Tuesday, August 17, 2010

0 Tila Has a New OMG Staff Writer!!!

Tila wants to impress the world her fake shitty celebrity gossip site is legit and lives up to its name and announces she has hired a new writer. The process took her weeks to finally make the decision like it took her four fucking days to decide which color of the Lambo she wanted as she claims. Let's recap again. Back in April of this year, Tila had a brief, but yet, boring interview with FoxBusiness. You can clearly hear her answer the question of how many employees working for her: 25-30. Yes, it was back in April, but that's not ancient. Anyways, I was shaking my head as I read her entry.

Little dumbass whore has been searching for bloggers with experience and credentials. Um, credentials? If they have experience, wouldn't they already have credentials and prove to be competent? Whoever this writer is, we don't know the writer's name or his/her gender because he/she don't actually exist as Tila wants us to think. It's very typical of her to mention people either by their gender and occupation, but never by their full names. I've posted an entry about her website once, accusing Tila of fabricating of hiring writers. She denies this and shook her head, calling those skeptics stupid via twitter on June 28th:

If Tila wants us to shut up about it, then she knows damn well what she needs to do and can't, and won't, because they don't exist! Mr.Bradshaw, a very tacky fashion editor (whom I'm sure Anna Wintour would never hire to begin with) associates with her, but what exactly does he do, I don't know. Write terrible reviews of celebrity's outfits? As if Tila doesn't have the brains to do that herself? So, that leaves out the TILASTAFF. Who was TILASTAFF? No one knew until Tila made an announcement of firing her so-called writer.

This whore was trying to be clever by deceiving us to come to her shitty site, thinking she was saying farewell to Perez Hilton, but instead, we got a nobody. We'll never know why Garry got fired. This is Tila's story, though. Please keep in mind this twit likes to over-exaggerate situations:

And I got this tweet image from Tilasrotspot:

Garry says he doesn't get paid, and chances are, neither does Mr.Bradshaw and certainly, not the new writer. Tila has got some serious issues to think people with experience will work for free. And if they were to work for free, they wouldn't want to associate themselves with this crazy-ass deranged woman! LEAVE! You'll never see a dime and your reputation will be ruined!!!! We've seen it before!

Tila states she'll only write in the Dear Diary, Thought of the Day, Tila Army, and anything that's non-celebrity news from now on. Um, haven't it always fucking been that way? This is definitely not a celebrity gossip site! Name one celebrity gossip site that has those categories. Go to the gossip site label. There are plenty of entries with Tila's expectations of her site being the number one and so unique from others. She still has yet to dethrone Perez Hilton. She has yet to interview real celebrities each week. The only interview she had was with an unknown Russian Boxer and that was it and back to being all about her.

After her horrible ordeal at the Juggalos *chuckles*, she was so sick that she needed some bed rest. The worthless whore claims she was requested for lots of interview about her experience, but instead, chose to stay in bed. I'm glad she chose the latter because it would be just as bad as seeing Twilight shit all over the place. NO ONE FUCKING CARES. Your stupid E! interview was sufficient. And I highly doubt you were requested for lots of interviews. You just fucking suck and the world wants you to go away! By the way, I love this comment:

Amen! When I started this blog, I only hated Tila's behaviors, but as time passes by and her erratic selfish attention whore fame becoming worse, I am truly beginning to despise her. Tila, you are a stupid whore and if you killed yourself, I wouldn't fucking care!

Why does your staffs' writing styles so similar to yours? Did you demand Garry to diminish his I.Q. to your level or something? If you can't reveal your writer's full name, let alone, photos, then he/she does not exist. Plain and simple. You lie about everything, so why should we believe you about this bullshit? In the world of professionalism, no one works for free. And suddenly you're requesting your fans to submit fan arts? You must have liked mine. : ) Well, I hope those who submit draws a picture of you killing yourself! Ta, skank!