Tuesday, August 17, 2010

0 The Mosted Hated Skank Dissing the White Race

I have a terrible feeling Tila's going to be mouthing off about her latest ordeal for months, if not, years. It has been proven that the world truly hates this woman and should be labeled as the "most hated skank" in the world. Congrats, bitch! All this media attention should help your lesbian porn become a success!

So, Tila made an entry with a video of one of the witnesses sharing his point of view. Apparently, she's mad as hell and uses him as a prime example of what the Juggalos audience are like. Anyone with a brain would know he does not speak for the general attendees. Anyways, I have no sympathy and is somewhat happy (genuinely happy if her tears weren't fake). As a young lady myself (yes, I am a girl), all this "violence against women" is making me mad. She did not get seriously hurt, nor encountered a death experience. She was warned numerous times (hell, she admits it herself), decides to perform, provoked them, making the situation lot worse by taking off her top. The truth is, she wanted this to happen. "Gonna be fucking insane!" and fucking insane it became.

Did she failed to realize she mocked and made fun of Perez Hilton when he got punched in the face? Did she not suddenly forgave Chris Brown for beating up Rihanna? People are right. It's not okay if Tila gets physically attacked, but okay when it happens to others? Bitch, you so deserved all of this! And let me tell you, it was at a leniency level! Stop your whining! You got more media attention, now focus on promoting the porn video!

Nice tags, you fucking whore! I'm sure your fans (or what's left of it) who are white would be thrilled about this.