Saturday, December 24, 2011

9 Whores Don't Limo Or Lambo. They Do Taxis

If you haven't read Ghost Rider Radio's article about Tila's "Posha" back at the lambo dealer, you should, although Tuna would disapprove because it was silly, yet pathetic, of her to apeshit about her purchase, but in the end, was just renting it. reported Tila did not receive $400,000 and is getting royalties instead. So, all you perverts out there, make this whore happy by purchasing her lesbian sex tape!

Tuna is usually restive, let alone, brags about anything that strokes her ego, but not these two cases of car repossession and her nomination for best celebrity sex tape 2012. Hmmmm...dare I ask why?

Sunday, December 18, 2011

5 That's Right. Tila Doesn't Whine

Since I'm not sure the nature of this "war" topic, I'm going to let it slide because I seriously don't understand how it's being used in this context. Perhaps this dimwit wasn't specifically thinking about nations fighting against each other. It's likely Tila is buying more meth or bidding on highest clients over the internet and thus, making online shopping "dangerous". Obviously, no one wants to run into undercover cops.

Anyways, your commander-in-chief act has run its course, Tila. If using the word, "war" to get me all riled me up was your goal, you'd failed. Ninety-nine percent of your Army of Idiots are fake...just like you. And to prove it, I'm going to set up another trap very similar to my previous "TilaSeekHelp" method soon. My prediction was right: No fans encouraged their hogul to seek help but only two, though the second fan was in more favor of "live and let live" philosophy bullshit. Busted their fakeness out 1.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

3 AVN 2012: Tila Nominated For Best Celebrity Sex Tape

Go Tila!

On December 4th, Tila Tequila posted a movie entry about "The Devil’s Double". I'm sure readers probably don't care about Tila's opinions as they end up being shitty anyways, but this is pretty damn funny. Thanks to Network305 for sharing us this link, turns out Tila plagiarized part of Matt Patches's article. This is low as stealing model Grieta Bastika's photo and proclaiming her as a new Tila Army member. Wow. Pathetic, Tila. Really. Not only are you an ugly asshole troll, but you dissed real fans who wanted to join your kiddie club but were denied for whatever reason and to show appreciation, allowed a fake one in instead? No wonder you have few remaining genuine fans left.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

11 If Not 2011, Then 2012?

Back in November 17th, I did a review on Tila's big plans for 2011 video, a video of her rambling about being in movies that will make its way to your theaters in 2011. Obviously, you're wondering what movie? Exactly. It didn't happen. Although, she did managed to suck a lot of cocks to get a walk-in role for a now cancelled show "Shit My Dad Says". I just love how Tila had the nerve to add "popular tv show" when it obviously wasn't.

"I also just landed a role on uh, really funny, popular tv show on CBS."

"you're going to seeing a lot of me in the big screen in 2011"
Fucking hilarious.