Friday, June 4, 2010

0 Whiny little twit. TMZ stole my shit!

Today, Titla Bacteria goes ape shit and starts bitching about TMZ stealing her "exclusive" poorly-written article about John Wayne's family and calling the staffs, "hater of the week." How fucking mature of you, Tila! And by the way, it should be noted as "Haters of the Week."

Apparently, this dumbass is so desperate to have her cries heard and posts four topics from her facebook page, begging people to help spread the word, and doing what she does best besides whoring: Bitching, bitching, bitching! Sure, Tila, I'll help you spread the word: You are stupid as hell. People accuse you of copying and pasting articles from other websites. You made it clear that your gossip site is going to be unique, when, it's actually shit!

Tila Tequila has yet to fail dethroning Perez Hilton and becoming the number one celebrity gossip site. Despite all the evidence, she remains delusional due to snorting too much ambien in short period of time, and can't see the truth.