Tuesday, June 8, 2010

0 Tila doesn't know when to shut it

After her latest stunt, Tila comes back yapping away, screaming at those callers who notified the police to help her out. Of course, someone who has hate and anger in themselves, didn't appreciate and insulted them instead. Tila is quite a nice lady, wouldn't you agree?

Anyways, Tila was absent for the next hours, a smart move as she pissed off a lot of people. The duration of silence made me wonder where the fuck is she and why her gossip site suddenly inactive? Tila claims to have 25-30 staffs working for her as of April 2010. However, our mogul friend mentioned of "ridding" her assistant from her "MISS TILA’S “DEAR DIARY”: A DAY OF STRESS & SADNESS, RAINING TEARS.. =( " entry. So, minus one.

LOL! Someone get this bitch a mirror!

Tila had a garage sale and thus, disclosed her old address. So, I took another liberty to see how many registered sex offenders were in radius. The result speaks for itself:

A big sigh of embarrassment. NOTE: This sigh is not meant to offend the residence, but offend Tila's stupid remark. No doubt, since I live in a big city, have the same issue.

Tila must be really upset about her continuous fail, but, I know something that might cheer her up. Tila should thank Seth MacFarlane for having her doodle character made a couple second cameo appearance on the Cleveland Show, episode: You're the Best Man, Cleveland Brown. Peace out, bitch!!!!!