Thursday, June 30, 2011

9 The 2011 Celebrity Charity Roast

So, after a failed launch of her new website,, back to under construction again, and blaming the haters for the crash, tweeted she's moving to New York:

Her reason for moving was because of the "stupid stalkers!" If you don't want to watch the clip below, you can read the transcript here. Thanks to Ghost Rider Radio for saving it!

If you get a chance, you should read the story about Tila using photo of some house that was once up for sale....from Thailand. Fucking hilarious! Moving on, no pun intended. When exactly did Tila moved to her current location I don't know, but based on the entry I've written, in late November. With less than a year, she plans to move to NYC now? I'm skeptic, but we shall see. And should she move to NYC, maybe she could get a permanent job at Crazy Horse? Either this is just a gimmick to divert our attention from failure to launch or she's really relocating. But that still doesn't explain the situation about her new flog. Regardless her reason, we are aware the disappointment her true fans must be feeling right now and certainly wouldn't be their last.

So while Tila's trying to divert our attention about her new flog and not blaming her next door pervert for relocating again, here's something that will tickle your funny bones in the meantime! Like Ting-Ting and Febreze, we can use Skippy's witty remarks about Tila ourselves. Thanks, man!

I also like to thank Monique for the video link!

I find it laughable that Gina Rodriguez had the balls to use "celebrity" instead of Z-lister because that's who they are: bottom-feeding attention whores who have no talent whatsoever and will do anything to stay relevant. Too bad Paris Hilton wasn't there. She would fit right in. Anyways, if you've never heard of Gina Rodriguez, she's an ex-porn star turned talent agency....for z-listers.

According from her booking website, "Gina Rodriguez founded DD Entertainment in 2008. With over 21 years of experience in the entertainment industry as an actress, model, writer, producer, creator and publicist. Gina has moved into the realm of management with an intimate, first hand knowledge of the industry and a female businesswoman’s sensibilities to the issues and challenges her clientele will face." Funny how she doesn't mention being a former porn-star.

Anyways, while I laughed here and there, but the real levity didn't occur until it was Tila's turn, obviously. The mark starts at 6:48. In case the video gets removed, the transcript (only with Tila part) is pasted below. (NOTE: I didn't want to spoil the fun, so just highlight between the asterisks to read the script.)

"Tila Tequila. My, God! Tila, when I heard you go both ways, I thought you mean you're positive for herpes and aids! *pause* Really, people? It's a roast! It's funny because much like Tequila, your pussy has a worm in it, too! *pause* Good sport. You were on a show called "A Shot of[sic] Love" Lemme guess, the shot was a penicillin? Am I right? Yeah, okay good. And you're from Singapore? Right? Makes sense because I've heard you just sing and it's really fucking poor! I've heard better noises coming out of Octomom's birthing video. While you were on stage one time, audience people started throwing things at you and these five bodyguards stood around you, to protect you. Must've been funny though having five big black guys protecting you instead of inside of you! Oh, come on! She's fucked more black men than [who?]! Oh, please! And she wrote her memoir! She wrote her memoir! What a read that must be! Chapter one, I've fucked a bunch of people, chapter 2, I got famous on Myspace, chapter 3, thanks for reading my book! *pause* You do have something in common with Myspace, Tila: no matter how much you change your looks, nobody gives a shit about you anymore!"

While Skippy Greene is trying to do his job, Tila, or some stupid bitch, is yelling, "how'd you know that?!!! Jelllllllliiisssss!!!!!!" By the way, who was Greene comparing Tila to? Rather than say, "no, that's not true," she says "jelis!" Let's assume it came from hogul herself. Well, I'll be damned! More proof that she's a fucking whore? Now, don't presume I oppose interracial relationships, but Tilasrotspot had entries with photos of Tila dating or trying to fuck black men. And when I mean fuck, I mean by trying to screw their lives. Here are the victims we all know.
Full entry click here.

Full entry click here

Full entry click here

Article here

Full entry click here

I chose not to list Mr.Bradshaw because he bailed out in time before she could do any real damage toward him. Good move! Anyways, as you can clearly see, Tila does not do well with relationships. So, if you decide to have any association with her, for sex, business, casual conversations, just be careful she may suddenly accuse of you for sexual harassment!


deluwiel said...

"She's fucked more black men than [who?]!" that would be FEMA (in reference to agency's handling of Katrina victims). I don't believe she's moving anywhere except out from under the lease for where she's at now. She needs money and I fully believe she's got Japanese or Saudi tricks to turn in NYC or possibly shoot another porno for Vivid. She'll make some cash, slum around New York for a month or so, maybe wind up in Texas for a while if she actually has any friends or acquaintances left who will let her couch surf and then head back to LA and rent herself another apartment somewhere with the money she has left.

Joann said...

I'm with deluwiel...I don't think she's moving to NYC either. I saw a tweet where Tila said she was going on tour to NY this summer to promote her "music".

We can only guess what the truth is behind this "move" but one thing we do know is she repeats her lies so we can she said earlier, going on tour to NY, she's pregnant, making a movie, or more.

Tila will never face and/or admit she's a pathological liar but will continue to blame everyone else when anything goes wrong in her life...such as blaming the haters for her new piece of crap site crashing and indirectly blaming her AOI as the reason she works 24/7 so therefore she needs a break because it's not fair to her to work all the time.

What she tweeted about before the site went up and then crashed was getting roasted, going to a few parties, sunbathing by the pool while letting some perv watch and going to the renewal of "vowels" of Ice Tea and Coco.

Sorry skank I don't remember you tweeting about any hard work you were doing except for socializing.

The entire concept of Tila working hard for someone else is ludicrous,

Joann said...

QOCAP...sent you an email.

Awwsumkitteh said...

Tila wants to be Paris Hilton so bad she can taste her. I bet she tastes like a rancid Slim Jim.

Joann said...

The AOI are on twitter congratulating the skank for landing another movie role but not a one has asked her why the new site is not back up.

Maybe she sent them a DM NOT to ask her about the site telling them they will see it when they see it. lol.

BigPoppaPhat said...

They already forgot all about the website fail as if it never happened.

deluwiel said...

Tuna's mantra:
1. Deflect: It was the h8trz fault the site broke.
2. Distract: big news about moving to New York.
3. Redirect: YAY! NEW MOVIE! POW!

I don't believe the site will ever launch. I think she never paid the web developers, they're holding the site hostage, and she's skipping out on the whole thing. She'll never give a title for this alleged movie, or name costars, or give the projected date of release. She always says it's all top secret but every other actor who lands a role in a new film are out there talking about it, naming names, telling people the title of the movie, when it will be out, etc., etc., to start the buzz early. Tuna's the only one who's film projects are like black ops.

Mimi said...

Remember Apollo? Anyone else see his tweets saying he's going to NYC?

Monique said...

Well she is no longer mentioned on Kozed's (her web designers) website. Plus they have added the following. Get ready for the LOLz!

"Have a website already made that needs a facelift? Our website services can transfer your current site to a fresh new design quickly.

Don’t have a site ? Choose from thousand of templates that fit your needs. Send us your desired pages, text, photos, etc., and your site will be up in no time. Our turn around time is one week. If you have your act together, then so do we. Supply us with the correct information and everything should run smoothly in return. We can build you a beautiful custom built site with a fast turn around time. We take pre-built templates and make them customarily unique, changing the code so it fits your ambiance."

"One week", "Got your act together" and "Correct information" Hmmmmmm.