Friday, December 3, 2010

21 Haters Are Now Officially Banned! Wah!

I guess our little angel of God is still angry at us. Gee, I thought for someone who claims to be all grown-up would be mature enough to handle this drama like an reasonable adult, guess not. So much for spreading positive energy.

Taste your own medicine, you sore loser.

Most of the shit is boring. Talking about meeting people and few porn actors (go figure) and not participating the aftermath party because they're not like real celebrities (even though she didn't say that, I just have an uncanny feeling about her lack of interest) so went to gamble instead, claims to have won two grand and wanted to gamble more, but an associate persuaded her to cash in anyways and took the dude's advice. Riiiight. Now, how many times Tila claims she'd won lots of money from gambling? Uh, huh. Tila, the pursuit for fame and money is what kills our souls. You need help.

Is anyone upset about the fact we've lost our commenting privileges? *silence* Yeah, I thought so. Someone with a big ass ego is desperate to hide her own frustration and embarrassment by yapping away we all haters are whining and crying. Whatever you say, Tila. Keep telling yourself that if it makes you feel better. Why don't you clear your fucking head for awhile and do some charity works instead? No? Oh, well, it was worth a shot.

If I'm not mistaken, haters were not bashing her poor dog. Who knew expressing concerns for Onyx was offensive. Obviously, it's not because of her dog, it's the fact she had to lie about the condition of her new home and was caught. Had she remain truthful (god forbid), haters would just laugh at knowing where she lives. I hope this is a great lesson for Tila and if she hadn't learned anything, then nothing will get through to her. I still love Tila's cockiness:

Anyone remember this? Consequences will never be the same!!!!!

BTW, we all know Tila can't refrain herself from this requirement too long. I bet within a day or two, she'll uplift it! I just hope the majority of haters not give her the satisfactory by leaving comments.


Misty said...

I wonder if Tina is "back tracing" all of our addresses and planning to report us to the cyber police?

Qocap - to keep ourselves occupied, since ya know us jellus haterz have no lives other than hatin on Tina, we should start a post listing our Tina bannings. Or to keep it unrelated to Tina let's discuss some other suject - Dexter? True Blood? ????

Anonymous said...

WAH WAH! I don't know what to do with myself now since I can't be my ugly troll-self on Tina's flog. WAH!

Oh well. We can talk about favorite shows, video games, sports, food, wine, etc. to fill up our times since we're so lost and empty without Tina's flog. WAH!

Anonymous said...

At least Jessi Slaughter actually opened up her clothing line.

What the heck is taking so long with Tila Merch? :)

Caroline O'Grady said...

Hey, QoCaP! I'm a tad confused about this 'hater ban' and I don't want to visit the skank's website anymore than I have to find some answers.

How exactly has she 'banned' haters? I still see lots of kiss ass comments from her AoI. Is she merely using her administrative powers to reject comments that aren't from her minions before allowing them to be posted?

Further more, her ban on those she would call 'haters' (but are more accurately those who find her antics laughable and point out her very obvious lies/flaws in logic) seems to prove that the intelligent majority has finally gotten to her, right? Methinks she's crumbling under the pressure. ;)

I for one don't care to 'wage war' on her for this. I've never found her 'dangerous' nor have I ever had the urge to 'help' her. She is merely a source of entertainment for me. The more desperately she tries to combat her 'haters' the more I giggle in delight.


Moogle said...



Oi, what a retarded git! This bint's lies knows no bounds. It's astounding (not really)!

I don't ever recall anyone saying mean things about Onyx, be it the retardobots or the "h8rz". Every posts I've read that speaks about Onyx is ALWAYS out of concern. We all know that she doesn't take proper care of Onyx.

It still galls me that she allows Onyx to chew on toxic things, such as one reporter witnessed Onyx chewing up Thien's stank lucite heels. Or seeing that pic of Onyx being allowed to lap up foul sludge that accumulated UNDER the water fountain, whilst her so-called "animal trainer" and a couple of others stood staring aloofly at Onyx. She makes me sick.

Jessi Slaughter for teh lulz. That git got pwnt! Wishful thinking, but Tila needs something similar to happen to her. A royal public humiliation. Muahahaha

Joann said...

I was ROTFLMAO when the nitwit said we crossed the line when we bashed her dog.

I thought she was going to say when her address was posted. I am still laughing at that one and we all know that is on big lie.

No one was bashing Onyx. Everyone would like to see Onyx living somewhere else where she can be happy and look and act like a normal dog, not scared and listless.

Her entire little rant was hilarious. You can tell some of her phrases she uses to talk about the haters are what haters say about her especially about going to a mental institution.

This was almost as good as her meth rants on her old twitter which I enjoyed to the utmost.

Tila is always claiming she won a lot of money. What about winning the jackpot lottery when she was in London and winning a trip to Turkey....I think. She can't help but to lie about every aspect of her life or blow it up a thousand times more than it really is. She's such a sad and pathetic little person.

What's the deal with the Jessi Slaughter video? I've never seen that. Is it real?

I'm a Dexter fan, so discussing his show is fine with me.

FUYU said...

I think she shifted the blame on what everyone was saying about Onyx in hopes that everyone forgets about the address LMAO. Apparently that's what her AOI already did. It's funny how she thinks the haters will forget just like her fans always seem to do... :/

Misty said...

@Joann - YEAH! Another Dexter fan! Let's discuss. I admit, I'm missing Trinity.

On whore goblin related matters - what happened to her twitter Tilaomg - did I miss something?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

For whatever reason, Tila decides to changer her twitter name for the third time. I'm sure twitter is very annoyed by her. LOL

FUYU said...

@Misty She changed her twitter back to @tilatequila and claimed that a "hater" stole @misstila which is why she went back to @tilatequila ROTFLMAO yep, gotta keep blaming the haters for everything right?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Wasn't her first account officialtila? Then tilaomg, and now tilatequila? I didn't know this whore had four twitter accounts. Damn.

Joann said...

@Misty...OMG girl Trinity was awesome...well you know what I mean.

John Lithgow(sp) played that part to a T. He used to crack me up in Third Rock From The Sun but I had no idea he could do a crossover and be that believable as a serial killer. He was crazier than Dexter.

I'm going to wait until QOCAP gives us the green light to talk about other shows then we can discuss it in more detail. lol. Can't wait until Sunday.

Gotta say this....did you know Deb and Dexter are husband and wife in real life?

FUYU said...

@qocap EEEP! You're right!! I completely forgot it was "officialtila"! I kept remembering her saying that she grew out of the "Tequila" name or something like that and mixed it up somehow. :( yeeeah! Didn't she make a ton of others during her one month or whatever "hiatus" and was even at one point replying to herself with two accounts?

Anonymous said...

@Joann, kinda weird that Deb and Dexter are married in reality, apparently they met on site. But you'd never be able to guess it from watching the show, they play a perfect brother and sister match. I kinda miss Trinity.... but mostly I miss Rita. I get that he and Lumen have this whole connection and everything.... but I miss his wife. I adored Rita. Stupid Trinity.

Tila is hilariously pathetic, and is more obsessed with her haters than any hater has ever been with her (or likely anyone, ever). She gives haters far more attention than fans, she talks about/writes about/drug rambles about them far more than fans, she needs them and I'm sure deep down she knows it in some far, far away hidden non-delusional part of herself. Somewhere. But she'll never admit it.

lolercopter said...

I'm thinking changing her name had something to do with the fact that she violated TOS by posting e-mail addresses, possibly, the change makes no sense though. At least she blamed "haters" for taking something a fan did.

Her fans get more and more mind-blowingly stupid every day. All they pretty much talked about all day on twitter was "haters". And Thien now has to read every single post on her site and click "approve" or "deny" which is a lot more obsessive than someone saying "whore, you're lying."

What do your really expect her to do, she really likes us more than her fans. And that bullshit of "we're just making her more famous" really pisses me off, these kids from the UK seem to think that she's on US TV every day because they're finally seeing Shot of Love 4 years after it originally aired.

I'm just glad she admitted that she didn't really love Casey, that put that to rest. Amen for her not being able to keep track of her lies.

RockitQueen said...

The Gremlin is going to get bored really quickly. She loves and thrives on controversy and she'll last less than a week (I'm guessing more like 4 days) with nothing but ass-kiss comments.

Another Dexter fan here! Still need to catch up on a couple episodes, but I agree with the others who miss Trinity. Still, I think this is a pretty interesting season. I never really liked Julia Stiles very much, but I think she's playing a great part.

Misty said...

I think truly her fans love the haters as much as she does. What will her fans do without us? It makes me giggle.

The ideas of her twitter make sense. Thanks for the feedback. I won't visit her blog so I wonder, Qocap will we get some updates on numbers of comments, etc.? No biggie if we don't, I know this won't last long before she reopens it.

And, Joann, et al, I don't miss Rita. Not sure how I feel about this Lumen. I think Julia Stiles is doing a great job as a damaged psycho. There are a lot twists this year, again, it will be interesting to see them play out.

Ah, life without Tina......

cantthinkofcoolnamesoiamjustme said...

I actually came across a Bday video that her fans made for her. they put thier pics in it and I must say, these retartds make the mentally challenged look like Albert Einstein. what a motley crue of misfits that follow her. And that paralyzedqueen idiot is positively revolting..well, they all are but this one absolutely obsesses over her "idol" and the haters.

FUYU said...

Speaking of fans...I can't stand bugmaboo and blackcat's _over_ Tila praising lately (sorry lolercopter & aleczandah... ;_;) I was supportive when joda was being dirty with them but the things they say sometimes really make me cringe. Very cult-like tweets recently from those two.

Joann said...

IMO, all of her fans are a bit touched in the head but seeing as though Tila is mentally off herself that's the only type of fans she could have.

All they do is say the same boring childish crap over and over like a bunch of programmed puppets...."you so beautiful Miss Tila", "I love you Miss Tila", "follow me Miss Tila","now playing I F*ck The DJ", it's enough to make you want to gag.

You heard of the Stepford Wives and Husbands, well her AOI's are the Stepford children. Bunch of saps.

I wonder how many times Tila comes here and TRS to find out what's being said about her.

FUYU said...


Bumped into an old account! Here's one of them that she made when her "assistant" or whoever "locked her out of her account" smh

I can't remember the other ones but I remember her making MR. & MRS. accounts at one point and even tweeting herself through one of them.