Saturday, December 11, 2010

6 A Tumbleweed In The Wind

This was done out of request. In the height of recent event, Tila had comments set on approval and taunted the haters of losing their privileges to have fun with this whore and thus, effected her site traffic...pretty drastically. The evidence speaks for itself, folks. Thanks to Tila for helping prove our case! Of course, the skank will disagree cause her ego is bigger than those fake wonky titties of hers, but when evidence is shown, her sentiments don't mean shit.

After setting the comments on moderation, you can easily notice a setback not only on the loss of visitors, but comments as well (I took screencaps of its first page and a section from its second):

So, out of seventy-five comments, only thirty-eight users posted shit, with Miss Tila commenting the most. Thirty-eight sounds pretty decent for such a loser, but Tila has a history of impersonating fans, so how many fake accounts out there, we won't know, so take that into consideration and subtract few or half of it to be more accurate. I'm just say'n. Why the hell are Ðatabase011010 and HOMERBARTT so inactive now? I understand we can't just rely on one entry for analysis, but shit...having haters commenting is a turn-on for them but not the fans? And whatever happened to TILAFANFARAWAY? Let's not forget Ms.Naima who won Tila Army of the Week, but was caught using a model photo.

Tashalovely - 3
MissTilaOMG - 7
s4manthax - 2
harriscorey22 - 2
tonie2000 - 1
I_Love_Onyx - 2
intlv - 1
thedollhouse - 2
ceendrine - 2
pani95 - 1
gazzah58 - 1
Josie_x - 1
Miss Alia - 2
musiqjunquey - 1
Lily_Mee - 1
jamelia1990 - 3
amandareneetx - 3
heartstila - 2
peacelaurel - 3
jenoel2002 - 5
beyondbettyjean - 2
Ðatabase011010 - 3
anoneemoo - 2
@robstereskimo - 1
Poetunknown - 1
fanabrit - 1
muffffffin - 1
SLovesTila - 1
chrystalvodka - 1
Gerardo - 1
mhuera - 1
bebemalfitano1 - 1
Jitkundo - 6
almostsucess - 1
tilasucks1977 - 1
sarabanana95 - 1
Lexxy25 - 1


Misty said...

I <3 U.

Misty said...

Seriously - on the one page, there are 6 comments and 5 of them are from the same person (each comment has a word or two)

We so seriously should black out - she will climb up a wall (and then, hopefully jump) - actually she is probably reading these so she might come back and say, oh ok, no more haters, which will last all of another week.

Stay strong my fellow "jellus haterz", I believe we can entertain ourselves!!

And Qocap - once again, I <3 U!!!

Hannah said...

This is awesome. I think it's really interesting that her second official "hater free" entry had 197 comments...seems like she wanted to prove to everyone she had more fans than haters. I bet a lot of fake accounts were made for that occasion. And you're so right about Tilafanfaraway. And I almost forgot about Naima. Yep, her blog is drowning without the traffic. You rock, qocap.

BigPoppaPhat said...

No haters = No Tila

hanah said...

I noticed the same thing. At first I was surprised at the high number of comments (of course low compared with the hater comments but high when you think it's only her army) and then I saw that Tila commented on basically every entry, initiating them to comment again and so on.

I have a feeling her new management team has something to do with this, they have her on a short leash and try to give her a new image probably.

lolercopter said...

Just a warning to anyone should they do decide to post on Tila's site, Intense Debate lets the e-mail account you signed up with visible to the site admin, so if you post something nasty, she will either post your e-mail address, or probably e-mail you something nasty in reply.