Wednesday, February 9, 2011

15 Casey Who?

I know this is really old, but I can't believe this never occurred to me. But after three days when the world heard of Casey's unfortunate death, Tila was smiling for the paparazzi. Yes, unusual way of coping. But then again, Tila only knew Casey for a month and those who keep track of her lies know very well Tila never loved Casey in the first place. Tila was seduced by Casey's status instead and her tragic death brought this slut-head more media attention she so craves. A human life have no value to Tila Tequila. Fame, sex, and money is what Tila strives for and nothing more.

The offensive photo above was taken three days after the announcement. When you're a sociopath, that is the appropriate response, otherwise, her ominous smile makes us wonder if Tila really had anything to do with Johnson's death. So, why am I bringing this up...again? Well, it just so happens in Hawaii, a flower on the right side means you're available. Now, tell me, is this a mere coincidence or did Tila added another insult to the injury? Either way, I hope this Ting-Ting ends up in a gutter where she really belongs. Fucking disgusting whore.


Kat said...

I doubt she's smart enough to even realize that she had having a flower on a certain side of her head meant anything; she's about as smart as a rock. Anyways, she's still a bitch!

Joann said...

Yea I agree with Kat...Tila is too freaking stupid to know that. All I want in this whole scenario is for the media to see this skank for what she really is.

The media and others make fun of her but I doubt they, with the exception of a few who have been around her for certain length of time but are not talking, know how truly dark her soul is.

I can't prove it but in my heart I know she did not help Casey in the end and I hope the guilt of that along with her other dark crimes that we aren't aware of YET eat her up insides until she's batshit crazy. She's halfway there now anyway.

janajustsaid said...

I still don't understand why some kind of private investigation hasn't been opened by the Johnson family. And if Gary Sun can prove Ting-Ting did in fact "kill" Casey Johnson, why hasn't he reached out to the Johnson family to do something about it? I guess we'll never know...

What's really sad is that as long as Ting-Ting is alive, Casey and her family will never have peace. Casey's name will forever be attached to this cunt. Ting-Ting drags Casey's name through the dirt whenever she gets the chance. And no matter where Casey's name pops up, it is usually always accompanied by, "the late finance' of reality star Tila Tequila" UGGG Fucking burns my ass when I read that shit!! She is still gaining notoriety after the poor girl has passed away!

Another thing I don't understand is why don't the people who know what kind of fuckery Ting-Ting causes, creates, stirs-up, does, instigates, gets in the middle of, etc., ever come out about it? Why has Leo Madrid, Mr. Bradshaw, Carlton Jordon, Gary Sun, etc. NEVER EVER made a buck off this cunt (like she has with ALL OF THEM) by selling their stories to Radar or TMZ? Is she really that fucking powerful to keep everyone's mouth shut? I don't think so. If this bitch did me wrong, and I saw she was STILL doing others wrong, I wouldn't think twice about it. Fuck you, you fucking cunt faced, infected pussy, wonky nipple alien looking SLAG! She makes my fucking blood boil!!!!!!!!

There isn't even a word in the English language that describes the hatred and disgust I have for this cunt(<- no not even that word).

lolercopter said...


The only thing Garry knows is that he likes weed. If he had information and didn't go to the police than he will likely get charged with something as well.

As for why no one has sold any stories about Tila is because they can't. Tila makes everyone who comes in contact with her sign a non-disclosure agreement so that they can not talk about what she does, it has nothing to do with power. She spends a lot of money on lawyers to cover her ass and make sure nothing comes up that she doesn't want.

What's sad is that most people "leak" information through a 3rd source, and none of them are willing to leak any proof. Garry has leaked a bunch of shit, but for a man screaming he has proof the only thing he's proved is he can't make it to court on time.

It's really sad that Casey died because of Tila's ways, whether Tila had a hand or not, if Casey didn't know Tila, she would probably still be alive.

deluwiel said...

this is when I started paying attention to Tila Tequila - when the story broke about what happened to Casey and then the Tila pictures and interviews. I absolutely could not believe that someone could be so callous and so cold as she is to pose for pictures like those mere days after the tragic death of her so-called fiancee.

Joann said...

@lolercopter...excellent comment.

The skank will get hers when she least expects it. She may have lawyers to cover up her foul deeds FOR NOW but there will come a time, and I hope it's soon, when she will get herself into some shit her lawyers won't be able to cover up or get her out of....then we will see the domino effect of everything she has lied about come out in the open.

I can't wait to wake up one morning and read or hear she's been brought down.

As far as Gary is concerned...I was through with him when he showed up late for court. He flaps his lips a lot but can't back up anything and has to walk away with his tail between his legs looking like the fool he is.

He's needs to stop acting like a bitch on his twitter, stop the freaking rhyming and handle his business with a LEVEL head to put her behind bars.

IMO he's still in love with the skank which is why all he does is talk about her and do little else.

janajustsaid said...

@lolercopter: After I read my post, the non-disclosure agreement popped into my head. I completely forgot about that. But I'm sure there are loop-holes one can find in order to put an end to this fuckery! I'm no lawyer, nor do I have any knowledge of contract law, but I would think with everything Ting-Ting does to people, shes bound to fuck up somewhere and make that contract null and void (i know thats not the right word but you catch my drift).

I can't wait to hear the news that this cunt has been brought down.

janajustsaid said...

I know this isn't related to this post at all but I wanted to share something I shared on another blog.

I live in South Florida and last night while I was driving, I had the radio station tuned on to one of the local R-n-B/Rap/Hip Hop stations. The D.J. came on the radio and announced this:

"Hey do you all remember Tila Tequila? You know, she had that one reality show on VH1? Well SHE is set to release her first porno on Valentines Day! Awwwww, isn't that sweeeeet?"

1. He didn't even name the show.
2. He said VH1. I'm sure it was on MTV right? LMFAO!!!
3. I find it very interesting he said "she is set to release it". Not "it has been leaked" or "'Insert porn distributer name here' is set to release it".

Joann said...

OT for a sec:
"Tila Tequila was asked about her upcoming VIDEO with Charlie Laine If it was real or stage? at the International 3D Society 2nd Annual 3D Creative Arts Awards at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, California USA February 9, 2011 - Interview by Morgan Mitchel"

Joann said...

I'm still waiting for this. It's been a month. LOL.

"Wanna know a secret? I just landed a lead role in a movie!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! That was my big secret! I cant hold it in anymore!! YAY! 3:20 PM Jan 4th via web"

imoutofit said...

@Joann (the video you posted)

She has a new handler! It's very reminiscent of her "pregnancy rumor" days. Lulz, remember when she wore that blue dress with a giant grease stain in front? I guess DDMGT or whoever the hell is managing her so-called career told her to shut her trap if she wants to keep doing appearances in Hollyweird.

Joann said...

I agree her management is trying to make her look "respectable" by getting her small parts on a few mainstream TV shows and dressing her in clothes that don't have her fake scarred up boobs hanging out.

But, no one is buying this "respectable actress" bit(except her AOI's) because she has no talent.

IMO, after she has been "passed around" in order to get a few more small roles and has worn out her welcome she will be dropped and by this time next year she will invent another fake character.

How does that saying can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.

deluwiel said...

@Joann - interesting response to questions about the porn video. None of the threats of lawsuits, phony outrage, etc. Clearly she's been coached to keep her trap shut about it. I have to wonder about the timing of the more conservative "serious actress" image coinciding with the video release. Either she shot the damn thing because she was desperate for money last year and now her new handlers are doing damage control or it's all a convoluted weird marketing strategy that frankly doesn't make sense to me; but then I'm not in the biz.
Anyway, in the second half of that video interview she's asked what she did with Jennifer Aniston and she never actually answers that; she just goes on and on about how googly-eyed she was to be sitting next to Jen, but she doesn't say what the appearance was (a satire interview once again using Tila as a prop to set up the "awkward" situation - Jen's the one doing the acting there, not Tila). She claims to be working on "two films" right now, and then later she says she's been "casted" in ANOTHER movie to start filming in March. Hmmm... working on three movies simultaneously, huh? Suuuureeee Tila.

Joann said... her and Jennifer doing the "interview" with Zack. At first, I couldn't figure that question was WHY???

But it's like you said....Tila was used as a prop to set the situation up...Zach pairs up a well known TV and movie star with Tila whose only claim to fame was Queen of Myspace which was years ago and is now basically a nobody...Zack then pays more attention to the nobody than he does to the A-list star. Dark twisted humor.

Wow, once again she's portrayed as the butt of a joke. First Ting-Ting now this.

I wonder if Tila even questions the type of roles her management team sign her up for. I guess as long as she's around some A-list stars she could care less.

Monique said...

In one interview they asked her "Have you worked on any 3D projects?" (they were at the 3D creative Art Awards) to which she replied "Yeah well today the thing with Jennifer Aniston & myself came out."

What a idiot.