Friday, July 29, 2011

8 TILAARMY: Will You Tweet "#TilaSeekHelp"?

For over a year now, I have watched small group of fans interact with Miss Tila, Tila Tequila, Tila Wynn, Jane, Owen, or whatever her new names will be in the future via twitter and from her website which I seldom visit. Over the year, it was very entertaining to watch Tila spiral out of control. It was amusing. Now, it's sad. While being interviewed by Chaunce Hayden, Tila says, "you think you know me, you think you have me all down, and analyze me, but, I'm always and always will be one step ahead of everybody else of what you think of me. I will let you think what you think of me. And that's the magic of it. That's the beauty of it because I allow that. I let what people think. But I'm always one step ahead."

While it's nice of Thien pretending to have thick skin, deep down, she is hurt by our words and most likely cries herself to sleep...whenever she decides to hit the hay. Granted, I don't personally know Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen (her real name), and don't care to personally know the woman behind Tila Tequila, but I know enough about this imaginary psycho drug junkie named Tila Tequila and that's all it matters. And by the way, portraying yourself to be someone else is not a difficult task, really.

Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen, you may be playing a character, but unlike actors in films, what you're doing is actually hurting the real you. It saddens me the truth comes out: You're a playing a character, so that means you had no intention of adopting children, helping single mothers with financial issues, help Japan, or traveling around the world, doing charities. It was just a gimmick. Shame on you. It's even worse that you had to fake pregnancies and miscarriages, create a fraudulent charity organization called Jayden's Angels and took whatever donations that you've received and kept it for yourself because you don't want to get a real job. Tila, after "analyzing" your statement, I lost all the pity I have in you, but since I'm not a narcissist ugly bitch like you, I will try to persuade your fans to tweet you of getting the help you need.

Despite letting people think the way you want them to think, it is all bullshit and Tila Tequila is the real you. This is how you really are: A pathological lying mentally ill woman with serious issues who is alone, feels sorry yourself, and expect everyone to owe you an apology and respect. No. No. No. You are not a happy woman. Materialism and moving to New York only brings short happiness. Want true happiness? Go back to your family and reconcile with your mother. I'm sure your family misses and will forgive you. Venting your anger out on the haters and at reporters who "offended" you only instigates more backlash. Stop bullshitting yourself about not giving a fuck about what people say when it's obvious you do.

TilaArmy: If you are truly a devoted fan and love Tila Tequila and the woman behind this name, you will not be silent anymore and encourage Tila to get the help she needs before she suffers a similar fate like Amy Winehouse. Do you want to be known as fans who did nothing and watched Tila Tequila dig her own grave? You may not be able to do anything, but you can encourage Tila to get help. So I propose you, soldiers, this: This Sunday, if you honestly care about Tila (and I mean not for her body or erratic behavior), then you would have the decency to stop being silent and encourage her to get help.

Then, on Monday, we shall see what kind of results we'll get. Will they ignore me or oblige? Do not cheat by creating new twitter accounts. I will be looking for that and peruse through your tweets to see if you are active TilaArmy soliders. What is active soldiers? Fans who tweets to OfficialMsTila on regular basis. They don't need to be followed by her, just active. Will her three generals, Stephanie_Lynn1If, beyondbettyjean, and ParalyzedQueen participate? If you do care and decide to join, then tweet #TilaSeekHelp. This helps me keep track. The fans may start tweeting as early as today if they are very caring. The more you use this hastag, the better, but doesn't speak for all TilaArmy soliders. They must be individuals. Some fans may own multiple accounts, but again, I will be checking out for their activities.

I have been told by few soldiers that they don't visit my blog. I have thought about this too and can simply take a screenshot of this proposal and upload it to Twitpic. I'll be grateful if you can help spread this photo at #OfficialMsTila and #TilaArmy hastags so that they can get this message lot quicker.

For those who missed Tila's interview with Chaunce Hayden and after few minutes, walked out, here's the clip below:

Tila appears at 21:39 mark


Joann said...

"Despite letting people think the way you want them to think, it is all bullshit and Tila Tequila is the real you. This is how you really are: A pathological lying mentally ill woman with serious issues who is alone, feels sorry yourself, and expect everyone to owe you an apology and respect. No. No. No. You are not a happy woman."

My sentiments exactly(hmmmmmm...guess you were a step ahead of me

Her AOI or at least 98% percent of them will not tweet this on Saturday or if they do they will use a different screen name.

They do not have the confidence to tell Tila the truth about herself for fear of getting banned from her fake ass army. If she ever OD they will be the first to get on twitter and cry their cowardice hearts out about the loss they feel for their leader. They are full of as much BS as Tila is.

Mimi said...

Check out the friends Tina is hanging with....the one that tweeted the "clowning" pic of her (Oren Alexander)...she fits right in, don't you think?

Mimi said...

Where they are staying this weekend....

Jennifer said...

Ugh and double ugh. I can see tweaked out Tina swinging in that rabbit room going 'look at mee Look at meee' and then faux humping the poor bunnies.

gilba said...

i was checking homer's youtube account and it seems he really lives in sweden.

pause at 2:55. you can see a road sign, apparently it says "nynäshamn"... and it's a locality in sweden.

ps: sorry for my english, hope you can understand!

Joann said...

"OfficialMsTila Miss Tila
Chillaxin @ Sir Ivan's Castle, topless, watching sunset! #beautiful! #YouCanDance

Why would the nitwit find it necessary to say she was topless? Is this her first time sitting around topless? I'm sure she has pulled off her top MANY TIMES to get noticed.

She needs to stop though. Her her fake boobs are very unattractive. They look like halves of two flesh covered small grapefruits glued on a skeleton chest. She needs a do over......seriously.

I think men tell Tila she looks hot just to see if they can get in her pants. She might have been hot a few years ago but the "hot" boat has sailed and left her on the shore.

If she think a man or a woman is going to wife her looking like she looks she's more crazy than I thought. lol

Michelle said...

Thank you QOCAP for writing this and even though it won't get through to the AOI you at least have tried.
Those of us can see the true tila, the one who is waay overdoing it on the how fabulous my life is just cos I'm in NYC bullshit can see it's the beginning of the end. She is sickly thin, her face is ravaged under the fifty pound male up she trolls on and is clearly on the road to killing herself. Six months ago she attempted to be all class and it didn't work so now it's back to all ass and aart from a handful of underage spotty lonely rejects the rest of the world doesn't give a fuck about her as a person.
The thing that gets me is that two of the so called generals BBj and MJ and are supposedly die hard Christians and yet they they stand by and do nothing. BBJ even encourages tila's slutty behavior by retweeting her skanky sexual tweets. Now what kind of christian does that?
I used to have nothing but hatred and loathing for tila tequila or Wynn or whatever name she picks for herself on any given day. Now, particularly after seeing her recent drug filled and porn whore tweets/blogs/interviews I have nothing but pity. Get help now tila and I say this as a no longer hater but someone who can see that your almost at the end of the road.
Shut down your twitter, take down your blog, go home and as QOCAP suggested reconcile with your family before you become yet another sad lonely statistic dying alone in a bed with no one truly caring about the person you are inside

Boqueefa said...

I tried last year to reach out to her privately and I got a slap in the face pretty much, there is no way her family is going to accept her back into their lives, she has ruined her family's name and reputation, she can't keep friends because she uses them just like she has her Army, you'd think BBJ and Tila would be running around NYC together hand in hand skipping down the streets singing but nope she avoids her real fans like they have lupus.