Thursday, June 17, 2010

0 Suicide, Perez, but who should really go to jail?

Dumbass Titla Bacteria is counting eggs before they hatch. Apparently, one of Perez Hilton's recent pictures of Miley Cyrus caused a stir which almost got him into serious trouble. However, he was able to prove the picture was photoshopped and is off the hook. Unfortunately, our mogul-wanna-be friend is so hyped about his situation she can't realize he is not going to jail after all. To her chagrin, she now accuses him happily of losing an advertising company, only failing to realize she has yet to get sponsors of her own.

She now calls Perez a pedophile besides "Piggy". This got me scratching my head. Really, Tila? A Pedophile? I hope pedophilia does not discriminate gender because Tila surely loves to expose herself to her fans who are mostly adolescents. The image below is from her latest disgusting video. If I wanted to torture somebody, I would drag my victim here and ask if this is a prelude to porn and no doubt they'll say yes. I'll tell them the truth and say, "Nope. This is not porn and this woman is actually leaving a message to her under-aged and perverted fans." And I'm pretty sure they'll say: Man, that's fucked up! I could've sworn this was porn!

When her gossip blog launched, she had an old picture of Miley Cyrus (the one where she's lifting up her shirt with underwear showing. However, sources claim that is not actually her and is an impersonator. I don't care if it was her or not. I am more concerned what is displayed on Tila's site where children likes to come and visit. Including the relic picture contains an image of Paris "skanky" Hilton giving her then boyfriend a hand job. Yes. Kiddies do visit Tila's gossip "shite" and are exposed to such materials I'm sure parents would disapprove. You can get more information about Tila's hypocrisy at Tilasrotspot.

This is what your children are fed to, parents! I am being generous to make a transcript so no one will have to feel sick, nor have to listen to her constant lip smacking. It was very gross to see her mouth close to the camera. I backed up whenever she did so, seriously. Even though there is no one with me at this point, I could just imagined smelling bad breath on me! The sight of her licking lips was definitely gross, too, yet I took the shot just to show how repulsive this woman is toward her under-aged fans. Jesus Christ, why isn't her fat ass in jail yet?!

WARNING! The following transcript below may affect your brain and should not be read while under any influence whatsoever!

"Hiiiii, everyone! It's Miss Tila! I haven't not made YouTube video for you guys in very long while. It's about six months and I've decided to make one just for *smack lips* Why? *Makes kissing noise* Yum! *Makes kissing noise* Ice cream, cherry lips! So *smack lips*, anyways, I wanted to tell you about my day today and this is my first time wearing my hair in pigtials as far ever since I got this new blond haircut. *smack lips*

*Sighs* And I got this neeeew cute little bra today *grabs right wonky breast* because, I don't like wearing bras because they're uncomfortable. *Smack lips* Ask any lady. I hate wearing bras. So uncomfortable. But! These very nice because it's not...there's no wire in them or anything, so it's very comfortable. So, I got *Smack lips* Well, first of all, I woke...well, lemme give you a tour. Um...*smack lips* I'd moved out of my last house because of the stupid stalkers, so, I had to move...*smack lips* but now, I got uh...a temporary condo...I live in a condo right now. It's really nice. *Takes breath* Right now, we're currently downstairs and one of the bedrooms I have three bedrooms, and upstairs is very beau... beautiful. *Smack lips*

And, right now I just wanted to say hi to my TilaArmy because I miss you and *whispers* haven't talked to you in a while. *Takes breath* And you're amazing!...So, anyways. Um...lemme show you...*camera faces mirror* oooo! Oooo, la la! I'm a little bit messy, yes, but which women isn't? Look it! Look it! This is what I call my 'glamroom' *smack lips* There's another 'glamroom' in the other room. But this is my 'glamroom'. *smack lips*

And, I'm messy. You see that right there? *zooms in cheap-made chandelier* I have a beautiful chandelier. And you see that right there? *Chuckles* I put that up there myself because the interior decorators...they um, they put...they put like, you know, the transparent things so every morning, the sun shines so bright I'm like, hell no! I gotta put some up there until they change it. *Smack lips* Because ya'll guys know sometimes...if you're night owls and the sun comes and it's too bright, so you start putting trash bags *chuckles* over your window...well, I did that. But I tied it up... with my underwear 'cause I'm too short. *Chuckles* I didn't fix my bed yet, but whatever! *Smack lips*

So, I wanted to show you...yeeeeeeah 'cause I haven't done dis in a while. But, I bought this today...well, first of all, I went...dear diary, first of, I went to go...oh wait, I left this too 'cause I get to do my make-up in [inaudible], you can see everything go *hums* . *Smack lips* Then, I can see...the angles, what I'ma wear...I can see...whoa, whoa, whoa! What's going on? Damn, Miss Tila! It's called a 'booty'! A BOOTIE! Don't hate! Alright! Female empowerment! We gotta stick together. All right? *Smack lips* So, *smack lips* uh-oh! Haven't worked out. Well, I really don't work out but, I really need to start working out because look it, I used to have six-packs right there. *Groans* You see that? I used to have wings like...look at that! Bam! But, I need to start working out some more. *Smack lips*

Anyways, so, I just wanted to show you, yes, I never wore my hair like this before you guys like? *Smiles* Um...*smack lips* So, I met up with uh, CEO. He's gonna help me out with a lot of stuff on Miss Tila o-m-g dot com. Which, I have another video that's very, very important. I'm gonna put some people on blast! And you do not want to miss out this video because I'm gonna put these people on blast and they're gonna be very, very, very embarrassed because you know why? *Smack lips* Whadda I always say? Don't...fuck...with me! All right? The Commander in Chief of TilaArmy, you don't fuck with me or my army, okay? *Smack lips* Because *whispers* I love my army! *Kisses camera, smack lips* Yum! *Licks lips* *Smack lips* All right! So, I wanna show...oh yeah, and then, I went shopping, right?

So then, I don't know how, and I swear on my life, that I did not called the paparazzi, but they are fast! They're really good! And now that I'm into gossip blog world, because I do have my own gossip blog, I do know how they work like, they're pretty fast. So, I went shopping. I told my friend to drop me off at this store really fast so no one would see me, right? And by the time I came out, my friend text me. He's like: Yo, there's all these paparazzi outside. I was like, how the fuck do they know? Did you call them? And I got really upset because I thought for second he called them, but didn't. So, anyways, I don't know how they do it. But, anyways, so, I went shopping, and then, um....
[film cuts off...thank God]

My reaction to all this incoherent rambling?

Tila contradicts, lies, exploits, and can't make sense most of the time. She has a habit of referring people by their gender and occupation, too. "I met up with a CEO", "my friend". Please do tell us whom! What? You won't? Yeah, it's because you probably didn't...unless it was a CEO of some adult video company, loser! And what the hell was up with all those lip smacking? God, that was very annoying! And is it also just me, but, did it look like she was reading lines instead of making eye contact? You know, part of the lying is by saying "uh" and lack of eye contacts...I'm just say'n.

Seriously, for someone who claims to be extremely smart and studying Quantum Physics, the least you could do is use basic grammar...correctly. I'm not perfect, but, at least I try. Moving on. It pisses me off how Tila is trying to make Perez look like a pedophile when it's her who takes off clothes and talk dirty to her minor fans. I motion for an arrest to this ex-convict! Throw Tila Tequila back in jail! By the way, I love the way this lying whore claims she got very upset when the paparazzi were outside. Of course it was her who called them!!! She's a z-list infamous thing!

Ah, now about her suicidal attempt. Wait...was it an attempt? Nope. Titla Bacteria admits it was just a hoax and the purpose was to get publicity. Gee, desperate much?

Bitch tried to empathize the aftermath! Notice anything wrong with this photo? Try and figure it out. Damn...this woman is mentally ill, needs serious help, and I'm not fucking kidding. I love how she addresses her haters as "no body" now. Before, we were called sex offenders. This whore joked about pregnancy, miscarriage, adoption, charity organization, rape, and suicide! What next? Murdering someone? Oh, wait. Casey Johnson! *smacks side of forehead* It's likely Titla Bacteria is not responsible of her death, despite encouraging Casey to stop taking pills, and used her death for personal gain instead. This "thing" is very, very, very sick. No way I would allow my relatives go near that thing.

Tila Tequila, in my opinion, is a sociopath. A vicious, selfish, sick and seriously dangerous woman. I hope all the bad things she's done to her victims comes back to her twice as much.