Tuesday, August 31, 2010

5 Everyone, meet Ti-Lun!

The real purpose of her entry is to remind idiotic children (fans) and intelligent people (haters) her birthday is approaching! Why else would she write her full birth date when it's getting close? If you think about it, writing your full birth date in this entry doesn't make any sense. So, this is just a failed clever method Tila hoping the world will shower her with gifts. After all, she did reminded her fans she still has her fanclub address and tweeted about it because, we all know, Tila is a one sick greedy money-fame-hungry whore and was asking fans to buy her gifts after going through the Juggalos ordeal!

Tila, you had me worried for a second! Your silence was starting to freak me out!!! So, it's first Jane, then your British-speaking Caroline, child of God, Virgin Mary, and now Ti-Lun? Hmmmm....

You know, everyone has a dream of being a somebody. Shit, I'll admit I want to be a somebody, too. But, if you have a huge ego and is mentally ill, your desire to be a somebody can be pretty drastic to the point, unrealistic. Either Tila is playing with her army of dimwitted naive fans (most of them underage) or she truly believes to be very special. Dream on, whore! This crazy nutcase believes she's a child of God, sent down to Earth to rid the evil (but really haters like me), then claims to be a Virgin Mary, has two personalities, and now thinks she once lived a great warrior who sacrificed her own life and died with an honor. *snickers* Ladies and gentlemen, Tila apparently wants to be someone very big and is obviously frustrated she is no one and to compensate this frustration, strives to brainwash her stupid fans into thinking she really is awesome, an ultra special person like Jesus Christ!

Whore, any drug that enters your disgusting body, you'll get happy! In your eyes, drugs are good, and vegetables are bad. By the way, a shot with a needle?

What drugs were you on at the time of writing this piece of laughable garbage?

An interesting question posted by readers are right: Name a warrior who actually runs to their attorney. Tila is definitely not a warrior. She is just a God-wanna-be ugly junkie who wants everyone to kiss her nasty disease-infected ass!


Misty said...

I don't even know what to say. I agree that she desperately wants to be someone that she has become completely delusional.

I can find no reference to this warrior - Lun-Ti. And Ti-Lun is apparently an association with Buddist scholars. And really, to be a warrior, you must fight for a cause. The only thing this whore goblin fights for is to stay relevant and garner attention.

Of course, her "to be continued..." never seem to be continued. Recall her life story in just one chapter or the missing Illuminati chapters. So...bahahahahahaha!!

Michelle said...

I am so annoyed. I tried to post a comment about this entry for about half an hour and her f***ing filters edited it for things I QUOTED that she said! How ridiculous.

Then I was banned. But that's a honorable thing.

Is this part two of the Tila sagas? Tila is 2 and in America, getting help from "main doctors" who give "shots with a needle?"

Warriors are honorable. Tila would be killed in other countries for the shame she has brought on her family with her antics. "Warrior." WOW.

(I love your lack of a word filter. It makes me giddy and reminds me that some people are -relatively- sane.)

Anna said...

Damn...this almost sounds like one of those "poems" she was writing for a while, the one where you just write whatever comes to mind. I forget what that was called, I didn't care enough to remember it.

I will admit I didn't really read into what she wrote. I already have a headache and I didn't want to make it worse. So if this but if trivia doesn't fit, sorry.

Now...assuming that these 'needles' happened in the here and now...

It is possible that she is referring to vaccinations when she was a baby. At first thought she was referring to inoculations but I think they stopped doing it in the very early 80's.

And if she is talking about vaccinations when she was a baby then the part about no way to tell time other than the sun, moon and whatnot would make sense if we think about time from a baby's point of view.

But that's giving her too much credit and I am rambling. Sorry...

Michelle said...


Babies have seizures for a variety of reasons. Two of the more common reasons for a non-epileptic seizure (not caused by abnormal electrical activity in the brain) in children are high fever and imbalances/deficiencies. She likely had one of these. The doctor was likely giving her medication. What I got from her story was that she was so strong and so brave and so unlike other children (a warrior even then!!) because she didn't cry when she got the "shot with a needle" (like ALL toddlers do, she suggests). Also, she was a good, nice child or whatever she "remembers" the nurse saying (another unlikelihood -- remembering, not the nurse's comment, I guess).

If Tila is defining that she got a "shot with a needle" by the "main doctor" (rather than a shot from a gun or a shot of vodka or some other kind of shot by the assistant doctor, who, you know, assists the main doctor, of course), I'm pretty sure she has no idea what the difference between a vaccination and an inoculation is, that there is one, or even how to FIND OUT what that difference is.

I agree you gave her too much credit with the baby's point of view thing. She's not that deep. She was trying to be deep, but failed miserably. The sun, moon, stars, time reference thing, in my opinion, was to tell us that her made up warrior lived in the ancient Eastern world (before clocks, so as recently as 1656? Sundials, water, etc were used to keep time before then... or are those clocks to Tila?) and, from the tags, I gathered that we were supposed to assume she is saying this warrior is a past life... or something. She saw the warrior in present day, but he existed before. Because she gets high. A lot.

Hope you feel better. Headaches suck.

Anonymous said...

Well first off I wanted to say that the sentence that read "But, if you have a huge ego and is mentally ill" should read "However if you have a huge ego and are mentally ill". Just saying :) also I think that she has lost it and is in a meth daze, along with some Xanax. It's really sad. I wouldn't give her the credit this actually happened, either. Also doctors do NOT give shots, nurses do. The end.