website? Anyways, this is...or was, quite a melodramatic scene. When I saw the clip, I honestly had mixed opinions about this. Let the record show I do not hate Tila Tequila (as it's impossible to really hate someone you don't know), but her erratic and disgusting behavior makes me want to loathe otherwise and insult the bitch at her disposal.

According to the comments sprouted here and there, there's a claim going on stating a resident, and few others, notified the police department about this video and were summoned to Tila's residence. (Trivia: Tila apparently lied about moving into a 2-story mansion, but instead resides in a unit complex...a mogul who makes million dollars a year). What we know next is our troubled mogul friend takes her anger out on her twitter page:

It turns out after confronting with Tila, the officers said she was okay (physically) and no injuries reported...except for the poor lamp. R.I.P. So, turns out, this bitch tried to win our sympathy and failed...again. Before the truth got revealed, I felt more of a pity than sympathy. Remember, this was prior to our knowledge, so, I thought this shit could really be authentic!

How I felt shouldn't be no mystery. I'm surprised I'm taking this shit well. Falsely hurting yourself to win the world's sympathy is like a slap across the face! Why does this ugly bitch still have fans is still fucking beyond me! Tila lied about adoption, pregnancy, miscarriages, vitro fertilization, charity organization, future ambassadorship for Vietnam...Christ, the list goes on! And she still has fans?! Either her fans are actually her (as she self-proclaims to suffer multiple personality disorder) or her children fans are that insipid!

This is certainly the last straw, at least from me. Tila cries wolf, no doubt. The end for her. Boo-hoo. Bitch struggled to persuade us about wanting to get better, then when informed Celebrity Rehab had been pushed back, and much to her dismay, vents sadness and blogged about resuming her bad habit, her way of coping, til then. It gets better. She states "private rehabs" are expensive and stupidly questions why waste $30,000 when I could just wait til July? Um...because it's your health you're talking about, dumb bitch. Click here for more information about her refusal.

This is the kind of shit that ticks everyone off, Tila...those with conscience. You'll be very damned lucky if you still have little fans left. Your latest lie backfired because you didn't think it through and never thought no one would call the cops on your ass! You're even lucky enough those callers took action and you owe them an apology. Shit, you owe the world, if not, your fans, an apology! Like, that's ever going to happen!

It has been hours later, and no word of Tila tweeting or copy and pasting articles on her fake-ass gossip site. Wait...didn't she claim to have 25-30 staffs working for her? Sooooooo.....why haven't there been any new entries posted? Is this like "let's take a moment to say a prayer for our mogul?" or something? To end this entry with a crescendo to say the least, Tila Tequila made her video private, but, we could always rely and trust Tilasrotspot staffs because they saved the file and uploaded it! A big LOL and kudos to them!

Notice how she broke and tossed shit around her room, but didn't break her laptop and camcorder! Another LOL!