Saturday, August 7, 2010

0 Mumbo Jumbo and Other Crap

Why does Tila Tequila need to remind us once a while she's allergic to alcohol? Is she really? Is she really a lesbian? Does she really have friends? Is she really born in 75 instead of 81? My answer: Who the fuck cares? Stupid little Titla wanted to impress her TilaArmy of drinking Vodka, a dare by Mr. Bradshaw himself:

Mr Bradshaw, now's the time to leave Tila while you still can! Look at the previous men who dated her! They ended up getting charged with sexual harassment, with Shawne Merriman having the worst case! Being gay does not exempt you. She'll find other ways to attack you! Don't say us, haters, didn't warn you! Anyways, I don't think this bitch is allergic to alcohol as she claims. Anyone who's allergic to whatever will do their best to avoid physical contact, but not Tila. No. She's bold! Tila, I don't believe you. Show us a clip of you drinking an alcoholic beverage and let us see the rashes forming and watch the miracle of your face bloating while we're at it! Otherwise, shut the fuck up about it. You're NOT cute. You're NOT awesome. You're NOT a girl. You're almost fucking thirty. You're too damned old to be playing "naughty girl."

on July 30, Tila kept telling the world that she started modeling for Playboy at age eighteen. Well, that may not be true at all. I took a liberty to web archive her stupid myspace page and found this:

And her latest:

Let's get something straight here, Tila. You may be a model for adult magazines, but theoretically speaking, in the "real" modeling world, the minimum height is usually 5'7 and up. No way magazines, like Vogue, would ever hire you. You're not even five feet as it is, you hoe! So, it turns out you starting modeling at nineteen. And bragging about how you started tilashotspot at age eighteen is also a fucking lie because according to WHOIS, it wasn't registered until 2001...idiot! So, you're really saying you were not born in 1981 or 1975, but somewhere between 1982 or 1983? Yeah, you fucking wish! Old hag in disguise!

Remember how Tila was going off about going to Uganda in October to help? Well, it's probably not going to happen and she'll cook up some lame-ass excuse like it became more dangerous than ever. Shit, Tila, don't get me started with your driving! And, remember how she was bragging about doing a lot of charity works?

Really? Well, that's not what our Titla said one hundred and sixty days ago:

Tila doesn't think screencapping is actual evidence and believes all the haters' sources are manipulated. Well, Tila, my blog is for entertainment purposes. However, if I really wanted to nail and prove you otherwise, well, suck on this and this.

I don't know what the hell she's on, either. Ambien? Gosh, I wish Tila was being so sincere! It would have made my day! She was so into playing victim that she misread one of her army's comment and thought it was directed to her! What a dumbass!

As usual, for someone who desires to spread positive energy and love sure spreads hatred instead.