Tuesday, July 19, 2011

0 Tila Tequila Quitting Hollywood? Again?

I always thought Tila would get some quick cash to help fund her drug addictions whenever submitting "you call this news?" to RadarOnline, but forgotten about this:
And you think after being lied too, RadarOnline would say fuck off. Guess not.

Anyways, thanks to Joann for the link:

1.) How is this exclusive when TMZ.com got it first?

2.) Quitting Hollywood again? Maybe this midget whore meant she's just relocating elsewhere to continue spreading her nasty shit. Yes? No?

What about twitter?
Tila really needs to stop recycling and make some new lies already.

3.) Falling in love and making babies? Here we go again. Remember that fake engagement shit back in November?

4.) Staying at a rental apartment? Whatever happened with staying at a hotel? Too costly? Most likely it.

5.) I see roommate wasn't mentioned. And I know why and you should as well: She wasn't serious. Do they ever stop and think? By the way, I love this article:

The haters aren't the ones making them look bad, Tila. And where is the messageboard? I believe your three Tila Army "Stooges" are getting tired of waiting for that mod promotion.