Sunday, July 10, 2011

9 Calling Out For SYF (Single Yellow Female)

Anyone seen a movie called Single White Female starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh? If you haven't, I think you should just to get an idea of what I'm going to say. So, now that Tila blogged about moving to New York city, she is seeking a roommate and is "so serious" about it:

I find this laughable, like all her entries. Job? What fucking job? First, back in September of 2010, Tila dyed her hair black because "it reflects" on how she was feeling and then added, "because I've grown up." Yes, I know. Typical Tila. When you don't have families or real friends to tell you that you've been an adult since 2002 or 2003, of course you're going to assume you haven't grown up. But then again, is Tila really twenty-nine years old? I believe she is actually older if you ask me, possibly thirty-five, but I refuse to believe her current so-called age and I don't think you should either.

Secondly, on late January of this year, Tila says, "I feel like an adult now. I feel like a woman. I feel like, know, umm...the girl last year, I feel like that girl is soooo far away. I feel like, she's dead" when changing her name to "Tila Wynn" which was very short-lived and forgotten, but we remember, vividly. Now, with her new site finally up, and I use the word "new" very loosely, she wants to be known as Miss Tila. I swear to god, this stupid midget whore can't choose a name and stick with it like most people. Does she think changing names changes your personality or something? Get a fucking grip, girl.

From her latest entry shown above, she now wishes to be known as Tila Nguyen. No more Tila Tequila. No more Miss Tila. No more Tila Wynn. But, if that were true, then why does she refer herself as Tequila and pretend to own from her Privacy and TOS statements? I've mentioned about this from my previous entry, so go check it out to have a good laugh at her TOS. There's so much bullshit in this entry that I literally had to stop to take a break from blogging and to clear my head. Few hours later and I'm still having a difficult time staying on topic so excuse me if it feels disorganized.

Tila Wants To Have A Normal Life:

Since Tila Tequila is not a respected celebrity (hell, not even a c-lister but a z-lister), her vision of working with talented and prestigious people from media industries is a delusional at its second best, envisioning being a child of god being the first. Granted, she made cameo appearances in the box and made few crappy remake songs, but there's nothing to brag about your sex tape, let alone, 2007 MTV show A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila about strangers trying to win your heart. If you want to impress people, try getting leading roles, not some walk-in scenes, try making a full-length album with songs you've made that aren't plagiarized or involves fucking people. Try winning awards like for best supporting actress. Try gaining bigger fanbase who aren't fucking dumb. Until Tila accomplishes any of these tasks, she does live a normal, boring pathetic life.

Tila wants to live a normal life, go to college, and get a regular job, (what? escorting isn't a regular job?), why does this bring me back the memory when she'd announced of leaving Hollywood for good to raise her non-existing baby she claimed to be pregnant with? First of all, Hollywood didn't know she'd existed, secondly, for those who did, it's a good riddance because she apparently doesn't know Hollywood labeled her as a "hollywood reject" otherwise, wouldn't you agree she would have made few movies by now? I'm talking about movies made by known film industries and starring A-listers. Well, I can't fully laugh at her because she has managed to get her foot through the door by sleeping with many important figures as possible, but there's a big difference of making it out there guided by your talent versus sleeping all the way to the top because you have no other resources to get noticed. The latter is certainly the dishonest way, but what did you expect from this twit? She's a dishonest person. A total loser.

If you think Tila is seeking for a roommate, then you must be an idiot. I've been blogging about this bitch over a year now and most of the time, Tila does not stay true to her words. Don't believe me? When she was in the process of moving into her three-floor mansion on algae drive, she'd hyped her fans of having a welcome party and would invite them. Did she? Absolutely not. When she was in the process of purchasing a new car, she'd hyped them by saying she would invite them for a joyride. Did she? Absolutely not. No matter how many lies she'd conceived, they always ass-kiss her, even if subtlety called them annoying, they would ass-kiss and support her. Many of the haters, including I, discussed about the authenticity of her lacking fanbase. Since the internet is a place to fake just about anything, many of our evidence and thesis are often dubious. One example is whenever Tila Tequila's not tweeting, her search hastag #officialmstila, is usually inactive. Where are her fans? But since I'm here to blog about her, I usually don't focus too much on this department, mainly because it's impossible to solve. But, nevertheless, I keep this in my mind and have skepticism and believes the majority of the fans are either Tila Tequila herself or perhaps someone she'd hired to help make it look like she has a big fanbase. Anyone with an average level of intelligence would not tolerate the mistreatment by their idol repeatedly and would go elsewhere.

If the majority of her fans are in fact real, then I can't understand why they allow themselves to be treated like garbage. Tila Tequila is almost an epitome of those suffering narcissism. An example, which is going to be outdated by the DSM soon, of what narcissism is can be read on the footer of every page here. Unless being treated like shit is a new fetish, but perhaps the fans are naive and have suffered child abuse themselves and look up to Tila because of her infamy status who can relate to them in some way because she, too, suffered some form of child abuse as well. Was she really? Based on her constant erratic behavior, it's a high possibility and do I care? Absolutely not."Hey, a celebrity is following me!", "hey, a celebrity is communicating with me on regular basis!" While it is cool to have a recipient who happens to be a celebrity, but they fail to realize Tila is not even close. Real celebrities don't have the time to chat with fans like the way Tila does. Real celebrities don't call their fans an "army" and influence them to attack anyone who pisses her off. [1] [2] [3]

So, what is Tila Army? In a nutshell, it is basically this:
Full entry click here

As a Tila Army solider, you are to honor, obey, and love your Commander-in-chief and not ask questions, but do what you are told and in return, receive the over-played phrase of "I love you." Sounds exciting, right? Wrong. More like offensive. Real soldiers go out to protect their countries. Real soldiers are those willing to sacrifice their lives so all of us can sleep comfortably in our beds and be able to see the sun and the moon. This is blasphemous but Tila, being a highly selfish twat she is, doesn't get it and will abuse just about anything as long it serves her purpose of receiving attention, good or bad.

Want Tila Tequila to be Your Roommate?

First of all, don't believe Tila is cleaned, organized, fun, responsible, nor a "chill" roommate, let alone, looking for a roommate, okay? Secondly, here's why:


At 1:40 mark, she says, "I'm a little bit messy, yes."
Don't believe in this Jane stuff. This is how she probably lives anyway.
Her dirty-ass pool. Anyone wanna go swimming?

Can I ask any project she's ever done is finished on time or even started? Are her lies organized as well?

As I've mentioned about the movie, "Single White Female" earlier, I have a hunch Tila might accuse her roommate of pulling a "Hedy" stunt someday just like how that retard pulled a fatal attraction on Garry Sun. To me, seeking out a roommate is just a bad move. Tila does not do well with relationships of any kind, so what makes you think this will work and turn out to be a gem? If you can recall, Tila did bragged about allowing girls to live with her for free. Obviously, that never happened and I sincerely doubt she'll get a roommate and if she does, it's likely someone she knows from the past. Do you honestly think she'll select a fan or pick a total stranger off the street? Get real. Bitch is already paranoid about people allegedly using her for fame.

The mutual agreement among roommates:

Even the brevity of her criteria can't be taken seriously. She wants privacy? Uh, don't we all? Another roommate? So, does that mean Tila wants to reside with two roommates instead of one? Don't bring your club party home? If I'm not mistaken, living with a roommate, you don't get the final words, nor make the rules. It's all unanimous. Here's a site explaining about roommate etiquette. Tila, if you're reading this, I highly recommend you educate yourself about this, otherwise, expect problems.

Can you tolerate screeching singing at late hours?

It's past 2am and you have to be at work by seven. Just when you dozed off, you hear this: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] Trust me. Tila will not respect your sleep schedules but expect you to respect hers instead.

Tila can smell a creep a mile away.

Well, that's okay because us, haters, can smell a hypocritical liar 300 miles away.

Now, about her new flog: You should read my highlights about her Privacy and TOS statements. Why does it state you must be 18 and over to register, but must be 13 to view it? If you must be 18, you can expect adult contents. And already Tila is displaying suggestive old photos, understanding most of her fans are underage, and hence, is literally being a pedophile. If you must be 18 and over to use that site, do you think it's all right for minors interacting with users who are adults? This isn't like a game forum or facebook, folks. Tila Tequila is an adult entertainer. She should not have underage fans to begin with and this does concern me. Right now, all we can do is keep an eye out and look out for suspicious activities and report to the authorities. You think I'm paranoid? Visit this section collected by the TRS and judge for yourself.

As for the three generals who were promised some power to keep the comments clean, are probably feeling such a big disappointment. Looks like the haters are right: They weren't the only ones receiving the "report button." Or am I wrong that you must be registered and given the option to report whereas the rest can't? Someone please fill me in on this.

To end this entry, finally, it saddens me Tila would rather feed her ego than do more charity works:

She'd tweeted about making a contest that will help Japan. Did nothing. Then she went on and on about adopting children during her terrible royal wedding commentary. Did nothing either and went for swimming. Someone needs to tell that skank if she has no intention of doing good cause, then she should just shut the fuck up and continue feeding her own ego until she runs out of money and repeat the cycle of selling herself to get more. This is a sad piece of meat with two eyes. I don't understand how she can live with the lies and so much selfishness. Should she get a roommate, I hope that person screws her...and very badly.

from tmz

Tila is probably relocating because she hates the fact most of the haters and her fans know where she lives. So, now that she's moving to NYC for good as she says, I guess she should start looking for a new P.O. Box fan mail address where she could continue soliciting fans of sending her gifts and pray to god no one will email me her new home address. *smiles* Tee-hee!


BigPoppaPhat said...

Awsome entry qocap!

raunchyb said...

Good post. The roommate thing is definitely BS, probably just for publicity.

Is this an American Homer? I saw his tweets to her on the widget on this page and then saw his website...!!/clinton_miller

Be sure to check out his "journal" on page 4 of the website.

Joann said...

Thanks for the post QOCAP. I am more than sure, after reading this post, Tila is trying to shove more BS down our throats.

This skank is not changing her lifestyle at all. IMO, she setting the stage for a reality show or she already has a reality show and it's going to be about a woman who was a "star" in Hollywood, got fed up with the lifestyle and left it all to came to NYC to start over.

Tila is self centered, want everything done on her terms, a habitual liar, nasty housekeeper, and has mental issues. Who would want to live with someone like that? Also, Tila would never give up her style of living to live like a "normal" girl.

Jennifer said...

Do not want tina in my city!!! Move her over to Jersey Shore!! Perfect fit with all them crazy whore-bags!!

Moogle said...

MissTilaOMG says:
July 9, 2011 at 1:49 am

I definitely would love to go back to College! NYU sounds amazing right about now! And all of the new friends I can make and studying for exams and whatnot! I am seriously thinking about it! I hope they accept my application!


LOL???!!! Erm... This dumb bint hadn't even graduated from high school! Never gotten around to obtaining her GED, no? And she thinks she's going to ace her ACT/SAT to get into a prestige school like NYU? AHAHAHAHA...!! Oh dear, I peed a bit in my knickers.

Moogle said...

MissTilaOMG says:
July 9, 2011 at 3:16 am

I'm really excited about this next chapter of my life… back to being Tila Nguyen. I always loved being Tila Nguyen. (in response to that twat BBJ)


Fucking lulz @ "I always loved being Tila Nguyen". AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA You cannot make this shit up!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Moogle, I did wondered about Tila ever receiving a high school diploma. According to her wiki profile, she'd graduated from Alief Hastings High School in 2000. Yes, I know it's from Wikipedia, but look what GRR found:

Joann said...

Anyone think it's strange Tila has not mention what she's going to do with her household furnishings and her car?

When she moved from one house/mansion to another house/mansion WITHIN THE STATE the skank made a big deal about selling her clothes and home furnishings a garage sale.

Now that she's moving out of state PERMANENTLY we haven't heard a word about what she will do with her home furnishings or did I miss something?

After all, she has a huge mansion full of items and I know she's not going to up and leave all her expensive furnishings here.......LMAO.

Joann said...

"Wow what a super long day! I met a bunch of #TilaArmyNYC today! Fun!! Then 2 of them didn't believe I was really me! Lmao! Ok then! :P
1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®"

When all of her pics on her site are from 4-5 years ago or photoshopped to death I can see why her fans would have problems recognizing her.

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