Tuesday, August 10, 2010

0 Come Lie Down Next to Me And Update On Porn Film

Almost a day ago, Tila tweeted this:

Children, this is how drugged-up junkies think! Don't be fooled!

Breaking news: On August 4th, RadarOnline disclosed Tila's latest project of filming a porn movie. Tila denies this, obviously threatening to sue anyone of publishing her sex tape. What she fails to realize is RadarOnline never mentioned about her sex tape in the first place. They were talking about her upcoming adult film! So, thanks to a fellow twitter user for sharing us a link from RadarOnline:

So, Tila, do you still have that Lambo? Were you renting it or is really yours? Just ask'n.

How does your mind think when it's on drugs?

This is like, the best celebrity gossip blog out there! It's soooo much better than TMZ and PerezHilton! Oh, wait...that's Tila's thinking! As usual, we're still waiting for celebrity interviews and her dethroning Perez Hilton. Well, we don't have to wait any longer because it's not going to happen. You see, when you hire people and don't pay them shit, this is the result you'll get! Silly little Titla!

So, in this video, it's 7am and Tila is dressing like a two-cent hooker, getting ready to go to bed. She explains her voice is raspy because she's sleepy. However, toward the end, she blames the cigarettes. Eating too much sweets don't warp your brains like this! It's really the drugs, despite stating she's drug-free now. Didn't anyone notice how she zoomed on her face while heading to her bedroom? I mean, seriously, Tila. On June 17, this bitch gave us a fake tour of her new mansion and actually stayed in her bathroom the entire time. Oh, she calls her bathroom the "glamroom!" How fucked up is that? I mean, I'm a messy person, too, but still, I can clean the place up. Anyways, she's just too ashamed to show us her apartment because she's not living in some mansion.

So, once she lies down on her bed, thinking her TilaArmy is in the room, tells whomever to turn the lights off. Well, it's 7am, Tila. I think you mean to close the curtains...if you have any. She rambles on, making no sense most of the time. So typical of her. She, then, bitches about her camera. This is what she said:

"This stupid camera...like, I can barely even record one minute and I can't even post it up on YouTube and it's like *scoffs* this camera is like, not made for regular stuff and it's made for filming videos, like real videos. Whatever. WHATEVER. I don't know what I'm talking about."

Well, you are right about not knowing what the hell you're talking about. Bravo for being fucking honest for once! And secondly, real videos? Like, you giving head to some guy? Yeah...exactly. Well, I'm just about done. Here's the last images I want to share with you guys. PLEASE NOTE: The following advice should be discarded and not to be imitated.