Thursday, June 10, 2010

0 Cease and Desist Letter...and federal offense!

So, Tila is at it again with her latest antic...or should I say, another attempt at what she failed to do the first time. That's right, folks. Tila is threatening the Tilasrotspot bloggers--possibly other dirty bloggers--again!

Either she's hired a dumbfounded attorney, but, should she take them to court, the judge will likely say your case is anemic because they are protected under the U.S. Code TITLE 17 Limitations on exclusive rights: Fair use and are not stalking, but exercising their rights: Freedom of speech. Not to mention, I don't live in California and have no knowledge on how court cases run besides what I learned from Law and Order (a favorite of mine) show and other unreliable sources (not referring to Wikipedia). So, how this would work in out of state requires research, which I'm unwilling to do, and can't comment any further except to say, "good luck, bitch."

Behold! The actual C&D letter Tila sent to those bloggers back in March! A big LOL!