Friday, June 4, 2010

0 Celebrity Rehab: Pushed back to July!

All I can say is: aaaaaAAAAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!!!

Ah, so the Celebrity Rehab is postponed. Poor Tila! What is she suppose to do now? Oh, yeah. Resume being a drug junkie.

Oh, Tila, Tila! You are such a good role model! And please, tell us why you don't want to get help immediately?

Really? Didn't you tell the world that you are a CEO, a mogul, and make million bucks a year? Oh, wait. The truth is, you don't want to go to rehab unless there are cameras. The truth is, health is not important to you, only attention! You rather be paid than genuinely desire to better yourself. You've deleted my posts, again, refusing to accept truths (not just from me). You are sick. And it doesn't cost that much to go to rehabs. You just want the celebrity standard services. Trust us! You are not a celebrity! You are an infamy!

Like many people posted, if you seriously want to get better, you would say screw Celebrity Rehab, I'm going to get help on my own! But, did you say that? No!!! You rather be on tv for personal gain. There is no desire of helping yourself. Attention is the only source you can think of. Unlike your idiotic fans, we are not dumb.

Bitch, we all know you're very pissed!

Always playing the victim here! And just to let you know, you insult a lot of people, too! Don't believe me, folks? Visit her nauseating old twitter page at celebrity tweets website. And by the way, people still post "horrible" comments. Why she used the word, "used" is beyond me.

Oh, the humanity! Gia Marie Carangi anyone?