Thursday, June 10, 2010

0 Oh,'re no Bai Ling.

We can all sigh a relief, folks. So, here is another shit Tila wanted us to read and feel amorous at the end......failed. This is rather a disparate entry we seldom read. There's a sense of tranquility to it and I actually like it. However, tranquility does not mean I love her poetic attempt. Sucks balls sadly. The screaming, foul-mouth, stupid Titla we all know is fucking annoying, so, this is a nice break for once.

Tila, stop mentioning Casey Johnson and archiving pictures! She is NOT your wife and you two hardly knew each other! She was incoherent and you took advantage of her vulnerability!

Who is Bai Ling you may wonder? She is this 43-year-old slutty Chinese actress woman who thinks she's still twenty-two years old. She runs her own blog and her entries are filled with vague, poetic-like substances. Horrible writing style, but that's not the point here. The point is, Bai Ling can't act her age, does the same embarrassing poses, and dresses like a slutty twenty-two year old girl. A Chinese Paris Hilton. Both of these women need to fucking grow up and act their age, not their shoe-size.