Tuesday, August 17, 2010

1 Miss Tila Feels Sorry For Herself

As if she couldn't just let it go and move the fuck on, instead yaps her annoying lip-smacking mouth and demand sympathy. Not getting from me, that's for damn sure!

Well, well. Now the bitch finally talks after selling her story to TMZ and other media outlets. Nice going, famewhore! So, Tila writes a new entry and asks for people's opinions. Well, I gave her a piece of my mind and the ugly bitch bans me. Roll eyes. How long will that last? She unbans me, bans me, unbans me. Jesus Christ, lady, make up your "effing" mind! Anyways, here's what people had to say during the time of taking screenshots:

Poor Tila. With little support from kiddie fans, she seriously got her ass kicked.

I don't understand why this cunt is referring herself as a third person. Clearly it says written by MissTilaOMG. When it's over-exaggeration, it's coming from Tila Tequila herself! "Miss Tila did nothing to harm anyone." That statement pisses me off!! This woman is full of shit! Oh, my God! Having sex toys, water bottles thrown at you is considered a fucking brutality?!!! No one punched you! No one even touched you! The pictures do not indicate severe injuries! Let's recap once more:

Yeah, Tila. You really got it bad. Fucking get over it. You wanted this to happen for media attention. You were warned numerous times. You refused to leave. And you even deleted my link with the comic strip! What's the matter? The truth hurts? You are fucking pathetic! And whoever your PR is (if they exist), should be fired because obviously, they didn't tell you the people of Illinois knows how to fucking party! Well, at least in Chicago!

I took these awesome photos during the event of our Stanley Cup Parade and celebration. :) So, yes, Tila. We tend to get rowdy! POW! BITCH! Again, I hope you enjoyed your stay!


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Just wanted you to see these.. I like your blog.