Thursday, February 10, 2011

114 Tila's Real Let-Down Comic!

UPDATE! A new comic strip! 02/13

On February 4th, our favorite hogul announced she's making a comic book and her Tila Army soldiers will have a big role! Yes! A big role and they're gonna be famous as fuck because not only will Tila feature her dimwitted underage fans in some comic book, but they'll likely be on television or some film! But, wait! What's this?

It's almost one year later and Tila hasn't done shit about her comic, so why now? Maybe Tila will get off her fatass and actually start working on it...just like her Tila Iphone app and Tila Merch. What is the actual hold up? Why, Tila's simply waiting for her popularity to get bigger! No big fanbase, no business revenue! Let's be blunt here: Tila, your fanbase isn't getting bigger. Your fans are either underage who won't be able to purchase your adult-related merchandise (if any) or a bunch of perverted men who have no interest in buying your shit but jerk off your photos. I highly doubt they're dying to buy a pencil case, let alone, a Tila Tequila condoms.

What is her comic book suppose to be about? One can imagine Tila hiring artists to doodle her haters being killed in very grotesque ways. If you ask me though, this is what her comic book suppose to be like:
I call it Tila's Real Let-Down. It's based on true events where Tila promised her idiotic fans things like a joyride in her car and a house party at her new *cough* mansion. While her promises are sweet, but sadly, she broke them and continues to dupe them promise after promise. I guess they're not very bright.

Tila, you fucking suck. I already beat you with a dress up game and previous comic strips. No, I am NOT for hire. Find someone else, you loser.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Awsome comic, love the artwork as well!

RockitQueen said...

Great artwork, QOCAP! Love it!

I wanted to mention something I found very telling about her reporting on her Funny or Die video short. Notice when she "announced" it, it wasn't, "Miss Tila on Between 2 Ferns" or "Miss Tila does Funny or Die." It was "MISS TILA AND JENNIFER ANISTON (sorry ANNISTON)!" and "Miss Tila Hooks up with JENNIFER ANISTON!" and "MEEEE with A-LIST CELEBRITY JENNIFER ANISTON!" It's not about her "projects", it's who she's associating with. Other celebs doing guest spots say, "I'll be on Shit My Dad Says tonight...check it out!" not "I'm on Shit My Dad Says STARRING THE LEGENDARY WILLIAM SHATNER AND MADTV'S NICOLE SULLIVAN AND WILL SASSO!"

Moogle said...

I ditto the sentiments from above and above(r). ^^

I'm a little curious about the Rotspot shenanigans. Is this subject off limits? Or should I mind my own arse? Curiosity is killing me!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Moogle Unless it's illegal or goes against blogspot's policies, you may discuss whatever is on your mind. :)

Joann said...

@RocketitQueen....exactly. You hit the nail on the head.

It's not about improving herself at all it's about improving her image.

She wants to USE the A-list stars and leech off their fame to bring attention to herself so the public will think she's changing which is why she's always "name dropping".

Tila has done nothing but prance around naked or half-naked at car shows, in magazines and on the Internet since day one and now she thinks she's going to USE the A-listers to help her clean up her porn image.

The fact that she has no acting talent, has not paid her dues in the acting field AND gives nothing positive back to the community whatsoever has never entered her mind. SMH.

FUYU said...

@qocap are you going to continue this comic? I mean it's pretty much ENDLESS when it comes to how much she lets her AOI down so if this project(?) goes on, I can't wait for the next one!!!

@Moogle I'm curious about the rotspot too... I read a little smidget that something happened in ghostriderradio's blog comments but that's about it.

Joann said...

I forgot to add this. Kudos on the artwork QOCAP. Very well done.

Joann said...

Sorry to make this so long...I'm just looking at all the timelines for these movies the skank says she has made within 1 month.

In January of 2011:
"# Wanna know a secret? I just landed a lead role in a movie!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! That was my big secret! I cant hold it in anymore!! YAY! half a minute ago via web"

"# Now that we have that cleared, I'm super excited about this movie I'm working on right now! I can't wait until it's finished! :) 5:08 PM Jan 19th via web"

"# At meeting for movie reading and rehearsals!!!!!! YAY! 3:23 PM Jan 19th via web"

Tila told this to Radaronline on 1/26/11

February 2, 2011:
"Love my #TilaArmy! But I will be busy rehearsing for this movie I got casted for so I won't be able to get online as much. Be back soon! xox Wednesday, February 02, 2011 5:19:45 PM via web"...of course she was back online 2 days later.

TODAY - Feb. 11th:
"What's up #TilaArmyFam?? I just got booked for another movie gig but I have to leave town to film.. dont worry I'll try to stay in touch! :) about 5 hours ago via web"

LOL..My head is spinning. How many movies is she talking about and why haven't we heard of any of them besides the porn movie?

deluwiel said...

I noticed that in the Radar interview she says, "The person who is directing this, they've won awards before... To give you a little hint, have you guys seen Requiem For A Dream? Have you seen Black Swan?"(director Darren Aronofsky)

Then, in that most recent red carpet interview she says she's working with Eric Watson who produced Requiem and Black Swan.

So, which is it Ting-Ting? You're working with Darren Aronofsky, director or Eric Watson, producer? Do you even know the difference?

What. an. Idiot.

Monique said...

Did anyone realize that her sex tape has been released? It was released on 2/10 instead of Valentines Day. Here is my favorite quote from Celeb Dirty Laundry.

"But I guess if you have nothing better to do you can waste your hard earned money giving Vivid and Tequila your hard earned cash. Wait a minute, my bad! She denied she authorized this sex tape – ya right… wasn’t she suppose to sue Vivid’s pants off ;-) What happened to that. Oh, wait – she realized you cannot sue if you have been paid!"

Joann said...

@Monique...thanks for that update on her porn tape. I wish someone would blast the tape all over the Internet(well not all over the Internet because of minors)but blast it in places so certain people can see she's not who she says she is.

I wouldn't be surprised if she was off somewhere shooting another porn movie. Serious actress my ass.

alison m m said...

I thought Tina already had a comic called stuporgirl leaked to the rotspot ages ago

BigPoppaPhat said...

Qocap you should have made the TA guy homerbartt with his long stringy red hair and forced mustache lol

hanah said...

ohhh I'd like to know what went on with that ghostrider/rotspot thing? Haven't heard anything about that yet.

I went to vivid.. things that can't be unseen LOL anyone know the picture of dorian gray? Tila reminds me of it, I don't like to call someone ugly but all the things she did and keeps doing make her so incredibly unattractive. She had a very cute face and body to begin with, there's nothing left of it now.

Joann said...

@hanah....was not sleepy so I got back online and was going back to other blogs I read to see if anything was new but when I went to it said "blog not found". It was up this afternoon so I don't know what happened.

I didn't know anything was going on with ghostrider and rotspot so I can't help you there but I'm curious now.

Your right about Tila. She is so ugly on the inside that it makes her look ugly on the outside.

I saw the movie Dorian Gray about 3 times when they play old movie reruns on TV. It's a hell of a movie. Freaked me out when I first saw it.

The only difference between her and Dorian is Tila ages and have to keep getting botox or whatever she uses to keep herself looking young but Dorian stayed young looking naturally for centuries until he died and you know what he looked liked then. lol.

Monique said...

Ghost Rider blog is back up.

On to Ting-Thing...

You have to watch this!
Phoebe Price Puts Tila Tequila In Her Place

Joann said...

LMAO at that clip...Phoebe was dead on. Thanks Monique you made my day.

imoutofit said...

Seriously, who still pays to watch pornos? Your friendly neighborhood p2p site has them up already, if you're brave enough to watch the whole thing.

BTW, great job on Ting-a-ling's comic!

Joann said...

Hey Tila...I know you read this blog so take note...this is how you give people a tour of your new home...not from a camera phone showing a corner of a room, a bathroom or opening a door to a room which is in total darkness.

Oh "hooked" up with owner. LMAO.

lynney80 said...

I don't know if you guys saw or knew about this but apparently the grammy party tila attended can be attended by anyone who could afford tickets.

Joann said...

One of Tila's AOI is on her twitter saying Tila makes 51% of every sale of Nutella due to owning the rights and she writes songs for Depeche Mode. Saying Tila wrote Blue Dress and she's the richest Asian female in the world under thirty. LMAO

Tila Trollquila is chopping him/her down big time by quickly disproving every false fact him/her tweets re the skank.

I'm thinking this person is making up facts about Tila to start up with the haters, if not, he/she is more gullible and stupid than Mittee and I didn't think that was possible.

FUYU said...

@Joann zandah right (not sure about the other things but his was the nutella tweet)? He's not serious. He *was part of resistance and is just trolling. He made friends with some of the AOI and some haters didn't like that he would stick up for them sometimes so he just trolls now. His tweets are funny actually (if you realize he's not serious).

Monique said...

So much for Ting-a-Ding Dong dressing more conservatively. She looks like she got dressed in the dark. Once again she is wearing those stupid gloves. Does she think that gloves make you a lady?

Joann said...

Thanks be honest I'm glad he was not serious re the Nutella tweet nor the other tweets he made. I was seriously concerned he actually believed what he was tweeting.

@Monique..a plain short skirt with a sleeveless top and long sleeve opera gloves...LOL.

Maybe she thinks they make her look sophisticated or something...I don't know but this time she just looks stupid instead of looking her usual self....slutty and stupid.

Wonder why she's not promoting her porn movie on her twitter like she did with "Bleep My Father Says"?

I know she's not worrying about what people will say...after all didn't she tell her AOI not too long ago:

"Did u guys know that nothing is real? Everything is a figment of ur imagination. So if ur worried about anything. Its not real." #Energy 7:09 PM Jan 30th via ƜberTwitter"

Bannana Smoothie said...

WTH is she wearing??!!! She looks like one of those hookers who walks around Hollywood Blvd! But seriously, she looks stupid! She might have forgotten to look in the mirror before she left home. But then again, I think what she's trying to do is somehow look like Jennifer Aniston.. You know, girl next door look. It sure is not working for a stupid skank like her!

FUYU said...

@Joann What's even funnier is a lot of the AOI believe him. It's hilarious (then again the more harsh haters on twitter believe him too though). Even after this. I think that he uses lovingmisstila too. But get this-- bugmaboo uses it also... hmmmmmmm. XD

Joann said...

@FUYU...I can see some of the AOI actually believing his tweets, most of them are dumber than dirt would think at some point their common sense would kick in and they would question what he's saying in his tweets especially the Depeche Mode/Nutella ones.

@qocap...I saw your tweet about Tila being boring if she's not on a crack binge and I have to agree 100%. Back in the day when she would have one of her late night meth rants I would be on the floor LMAO. Those rants were hilarious but she is beyond boring now.

Too bad people are only interested in her when she's acting a fool zonked outta her mind on drugs but that's what happens when a person has no other profitable talent besides taking her clothes off and spreading her legs.

We all know the singing/mogul/actress crap is going nowhere. Two of the three have already bit the dust.

Really Tila? said...

Hi all,

I've been away awhile but am back....Been reading but no comments due to some recovering from more surgery. I'm going to go out on a limb here and say I agree with Moogle. I've heard snippets from Twitter and GhostRider about The Rotspot but as a faithful reader and contributor to the site from the 2nd week it was up, I'd like details. I personally think it's really shitty how they gave a lame excuse how "she got boring" and just closed it up after promising forums. I can't tell you how many times I offered leads, pictures, etc just for the love of seeing Tila exposed and I always had their back because they seemed to want the same thing. Sad it all changed. Anyhow, I'll give my email to anyone if you'd like to email me direct....

RockitQueen said...

Welcome back, Really Tila...hope you have a speedy recovery!

I'm curious about the Rotspot stuff, too.

Joann said...

Tila trying to sound like she's intelligent.
I wonder who she copied this statement from:
"I just watched the saddest movie in my life...brilliantly sad. Epic. Will now be my favorite film of all time, ever! Bravo!! about 14 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®"....LMAO at this...oh yea...sounds just like her...*rolling my eyes*.

If you notice she stopped using those childish words like "POW" and "BAM" at the end of her tweets now. Too bad she can't stop lying.

Monique said...

Porn Company Offered To Sell Tila Tequila's Sex Tape Back To Her, But Says 'She Went Crazy'

"Sex tapes don't hurt anyone's career," Hirsch explained.

"It could probably be argued that in most cases it's helped their career."

"In fact, the tape is doing so well that Hirsch said Tila has already joined the ranks of all-time best sellers Kim Kardashian, Kendra Wilkinson and Pamela Anderson."

Yeah it's doing "so well" that they had to go to Radar Online and let them know how well it is doing. Vivid + Tila = Fail

deluwiel said...

Recently tweeted: "Ok I will just write a blog each week for new movies and reviews so u guys have something great to watch that's not commercialized!"

"I think the music industry was trying to prove a point this year by letting "REAL ARTISTS" win as opposed to the commercialized artists."

So she's all esoteric now, I guess. Oh, and @Joann - she didn't throw in a POW, but she did note that the movie would make even the "grownest man" cry, so her vocabulary is still on par with a 6-year-old... or completely incoherent:

"As for the fellas who love gangster films, you must watch "The Prophet" its also a foreign film. One that hails for respect being a gangster." Huh?

"In regards to that last retweet: Indeed I am back to my normal self again, and I have never been happier! Miss TIla is back & I miss you!"

Yay! Does this mean wearing lingerie in grocery stores, writhing around on the ground for cameras, and 3 a.m. meth rants are just around the corner?

lolercopter said...


She's back tweeting at 3 and 4 am so that's definitely a red flag. She's not bragging about being on set so it's not late night call times, so it's sounding like she is back to little miss meth.

The good news is she never stops lying. She said that she keeps getting speeding tickets, yet last night she said she was taking online traffic school, which you can only take once every 18 months. So unless she's counting dog years that means 1 ticket. So far, but given the way she's driven that car (weaving on the freeway, and driving down 1 way streets the wrong way) I'm shocked it hasn't been more.

Also, just an FYI to those responding to the Tila Trolls on Twitter, if you ignore them, they will go away, they're only doing it to fuck with people.

lolercopter said...

@Really Tila? and others.

The Rotspot did shut down because Tila has gotten incredibly boring. That's not saying she isn't up to her old tricks, but she's recycling lies (iPhone App, Comic, etc) and it's all stuff she's been called out before.

She's been proved as a pathological liar, so there's not much more we can improve on that. A lot of us have full time jobs if not more and even with leads it takes a lot of time to research some of the posts, and while we were loved the community that was created, even as one of the newer writers I'm not upset that it was closed down. Even Tila's on flog has dried up and this is a woman with nothing but time on her hands.

I applaud QOCAP for keeping up the good fight and I will continue to support fight, especially when Ting-Ting gets out of hand (and if I'm needed in any other capacity). But little liar Tila is not as fun as the Batshit Crazy Bitch she is deep down.

Now I do not speak for the other writers of the RS, but that is a summation of the overall feeling and why it shut down. Should she start swearing she's impregnated by Tupac's ghost and will deliever the Messiah of Rap, who knows if it will come back, but for now there are no plans to.

Hope that helps.

Joann said...

Thanks for the link Monique....that entire interview with Steve sounds like a publicity stunt to get more people to buy her porn tape. Must not be selling that well.

Anyone know how to get stats on the sales of her porn tape?

"Although this video was not meant for the public to see, I hope that this will not affect my career and that I will continue to work hard at achieving my goals in this industry," Tila said."......what the hell is she talking about? WHAT CAREER??? She's been done in Hollywood a long time ago.

If she gets past doing those bit parts she's been doing on TV I would be surprised.

Thanks lolercopter for your input re TRS closing down.

Monique said...

A "must read" interview. All her current lies in one place.

Tila Tequila: Tequila’s Sunrise

"I find that other reality stars, or I quote "PEOPLE FAMOUS FOR BEING FAMOUS" who all say that they want to get into acting…I find that, in my opinion, they say that just because they want to continue being in the spotlight, but they are not passionate about it. That's why you rarely see any of them crossover and ever really make it as a serious actor. To me, this is my passion. This is my life. Acting."

Monique said...

@Joann I looked for a answer to your question regarding sales. The best I could come up with is "Top 100 Recent Adult Movie Searches", where Ting-a-ding dong is #73.

Then I came upon a actual review of her movie! It's hilarious that she has fooled no one with her lies that this tape was released without her permission.

"Our point is that if we're meant to think this was not staged, that's a very hard sell. And we're not sure why, if Tila Tequila wanted to make a porn movie, she didn't just make a porn movie, since the pretense that this is a "leaked video" is so horribly transparent."

This made me laugh...

"Tila and Kristina spend a good hour and 15 minutes being naked, getting to know one another, debating where their "pee hole" and occasionally trading vag licks".

Joann said...

LMAO at the interview she did with Mikey T. The entire article is nothing but a bunch of BS ..."her online empire"..."acting is my passion, my life." SMH

I know damn well people don't believe this chick when they interview her. They're probably thinking "this bitch is delusional as hell".

Tila must really think she is some up and coming starlet in Hollywood..."I would like to work with Jack Nicholson, Adrian Brody, she insane!!! lol.

And, she's not fooling anyone but herself. She made a porn movie, got paid for it and if she thinks anyone will believe different(except her AOI)she's even dumber than she was five minutes ago. time you want to have a romp in the hay with your girls DON'T PUT UP A CAMERA...then you won't have to be worried about people seeing you and your girls f*cking and licking each other....simple as that skank.

Thanks for the link Monique.

raunchyb said...

Monique, that interview was surreal. The whole bit about reality stars trying to act was painfully ironic. Was she trolling? Is she really that full of herself?

Recently Joann mentioned that she had stopped with "BAM" and "POW", and shortly after that she used both in tweets. Joann also mentioned that she's boring without the rants, and not long after that Tina had a few longer rants than she has recently. Coincidences?

deluwiel said...

@Monique - omg. Can we say "Feed the interviewer questions"? psshhh. "A few new films and guest appearances coming up this year..." how does he know? What films? What guest appearances? She showed up for 4 minutes as a stage prop on a sub-par sitcom and sat between two ferns with Jen Aniston for about 90 seconds. She keeps alluding to this intense dramatic film working with "award winning producers and directors" (so now it's both - see my post above from 2/11). I just can't wait until some legitimate buzz comes out about this movie and her "lead role." Lolz will ensue.

BTW - @raunchyb - you may be onto something. Pull the strings, Joann - make the little smut puppet dance!

Joann said...

@deluwiel...if I believed I had any power to make the skank dance, I would have her admit to her lies so we can get closure about certain matters that are still up in the air, apologize to the haters on her piece of crap blog, then disappear.....but we all know that will never happen. lol.

I'm going the route of TRS. Tila is boring at this point and commenting on her stale BS is not something I want to do anymore. If she comes up with new BS or starts her meth rants again I will be on it. I will be lurking though.

One thing I will be watching for is if she will promote this movie she claims she's been rehearsing for and has the LEAD role in:
"# Wanna know a secret? I just landed a lead role in a movie!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHH! That was my big secret! I cant hold it in anymore!! YAY! half a minute ago via web"...this was in January of 2011.

February 2, 2011:
"Love my #TilaArmy! But I will be busy rehearsing for this movie I got casted for so I won't be able to get online as much. Be back soon! xox Wednesday, February 02, 2011 5:19:45 PM via web."

Every star promotes their movie after they're done filming the movie...right? Can't wait to see what she will do.

Monique said...

Well she has some court days coming up so that might be interesting. One for Garry violating the RO and the one after that I think is for Garry's allegations against her.

I know it's been mentioned how Ting-a-Ding's handlers seemed to have reeled her in a bit. This is a story about her current management team.

DD Entertainment: Where Mistresses Go for a Makeover

BigPoppaPhat said...

@Joann obviously she's not in any movie cause she cant help but name drop, brag and blab like she did with shit my dad says and that stupid skit thing with JA. If she hasent given us any names or any kind of credible info in weeks, its just another bullshit tweet.

hanah said...

Wasn't her purpose and passion in life helping others trough charities? Didn't she say she'd go to Haiti in 2011 and we would see a whole lot of her doing charity this year, didn't she blog every other day about the charity events,how amazing it was to do this and that she finally found what she loves in life, helping others? That was like three months ago. It just shows how insecure she is and how few personality she has, she doesn't know what to do with her life so she just goes with what ever is available, then she fails, loses interest and searches for a next imaginary life goal that she'll never reach because of her lack of persistence and mental strength . She's never going to be happy, that's for sure.

Monique said...

Oh Gawd, she has posted on her flog about the sex tape. Get this she claims that Steve Hirsh would only sell the tape back to her for a million dollars! He could of sold it back to her for $25,000 and still made a profit. LOL

Joann said...

Oh boof*ckinghoo. Skank is doing damage control by lying to her AOI's and they're buying it as usual.

She can't even be woman enough to admit it was a porn tape she did last year and not something she did A LONG TIME AGO with an ex-girlfriend as she claims.

Moogle said...

Thank you QoCap for continuing to take time out of your busy life to rip this Saigon Whore a new one each time and satiating our no-hearts with episodic comedy that is the life of Ting Ting a-ding-a-ling-having-lady-boy-parts (okay, that may just be me. Don't judge).

I also thank you for allowing us "jelus h8rz" a forum to vent and speculate our opinions on a non-worthy, non-entity piece of charred meat curtains flapping in the wind that even a starving tribe wouldn't dare touch with a 10' pole for fear of angering the Gods into destruction of their village(s).

ZOMG... I think I have a girl crush on you! hahaha


IMIO, TRS was shut down not just because of their boredom of Picasso Tits but there was something sketchy going on behind the scenes amongst them. I've been reading Rotty's blog from her inception. In the beginning, it was just her and Gnomey and although I do appreciate their twisted snarkiness, I often wonder why and how Gnome opted out from her blogging duties over the course of the initial summer. And how Rotty eventually brought in new bloggers that many of us became endeared to and enjoyed their spin and emotions.

When it was subsequently revealed that both "Uncle Eddie" and "Fatty" wanted out or "retire" due to RL situations, that is when the RS started going downhill.

There was also a blogger (I've forgotten his FB user name and he had blogged some scathing commentaries about the RS ladies at some point) whom was a resistance member but something happened to cause dissension amongst them. I wasn't a part of it but read the ridiculous shenanigans on Ting-a-ling's former FB page.

@Joann and others, thank you for sharing your sleuthing information. I've always enjoyed reading your informative outputs.

imoutofit said...

@Moogle was it Defussio/Darren? I know there was a lot of butthurt involved in that one, but I'm not really sure what happened. Anyone know what happened to @Apocryphalyou? I remember he/she wrote maybe a few articles on TRS, but just disappeared right after.

@lolercopter I know you're not the official TRS spokesperson and I do know that not all the writers share the same sentiments towards Ting-Ting, but thanks for providing some insight.

And regards to the tilaarmy trolls, seriously guys just leave them alone. Zandah et al. are tweeting these obnoxious things just to get any type of reaction. The more outrageous the stuff + us reacting = them winning. So just leave them alone, they'll eventually get bored and move on to other things.

hanah said...

Wow anyone read JenlovessssTila's tweets? Seems that she has been raped and as the good friend Tila makes herself out to be all the time she just threw some stupid "you're a surviver, not a victim" her way... I hope this girl gets real help...

Joann said...

Remember when these two and Tila were thick as thieves on Halloween and on Kate's birthday. I wonder if ML and Tila are still

Monique said...

@hanah I was reading Jen's tweets yesterday. So sad. She broke the cardinal rule and said she was "ashamed & disappointed in Ting Ting". Negative comments (towards Tina) are not allowed in the army. Not only does Jen say she was raped but also beaten and to top it all off her mom is in the hospital. To which the self-proclaimed "angel" Tina replies "being angry at the world wont make any situation better It will just make everything worse. Having a nasty attitude no good". It's shit like this that really pisses me off about Tina. Especially watching other army members go after Jen telling her she shouldn't be disappointed in Tina because, "You can't get upset at her for something she had no control over". Not only did she have control over it, she was flippin' PAID!

What would be interesting to find out is if in Tina's sex tape do her arms still have scratches from Jane arm meet shenanigans? I would love to be able to prove that the tape was done recently.

Joann said...

I truly feel sorry for Jen. Getting raped and beaten is a horrible, horrible thing to happen to ANYONE and if she hasn't already she should be seeking professional help not asking for words of comfort from Tila, which she will never get.

I hate to say this but they are getting what they deserve. They cannot be consoled by Tila because she is a sick person with no compassion. The AOI are only needed to WORSHIP AND CONSOLE HER, not the other way around...but they don't or can't see that so they get what they get.

@Monique...I'm hoping someone can catch something on the video to prove it was made recently. Her hair color, tats...SOMETHING!!!

Michelle said...

Hi all, long time lurker first time poster :) my name is Michelle and I'm from the land down under Australia. Pleased to meet you all :)
This is my fav blog and I finally decided to post because my blood is boiling over this situation with jen and Tila fucking tequila.
My heart goes put to this poor girl and while I'm not surprised by tila's disgusting responses i am so angry that all she basically told hen was to stop being a victim.
This coming from the woman who has lied over and over of the same experiences jen has actually gone through. So of course Tila won't be sympathetic because she has no idea of what it's like to go through these horrific events. Man she is evil..
But what gets me even more is the AOI still refuse to see this whore for who she is. They're still scrambling to outdo each other with messages for support and love to their Manson like leader. It's terrifying that people like this exist, they need help but we all know they won't get it. And they call themselves an army?
I would have thought Tila being a mogul and all could have not only afforded a measly million bucks to pay the tape but to seriously do something to help jen out. She's an ambassador to Vietnam after all isnt she? (yeah right and I'm the queen of England...)
I just wish somethin could be done about this piece of shit alien liar, it's so not right that she's allowed to have a voice when all she's really doing is selling out the very people she claims to love the most.
Grrrr!!!! Long post but im so disgusted by this and hope that jen gets the help she needs.
Ps anyone else on here noticed tila's freak ears? They're long and gross, just another example that she is indeed a reptile at best

Joann said...

ANYBODY got a link showing photos of Tila at the 3 Blvd/CB party last night? On her twitter they're blasting her because she said 50 Cent was there and a couple of people tweeted back he was out of the country yesterday.

I'm wondering did she really go to this party or was she just telling her AOI's she went?

@Michelle...have you watched a snippet of her porn movie yet? The scene where she pleasing herself, her fingers are really long.

I was surprised because she's only 4'11 and I assumed her fingers would be short too.

Monique said...

Argghhh I am "taking one for the team" and actually watching her porno. Within the first 15 minutes she blew the story she is now telling. She claims this was a "intimate video with me, my then girlfriend" but in the video she has picked up this girl at a party and taken her back to her hotel room, even saying "I don't even know your name."

I've only watched part 1 of 5 (shudder). So far she has done her stupid British accent and when the other girl asks her what that person's name is she says, "Um err ummm Caroline". She can't have a spontaneous thought to save her life. But I guess to keep track of her lies she has to keep to her "scripted life." Also she talks about how "Asians don't have a enzyme to digest alcohol" blah blah blah so she doesn't drink. She stutters and stammers so bad it is clear she is lying. I also think that she may have scratches on her arm covered up with make-up.

There are also some other clues that I think could track down when the video was shot. If anyone here happens to live in the Los Angeles area let me know.

@Joann I did see Tina confirmed as a guest at a NBA All-Star party tonight.

Michelle said...

Hi joane, no I couldn't bring myself to watch it, from all accounts there's something seriously wrong with her gutter parts (I can't call that womans parts lady cos nothing about her is ladylike lol). So basically I'm a scaredy cat to see those images haha!!
Monique I applaud you and anyone that has watched it, you've all got stronger stomachs than mine!!
How is it there are still people who can't see through her fuckery? I hope at least one army member wakes up an sees the truth of what has happened with jen and tila's don't give a fuck its all about me attitude

Michelle said...

Sorry meant Joann not joane!!

Joann said...

Ok Michelle I understand..I really do. The snippet was enough for me and yes..her labia has a black color.

I googled it cause I was curious. This is one of the answers I found.

Joann said...

Thanks Monique.

Monique said...

A better picture of her arm.

Is it just me or do those look very similar to the scratches from Jane vs arm meet?

Joann said...

Good catch Monique....I believe they are the same scratches in both pictures except the ones in your pic have faded due to time passing. My pics show her cuts when they were still fresh.

Also, notice the line going down her arm next to what looks like a half circle and a line going through the half circle(2nd picture my link). This can be seen in your pic and mine.

Since Tila claims her porn tape was made YEARS AGO there should not be any scratches or marks on her arm at all in her porn movie yet they are there even though they're somewhat faded.

This is a pic of her from May of for larger you can see there are no marks on her left arm whatsoever.

This proves she made the porn tape sometime in 2010 after her June 7th suicide attempt and not years ago as she claimed.

Monique said...

Picture of Ting Ting at the Hennessy Black’s official NBA All-Star Party, hosted by Chris Brown.

Joann said...

Awwww..Tila is sick and will take to her bed to rest per her doctor's orders. Maybe this will help comfort you Tila:

First of all your sickness is not real it's just a figment of your imagination and:

"When you are put in testing times, it's best to keep your head high and stay strong. Being a surviver is key, not a victim. It's your choice"

That second quote is what you told a person who had been beaten and raped.

If it's good for her it's good for you. Time to take your own advice skank...nobody on here feels sorry for you. Probably lying about being sick anyway.

hanah said...

of course she's lying Joann. For every little scratch and sneeze her "doctor puts her IN bed rest". When you're that sick that you have to go to a doctor, being on twitter and watching movies is usually the last thing you want to do, you want to sleep and rest and drink some hot tea, nothing else.

I'm absolutely fed up with her, she has always been annoying, but now she's annoying AND boring, a combination that makes me yawn.

raunchyb said...

Hanah - I agree with your entire comment.

She keeps talking about "non-commercialized" films. I think she means "indie." I'm willing to bet that this all build up for the film she's in, and she's pretending to like indie stuff so that she can justify it being a low-budget, no-name film. It's probably some short filmed by university students, and she'll go off on how it's "art" and better because it's "non-commercialized."

Also, LMAO at the thought of her acting like a hipster.

Bannana Smoothie said...

She's starting to show her real age at the Hennessy Black’s official NBA All-Star Party! I would say she's 36 yrs old. She claims to be younger but then again I'm sure she's referring to her dog years.

Monique said...

Tina with 50 Cent at "Ciroc's Exclusive NBA All-Star Weekend Event".

Monique said...

“Exploited” Celebs Crying All the Way to the Bank

Joann said...

"And the celebs eat up the free publicity that goes along with a faked legal battle, teary statements about invasions of privacy, and vilification of the porn industry."....and that's exactly what Tila did.

Tila is so transparent Stevie Wonder can see through her BS.

Thanks Monique.

whatathriller said...

is it just me or does tina start to look like a latina? sort of! LOL

Joann said...

OT for a sec:

I don't know if anybody has been keeping up with the Charlie Sheen saga but today he took his soon-to-be ex wife Brooke Mueller along with 2 of his porn girlfriends and the 4 of them hopped on a private jet and flew to the Bahamas to a private island to party. Now we know there will be lots of booze, drugs and sex going on with Charlie and his "ladies".

I know when Tila reads this on the gossip sites she could kick herself because she's not a part of it.

An A-list TV star, drugs, booze, sex, a private island...she would be in seventh heaven and would fit right in with Charlie and his porn skanks...LOL.

oconnordaria said...

Did anyone else notice that the statement from Tila's "rep" disavowing the sex tape is written in EXACTLY Tila's style (minus the caps lock).

Tila, Dude, if you're going to make a career of lying, the least you can do is try to be better at it.

Monique said...

The contempt hearing for Garry violating the restraining order was scheduled for 2/23/11 according to Radar. Garry tweeted that it is today at 10:00am. Wonder if Tina will be too infected with the plague to attend? Will Garry put down the blunt and make it on time?

Joann said...

@Monique...Tila partied all weekend but when Monday rolled around she was soooo sick. Today she put up a a blog for her AOI's but she's still says she's sick.

I doubt very much if she's sick or ever was. Her "sickness" may have something to do with her going to court today.

I bet by the weekend she won't be sick. It's Grammy time and she needs to find some party to crash or buy tickets to an after party so she can be seen.

Monique said...

So from what I've read Garry almost got thrown into jail today for violating the restraining order. Tina had a "strong witness" on her side and the judge was strict and not playing. But Garry wasn't put in jail and the court will review the case in 6 months.

But here is the REALLY strange part. Now this is just from what I've read from what I believe is a fairly reliable source. Tina showed up and had BLOOD on her skirt! She actually had someone lend her a jacket to wear to hide the stain. I wonder what the hell is going on with that? Did Jane attack her again? Does she have the Ebola virus? Is she finally feeling the wrath of God? LOL

Will let you know if I hear anything else.

Joann said...

Thanks Monique....can't wait for an update on this.

Really Tila? said...

Tila is in Cosmo magazine again....March 2011 on page 54. Oh wow! She's REALLY an A Lister isn't she? Yeah, maybe if she wasn't considered "Skanky" for giving Kate Major a public lap dance! Cosmo really thinks so highly of her that they keep listing her in their "Sexy vs Skanky" articles.Does she not realize that she is the laughing stock of Hollywood?

Joann said...

@Really Tila?....I think she knows but she wants her AOI's and others to think she is popular in Hollywood.

She makes sure to take a load of pictures when she crashes these events and put them on every social network she is signed up with so her fans can say she's popular.

She name drop too much which is a clue as to just how much she is NOT POPULAR in Hollywood and has not been around A-list stars...for someone who has been in the business for 10 years she don't know anyone personally who is on the A-list.

Really Tila? said...

I love how she's such a MOGUL MILLIONAIRE and yet wears a dress I saw on clearance at my local Nordstrom Rack for $59.90 to a "NBA All-STAR WEEKEND EVENT". The idiot is even stupid enough to brag about the designer as if she's wearing something high end! Wow. She truly is a walking billboard for "What not to wear"! She doesn't look classy, or hip, or even good. She looks as if she's trying too damn hard to look as if she has money and she's failing miserably.

The first thing people look at are shoes. Her shoes are cheap and tacky. Get 2 or 3 good pairs and you're golden. Next, She could find nicer clothing at her local White House Black Market. I could make her over for $2000.00 tops. Don't worry, I wouldn't bother-I love seeing her fall on her face, failing miserably while her AOI thinks she looks "amazing and beautiful" while I sit back and laugh my ass off. I wouldn't have bought that dress for my grandmother and I saw it in person!

deluwiel said...

I've tried to find out who else attended this Ciroc Exclusive Event thing... besides the former Pussycat Doll, Jonathan whathisface and the Basketball Wife that Tila took pictures with I'm coming up with an Indianapolis Colts player, an O.C. Real Housewife, and someone called Jennifer Tapiero, who is apparently some sort of celebrity blogger or vlogger or something. Oh, and I guess Kim Kardashian was there, too, so that elevates the star quality right there. What?!? No picture with Kim, Tila?!? What's the deal - is Kim still pissed about some of those entries about her on your little gossip blog? And @ReallyTila? - good catch on the dress. That cracks me up.

Monique said...

Well here is the story on the courtroom proceedings, straight from the horse's mouth as it were. I don't know exactly who Kat chick is, according to her blog she is a photographer/videographer paparazzo. I had ran across her blog when looking into Garry developing some sort of tv show. Anyways, I like her style, she appears to know what she is talking about and is fair and unbiased.

As far as Tina and her pictures, I had a picture of her posted on here days before she posted for her AOIs. She just goes to wireimage and pays to have the watermark removed from the photo and posts them. ANYONE could go to that Ciroc event. Look at Kat's website for a blog titled "2011 NBA All Star Parties in Los Fearless" you will see a familiar face at a "exclusive party". It's non-other than a horribly styled, tragic looking Mr Bradshaw.

Joann said...

Thanks for the update Monique. I checked out the link and I'm glad Gary didn't go to jail but he needed some type of anger management. He let that Diana King nonsense get to him which is what she wanted him to do so he could break the protection order and go to jail. I hope he's learn his lesson.

You're right about anybody going to those events. I said she crashed a lot of them but I forgot she can also buy a ticket which is what she probably does. I guess this is her way of promoting herself. lol.

I saw Mr. Bradshaw with his red mohawk. Dude has always looks crazy to me but he wants people to think his dress style is edgy and ahead of it's time. SMH.

@deluwiel...if Kim K was there she was definitely invited. I read where she gets big, big time bucks to appear at these events. I don't think she poses with anyone else at these events unless it's with her sisters or her mom or someone REALLY important.

Kim is only famous for being famous but she is on a level that Tila will never reach or see in this lifetime.

Joann said...

I was skimming over Tila's piece of crap blog post about her night at the Ciroc event and she wrote:
"all the ball players, some of the LAKER’S, and of course some of their wives (as you can see in the picture below, Roxy from “BASKETBALL WIVES” and myself)".

I'm on my Firefox browser and can't see any of her pictures because I have her site blocked as far as showing pictures, etc....anyway I watch Basketball Wives and I know there is no one on the show named Roxy. I had to google the event and just as I thought the skank is taking a picture with Royce Reed.

Tila will take pictures with anyone so her AOI can think she is part of the in crowd. At least she could have the decency to get Royce's name right when she writing her blog about her and Royce taking a picture together. SMH

Since Tila is not letting her fake boobs hang out anymore she's taking her pics standing sideways. Does she actually think this makes her look better...I say no and she ain't got no ass. LOL

Monique said...

At least Kim's sex tape was REAL and ended up bringing her notoriety. That must just kill Tina. Plus the fact that Kim looks amazing at 30, while Tina looks more like Kim's stepdad Bruce Jenner.

Anyone watching the twitter war with Jen, Tina and the AOI's? While I never fully believe everything that anyone says online, including Jen. I would at least assume what she is saying is true. But to go so far and say that she is lying without any proof! Wow, Tina has hit a all time low.

Joann said...

@Monique...I just now saw one of Tila's tweets to her AOi's saying: "@........I know! Thats why I blocked her in the first place. It's EXTREMELY rude to make up stories & then YELL at ppl who R nice! about 1 hour ago via web in reply to .........

Has this broke down, low budget, pathological lying skank forgotten what SHE DID on her blog and what SHE SAID on twitter to people who were trying to help her moronic ass not too long ago:

"The 28 year-old was so angry about having to explain herself to the cops and being exposed as a liar that she took to her Twitter to threaten whoever made the 911 calls. She tweeted, “Peace out u (sic) ignorant f—. Not my #TilaArmy but whomever said I’m commiting (sic) suicide! F— OFF! Why would I??? I got mad $$$ & LOVE! STFU.”"

Monique said...

Here is a breakdown of the conversation. I put the tweets together and added some of the replies from the AOI's to make it easier to read. I think everyone needs to see this, it shows how evil Tina is.

"TINA: I know! Thats why I blocked her in the first place. It's EXTREMELY rude to make up stories & then YELL at ppl who R nice! so trust me, I get it. But just block the lying brat. #TilaArmy doesn't realize she lied about the whole thing.

AOI: Wait wait... She made it up? Made what's up??

TINA: I got a DM from her before her temper tantrum and she was fine. But then she wanted attention & made up a huge lie like that
Those matter's need to be handled by authorities, yet the brat is on twitter 247 yelling at people. #Lies
I guess the brat got over it really fast didn't she? For something supposedly so traumatic doesn't seem she's affected by it

AOI: O.O Did she admit it was a lie??

TINA: yea like I said, I got a DM from the brat and she was fine..then the brat was on her period & was rude to everyone. IGNORE!
it's not ok to behave that way and be rude to ppl who have done NOTHING wrong to that little brat. Just ignore her. xox

AOI: Yikes... I don't like being lied to. Ugh!!

TINA: Twitter is not 911. Twitter is not a therapy session. Twitter is not a hospital. Twitter is not the police! LOL"

I am absolutely amazed at the stupidity of the AOI's and how they so blindly follow the tramp. Saying that they hate liars, yet enamored by the biggest liar there is.

Joann said...

@Monique...Tila is saying this girl lied about being beaten and raped..then called her a brat on top of it? Then she tells them what twitter is NOT used for.

Ah....have they forgotten how she used, not only her twitter, but Ustream and both blogs to appear nude, slam celebs with a bunch of lies, her meth rants, her fake suicide, adopting fake children from 3-4 different countries, fake pregnancies, fake miscarriages,lying about getting beat up by Shwane Merriman, being a phone bone buddy to a 14 year old, etc.. SMH.

I feel sorry for what happen to the girl and I'm glad her eyes were open and she can see who the real Tila is. At least one saw the light.

Most of them are lost anyway...she could tell them to commit suicide along with her at 1PM on a Tuesday and these fools would do it....of course the skank would back out but she wouldn't tell them.

Michelle said...

I've been watching the twitter war too, this is probably out terr, but is there some case for defamation here? I mean, Tila has publicly stated that this girl lied about being raped...though somewhat cleverly didn't use her actual name, just charmingly referred to her as "brat".
I don't know what makes me sicker, the fact that Tula is so emotionally retarded that she would get so butthurt and resort to childish tweets because one of renown finally saw the light or the fact that her trained monkeys still idolize this piece of evil trash.
The behavior of Tila and her minions (particularly paralyzed queef and wannabe toughie musiq jerky) is disgusting to say the least. They're all getting off on twitter beating up to feel part of a crowd, don't they have any semblance of a normal life?
That paralyzed queef chick is a smug little psycho and reminds me oh too well of that stalker Vanessa on Paris Hiltons BFF (guilty pleasure of mine). But I'm getting off track.
I still feel both sad and bad for jen, but the best thing she can do now is get off the twitter, stay away from the AOI and definitely quit focusing on all facets Tila. I really hope she gets the help she needs and concentrates on that rather than engage a group of people clearly not playing with the full deck

Michelle said...

Wow that was littered with spelling mistakes! Bloody iPhone auto correct...
It was meant to be there, not terr, one of her own, not renown and Tila not Tula!
Time for bed I think, night all

deluwiel said...

well, I can only wonder why Tila isn't thrilled that Jen is emulating her! Isn't imitation the sincerest form of flattery? Hasn't Tila done all the things she's berating Jen for 10 x over? I mean, Jen clearly learned from the best, right? I think Jen should be promoted immediately to Grand Poobah Commodore of the entire Tila Army Western Hemisphere Division and receive the highest award given in that esteemed organization - An Autographed Tila Boob Shirt with a little bit of Onyx poo smeared on it in honor of the Juggalo skirmish.

deluwiel said...

and just to clarify my above comments - I don't know if Jen was telling the truth or not; if she was, God bless her and I hope she gets the help she needs. Either way, I still think Tila and her Army missed their opportunity to hold Jen up as an exemplary Tila Army Soldier.

Joann said...

PQ and M_J probably think they are thisclose with Tila because of the Jen incident.

I also hope they realize Tila will not answer their tweets or will block them if they start DM'ing or tweeting her over and over asking for help to solve their personal issues. She will treat them just like she did Jen.

Their ONLY job is to keep kissing her ass by telling her how stunning, beautiful and gorgeous she looks and agree with everything she says...anything other than that and she ignores them.

I noticed this when I would read her twitter and quite a few of her AOI's who had personal issues would wonder why she never got back to them with advice on how to solve their problem.

Michelle said...

I agree Joann, PQ & MJ are creaming themselves over this, I can just imagine them thinking how special and valuable they are to their hogul leader...such true "soldiers" aren't they...ugh I hate referring to them as that, it's an insult to real life soldiers who actually put their lives on risk every day, not compete to praise miss Tila Manson.
In my opinion jen would do better now to walk away from all of this, let the babies have their Tila bottle and move on. I can see she's angry and rightfully so but there is no point arguing with the AOI it'll get her no where.

Joann said...

LOL..I see Tila FINALLY got her Iphone App out there for her AOI's to get. To be honest I'm surprised she came through on this crap, after all, it's been what...1 or 2 years in the making.

Tila is 30 years old and 99% of the people who started out with her on Myspace have grown up and moved on but Tila hasn't. She's still catering to the same age group she did when she was a teenager/young adult and just starting out.

For someone who's been in the business for 10 years...the stuff she's doing now to stay relevant is pathetic at her age.

She not only recycles her lies but she recycles how she promotes she's talking about doing a ANOTHER calendar.

It doesn't even bother her that this calendar, which we all know will have her posing semi-nude, will be inappropriate for her AOI's(fans)who are made up of mostly teens.

This pathetic, low budget skank gets more nauseating with each passing day.

Monique said...

Yet again I've got the "scoop" on Ting Ting before she even posts it for her AOI's. Once again showing that there "leader" doesn't give a shit about them.

Tila's new iPhone app.

Joann said... far she has 3 reviews for her iPhone App and they're all bad.

She's been working on this App for what..2 years..and judging by the reviews it's nothing but a piece of garbage...LMAO. Thanks Monique.

Monique said...

You're right Joann, according to her the "developer's" have been working for YEARS on her application. But, for a $20.00 set-up fee & $15 per month for the first 500 installs (each additional 1,000 installs are $5.00 a month) ANYONE can have the EXACT SAME application.

So just like "Tina Merch" there were no "people" personally working day and night getting contracts signed, developing patents or coding software thus causing delays in the launch. It's Ting Ting at home using WYSIWYG software and paying a few bucks to pretend that she is a mogul.

Monique said...

OMG this is too funny! I was surfing around that mobbase site to see who else is using their service and came upon this...

I totally forgot that there is a BAND called The Ting Tings.

Joann said...

I love reading old articles that Tila wrote. It's really sad and at the same time comical how she lies and recycles her lies over and over.

She wrote this for Globalgrind back in 2009.

Monique said...

Joann said...

I'm following the Charlie Sheen drama and this dude is batshit crazy for real. He got a Twitter today, I think he's only had it for 6 hours and he's already got 360,000 plus followers.

See Tila that's how it done. Not any of that low budget, recycling lying bs you come up with. He knows how to keep people interested.

Monique said...

@Joann there is a huge difference. Charlie Sheen IS batshit crazy. Tina does calculated stunts making her appear crazy.

Joann said...'s why I said he's not bringing any of that low budget, recycling lying bs she comes up with.

Monique said...

"I laid low with the media. I took time off. I spent some quality time with friends and family."

Be sure to watch the video. Did you know Ting Ting plants roses? LOL she is so damn stupid.

BigPoppaPhat said...

That vid, is it just me or does her face look real tight like she can hardly move her mouth? Its like the only thing she can move is her eyebrows lol.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Oh an if anybody cares on twitter aleczandah is @lovingmstila and mittie admitted on twitter she's also @tilaarmyforlife. I knew these people used multiple account to kiss Tina's as, I'm sure they use more than just two ill keep an eye out.

Joann said...

Anybody have the link to the radio interview Tila supposedly did a few days ago? I want to hear what lies she's telling this time. She's didn't promote it so it must be some college radio show.

I wonder did she promote her porn movie? Can't understand why she's not promoting that...she promotes everything else she has done on film. Is she not proud of her movie? LOL.

Also what happen to her music video she did right before Xmas and was suppose to put on her piece of crap blog for her AOI's to view? The one with her in a red dress. Is this the same video she's talking about putting on her blog next month?

BigPoppaPhat said...

Nobody has heard or provided any proof of this "radio tour" as of yet, so I'm assuming its just another bullshit lie, give it another few weeks on this music video, could be in editing still. I can't imagine who would cough up the money on Tila expecting any kind of return on a video, its probably really low budget too. Its probably from the same person who did her iPhone app.

Here how Tila made her calendar and ill believe it when I see it

Joann said...

LMAO @ "I can't imagine who would cough up the money on Tila expecting any kind of return on a video"..."Its probably from the same person who did her iPhone app." Monique posted the link for the App and Tila had three reviews and all three reviews were bad.

I wouldn't put it pass her to have her calendars done at Walgreens. Thanks BigPoppaPhat I had my laugh for the day.

Monique said...

@Joann she did promote her porn. She blogged denying it's existence, then blogged that it wasn't suppose to be seen. She even put the direct link to the official website for the tape in her tags. Why would you want to direct people to the site?

I just wonder why she hasn't mentioned the iPhone app being available. Maybe she is low on $ and is afraid she might get more than 500 downloads and have to pay extra. lol She did the same thing with her merch site, never announced the opening.

"If it weren’t for exposing herself in variety of explicit sexual sex tapes nobody would know the name Tila Tequila. She churns out hard-core lesbian and straight sex films and yet each time they are released and marketed she [then says] that they are released without her permission and she is suing them. However, further research invariably exposes her as a complete fraud having sold the rights to the films and being well compensated for doing so."

Joann said...

Thanks Monique and I agree.

I don't know if she think by making those type of statements it will make her porn movies more appealing and people will rush to buy her videos or what but all it does it make her look stupid.

Everyone knows no one stole any private tapes from her then sold them.

What makes me really LOL is when she changes her look to make people believe she has changed from within.

Remember when she was going to be a "mogul/business person". She had the blond hair, false glasses, and ugly suits....since that didn't work out she switched to wearing respectable dresses because now she wants to be known as a "serious actress" bad she can't act just like she couldn't pull of being a mogul/business person.

She should just stick with the porn movies...she's a natural for it.

BigPoppaPhat said...

I interpreted her changing her look every few months is a sign that she is not comfortable with who she is, like she tries to be someone else every time she dyes her hair, contacts, surgery, persona, etc. Like its a new her, a new person, then she slowly reverts back to who she really is then she changes her look again to something else to run away from herself.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Oh, my fucking God! Tila's Iphone app is a piece of shit I'm actually embarrassed! I mean seriously, it's basically viewing her crap fest blog site...but for your iphone.

What a fucking joke. Another fail.

Joann said...

Her AOI's would be the only ones downloading her iPhone App and since it was free to them you know it was going to be a piece of