Thursday, February 10, 2011

114 Tila's Real Let-Down Comic!

UPDATE! A new comic strip! 02/13

On February 4th, our favorite hogul announced she's making a comic book and her Tila Army soldiers will have a big role! Yes! A big role and they're gonna be famous as fuck because not only will Tila feature her dimwitted underage fans in some comic book, but they'll likely be on television or some film! But, wait! What's this?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15 Casey Who?

I know this is really old, but I can't believe this never occurred to me. But after three days when the world heard of Casey's unfortunate death, Tila was smiling for the paparazzi. Yes, unusual way of coping. But then again, Tila only knew Casey for a month and those who keep track of her lies know very well Tila never loved Casey in the first place. Tila was seduced by Casey's status instead and her tragic death brought this slut-head more media attention she so craves. A human life have no value to Tila Tequila. Fame, sex, and money is what Tila strives for and nothing more.