Tuesday, June 28, 2011

8 MissTila.com: Different Layouts, Same Old Shit

Either Miss Tila went on some meth binge and was just fooling her fans or too busy serving her clients to pay rent, she was very late...as usual. While her idiot fans waited anxiously to see her new website, us, haters, had the pleasure of seeing her new flog prior to her launch date:
If you're unimpressed with the new layouts, blame it on these two recent college graduates. These webmasters should probably return to school because misstila.com is not even CSS valid. Granted, my blog isn't either, but I'm not a professional web developer, but if you're going to hire one, they should know what the fuck they're doing. If you're unimpressed with her contents, blame it on the twat. Let's face it: Nothing is cool and new. Why must Tila archive old photos of herself? Is it because of the drugs and plastic surgeries she doesn't find herself pretty now and reminisce by placing old photos of herself a way of coping? That's a very high probability. If she's trying to get Hollywood's attention, they're in for a big surprise...and disappointment.

Contrary to misstila.com website being new, but the domain name was registered since 2010. I've read that tilasrotspot were previous owners and gave it to Tila or so. How misstila.com was obtained doesn't really matter to me.

First thing first: Prior to the new launch, Miss Tila said three devoted idiotic fans (who claims to be at least eighteen and over) would become "generals" doing exactly what, I'm not sure because Tila wasn't very specific on this part. Will Tila give them moderation power or just a "report" button is what the haters are wondering about. It would be hilarious if the haters were right.

Secondly, when we surfed around her new website without consent, this is what she had to say:
Leaked? Who uses that word when describing a situation like this? Bitch has been running her own website since 2001 and doesn't know anything about file permissions or folder protection features? Typical Tila: Always blaming others for her mistakes. No wonder relationships with her never last.

When her new flog managed to launch the next day, hilarity ensues:
Did Tila admit she has more haters than fans? Well, she did thank us for making her famous and bitch-slapped her fans. Were we really responsible for this sudden so-called crash? The fact is, Google is the number one website and it rarely crashes. Why can't Tila just admit the truth instead of exaggerate just about anything? She is such a fucking drama queen.

Hopefully, you'll remember her celebrity blogging attempt (which turned out to be a major fail) and shared a similar trend. Just when she's about to launch her new shitty site, something always come up, only this time, she's blaming the haters for the crash, which is new.

So, Tila, how does it feel to dethrone Perez Hilton and becoming the number one celebrity blogger? *silence* Thought so.

I love how Tila screams her head off about not caring about the haters, but really?: [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10] [11] [12] [13] [14] [15] Give it a rest!
I also love how she contradicts herself:
Ignore them or get them? Which is it, Tila? Anyways, I do remember vividly that Tila once strived for positive energy back in the old days:

Why the change of mind? Perhaps Tila wasn't meant to preach about love and peace because she doesn't know anything about love and peace, let alone, positive energy. It's all child's play to her. The only perspective Tila views regarding about peace, love, and positive energy, is when idiots ass-kiss her. Anyone else with different opinions are automatically enemies. Let the records show Tila Tequila is far from being a pacifist and will always be, let alone, make it big in Hollywood. She may still be a stranger to the entire world, but she isn't a stranger when it comes to failure.

It's quite shocking that Tila managed to launch her new flog the following day. I've perused and nothing was remotely interesting, just same old shit. The only thing that was eye-catching was her privacy and TOS statements. I've picked out my favorite ones:
Last time I've checked, this is misstila.com site, not tequila.com website. What the hell is this shit? The age thing is almost like a fucking paradox or I'm just not getting it. If you're required to be 18 and up, doesn't that signify the contents are adult-themed? If yes, then doesn't that mean 13-year-olds are discouraged from viewing such website? Do you honestly think a parent, in their right mind, would give their child permission to view and interact to a site that requires to be at least 18? God forbid their child could be interacting with perverts like HB.

We all know Tila's fans are mostly minors. Even the whore admits it herself. If Tila was concerned, which she isn't, she would have the decency to leave a message on her stupid-ass splash page reminding visitors that this website requires you to be 18 and up to participate and site could contain adult materials. So, in other words, Tila is welcoming both minors and adults to interact with each other. This is not some forum where people of all ages communicate with one another. Tila Tequila is a sick, perverted adult entertainer. Her fans are either minor or perverted people. This is a disturbing combination and it is a concern. TRS have entries about this kind of interaction. Click here and here. I urge you, readers, to be alert about this and keep an eye out on her new flog whenever you get a chance.


Joann said...

Read the TOS when I was on the site and couldn't make head or tails out of it. Sounded like a lot of double talk to me.

She can try and blame the haters for her site crashing if she wants but everyone in the free world know it's a bunch of crap. Her site is more than likely poorly put together.

Maybe if she REALLY hired a professional web team instead of trying to get something for little or no money or stop ????? to get her site done she would have a decent site.

Remember when Gary Sun said he put in a lot of hard work on her OMG site for free.

Mimi said...

I think the sickest part of it all, is that bitch knows kids follow her....she's known it for years...here's a post from her MySpace blog where she acknowledges 16 year olds are hanging out on her MySpace page. Boy are there some jewels on her blog there :)

• Feb 21, 2005
Holy shit! I've been noticing there have been lots of 16 year olds around here, not that anything is wrong with that because we've ALL been 16 at some point in our lives....but damn! Seeing these 16 year olds..wow! Just brings back some memories! You know what I was doing when I was 16??? Holy shit man...you don't wanna know! I was such a fucked up kid. I'm soooo sooo thankful that I made it out alive and well and am here today. Looking back at those years.....at 16 I was just soo lost and confused but I swear I knew it all. I almost overdosed at that age as well doing drugs and stupid things. Soooo sooo dumb! But I guess that's how I learned at such a young age that it's fucken stupid, however I don't regret a damn thing that has happened to me. OMG I was such a mess! I guess because I never really felt like I fit in anywhere and I was always out at random places with random people living dangerously. Nobody seemed to care and so I didn't either. Yea man....those days were pretty crazy and I'm so glad it's over! hahahaha! Dude I used to run around doing drugs and make out with all kinds of chicks and dicks and partied til 7 in the morning! EWWW YUCK! Just thinking about that stuff makes me feel like I need to take a shower, but hey....that's what made me what I am today...a stronger and wiser women...yes???? hehe.....ohhhhhhh the tender age of 16....how sweet it is to have that innocence..........and for the kids reading this now....if you're out there....be smart about what you do....cuz let me tell you....time flies like a motherfucker....Within a blink of an eye......have fun with everything you do! Tila

deluwiel said...

well, the frickin' site is still down. This is beyond laughable. and now supposedly she's off to NYC, bailing on the whole fiasco. so, the live updates, the live webstream, the contests, fun and frivolity in Tila's Playhouse... don't hold your breath. Because never mind what her AOIs have been waiting and waiting for, on the edge of their little seats with bated breath hanging on every Twitter tease, visions of live interaction with Tila herself dancing in their hands... no, Tila's been working too hard, godammit, and needs to get away. So Screw You Army. Once again.

BTW - @Joann - have you been over to qocap's yuku forum? I don't think I've seen you over there.

Joann said...

@deluwiel....you are right..this is beyond laughable and where did moving to NYC come from?

Tila was all hyped up(or she wanted us to think she was) about the site and now..what..two days later she has to get out of here and move to NYC.

I call BS. She's not moving anywhere. I'm pretty sure I read in one of her tweets that she was suppose to go on tour this summer to NY to promote that garbage she calls her music.

She want her AOI to feel sad for her because she lied to them AGAIN.

I was checking out one of her tweets last night where she said: "So that's what I've been wanting to tell u! Only reason I've been working so hard is for my #TilaArmy! But even I need a break for myself xo
about 4 hours ago"

She wants the idiots to believe she needs a break because she has worked so hard for THEM getting the site ready but they still don't have a site. Mmmmmmmmmmm.

What has she worked hard on these pass weeks besides getting roasted, going to parties, suntanning out by the pool and going to the renewal of the "vowels" for Ice Tea and Coco?

But, I say good for their asses. They want to keep believing this clown after she has screwed them so many times then so be it. They get what they deserve.

I went to the yuku forum a few days after QOCAP put it up deluwiel but I only looked around. Thanks for reminding me. I will be on a little later today.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

We all remember, as mentioned in this entry, that Tila says, though didn't promise, that she'll give three generals some power over at new flog about controlling what I'm not sure. Unless she'll cook up a messageboard like phpbb or hell, vBulletin, I see no way how the three could moderate except maybe push the "report" button as many of us assume.

Do you think this may be the reason why Tila took her site down because she doesn't know how to give the three generals power if she doesn't intend to create a messageboard? What's the big fucking deal, Tila? If that is the reason, create one, make the three idiots a moderator, problem solved!

Anonymous said...

This is just weird!


Joann said...

QOCAP..check your email.

Joann said...

QOCAP...check your email again.