Thursday, August 12, 2010

7 Wow! TilaArmy using fake photos too?!

Wow, fucking seriously! I'm like, surprised that TilaArmy would sink low as Tila herself! But hey, there's that saying: A bird of a feather flocks together!

It's possible Ms.Naima is not that young girl from the photo. Thanks to the haters for exposing the possible truth!

So, while Ms.Naima is claiming the young lady is her, I took another liberty to contact FMD and await for their response (which I hope they do). In the meantime, here's Grieta Bastika's profile page with the same non-cropped image unlike at Tila's fake celebrity gossip site.

I love the part when asked "Why did you crop the picture??", she apparently didn't understand the question and replies, "because of this video! No one would like to see FMD on the side. c'mon." Really? You were asked about the image, not the video, dumbass. You do realize a video and an image are two completely different formats, right? It's obvious why you or Tila cropped it. No explanation needed.


BigPoppaPhat said...

I should pose as an army member and use Rodney Dangerfield as a profile pic, and call y'all haters when y'all bust me out on it lol.

Anonymous said...

I talked to this girl, but she used the nick GrietaLasmanne or something... I don't remember, different twitter I believe, she is Latvian, as she did speak russian to me. But I don't know if she's who she sais she is. This is fucked up. I put nothing past the damn Tila army of morons and halwits.

Sandra said...

Bwahahahaha Tila-dumbass-army fail again. If it really isn't her then that just proves all their stupidity! Losers.

You know I can't believe Tila won't admit to her porn video, everyone knows she made one. Have you noticed she's been pretty quiet since the newest story broke on radar..... Can't wait for Juggaloos, hope something happens to her!

Love you Qocap! xx

Misty said...

The Greita Lasmane - Lativian Model girl has been around for awhile - different twitters, etc. All of them have been bogus - the real Greita was contacted at one point and told about the fake acccounts. I don't remember the whole story, it seems so long ago.

I think it would be hysterical to pose as an Army member although I personally am not sure I would be that fine of an actress to pretend to be so "sheep-like".

I made this promise elsewhere, but I will reiterate. The day Tila dies - I will post my real picture on my twitter avitar.

Vincent said...

This site is better than the Rotspot. Keep it up!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Hey, guys. This gives me an idea. I'll upload it once it's finished. ;)

Hey Vincent, thanks, but the rotspot (including Tila Truth and Spiked Tequila) have awesome resources of exposing Tila truths which I seriously lack. My site is usually intended for entertainment purposes only, if not, offering my own opinion of whatever the entry is about. If people want hardcore truths, the Rotspot and the others are the place to go! :)

Anonymous said...

I kinda remember the Grieta fiasco several months back. She deleted her twitter account and thought she disappeared. Well, the crazy chick is back, with a vengeance!

If you look on FB, the real Lasmane Grieta has no link to the gutterslut troll. However, the Grieta Bastika fan page only has Miss Tila as her friend.