Wednesday, June 30, 2010

0 Tila, the Apotheosis

Titla Bacteria just can't get enough of herself. Instead of improving her badly-needed grammatical skill and act like a twenty-eight year old woman, she insists focusing on something what psychologists would call morbid and pure delusional.

Before I offer my opinions, I want to remind Tila that this is what makes her gossip blog fun as hell. For those who are need of up to date, more accurate, and less grammatical error celebrity news, TMZ would be a good place to start, otherwise, going to Tila's site would be like me asking some kid for world news: Inaccurate, clueless, and incoherent. The analogy might be exaggerating, but in the world of professionalism, no boss would want to associate with a writer who constantly use caps lock, incapable of spelling basic words, and not knowing how to use apostrophe correctly to name a few. Yes, for a twenty-eight-year-old, it is embarrassing.

But, being Tila Tequila, professionalism isn't necessary. No matter how much she cries "Miss TilaOMG is legit!", followed by bouncing up and down like some retarded kid being offered a lollipop, real celebrity gossip webmasters are snickering at her. Unlike Tila, they work hard, talk about celebrities, and check for spelling errors before hitting the "publish" button. You can read more about her gossip site. So, what am I trying to say? Simple: I don't take her site seriously and you shouldn't either. It is just another marketing tool for shameless promotion.

So, Tila believes she's like an apotheosis, and therefore, people don't deserve her and shit. I have never met anyone who thinks this way. This is certainly not a healthy mind. Reading these kind of bland articles, I do not want to meet this woman. Oh, wait. I NEVER DID in the first place. I am very fortunate to live far away, otherwise, this bitch would be waking up everyday with shit smeared on her doorway, everyday.

"I feel like I don’t even belong in this planet."

You don't actually, because the world hates you, and it has nothing to do with your imaginary vision of being God's angel. You are not special. Fading away is what your God wants you to do, freak! If you want to make a positive impact, then honor people's request by merely going away and get a real job or just disappear.