Saturday, August 28, 2010

3 Oh, Tila, Your Past is Catching Up With You

I was digitally going through Tila's old garbage blog and oh, boy, did I find some interesting things I'm sure Tila would regret of saying in the first place!

I truly believe Tila suffers from bipolar, but I think Tila doesn't understand this symptom sounds more like a Seasonal Affective Disorder. And guess who she introduced us to? Jane! An excerpt from my Love, Hate, Hypocrisy, and more Lies! entry:

"Now Tila's claiming she suffers Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Before that, Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (mentioned in her latest video with pigtails). And before that, Bipolar, and before that, Dissociative identity disorder (ever met Jane yet?). I love the parts where she also claims trying to help mankind when all she does is piss people off and being oblivious about it."

Whore needs to stop insulting those who actually suffers from those symptoms. She makes fun of those who suffered miscarriages and still refers herself as "Mama T." Bitch, you're just a rat with fake titties and nothing more!

I didn't bother clicking the link as I predict it's 404 Error. But, man, she has been working on her stupid TilaMerch since 2007 like working on her fashion design since 2004!

Okay, how many of you are fucking tired of her saying "I've been working my ass off?" Besides those words, she likes saying, "with that said," and "first of all," in almost every entry! Shit, Titla! Expand your vocabulary! Anyways, her site is shit.

Bitch doesn't care. I find it amusing how she says this is just a teaser of showing us such photo and had the fucking nerve of purchasing a Lambo with seats made out of leather!

I'll make sure to alert PETA if you are doing a campaign for them as you've recently said...or was that a fucking joke like you? Someone should skin you alive, ----!

This idiotic entry was published in 2008. It's 2010. Can someone tell me where I can find her Tourettes album? Yeah, it doesn't exist! And this whore doesn't understand not all those diagnosed suffer from uncontrollable swearing! That's stereotyping.

So, Tila adopted Onyx. How sweet, but, her description of love freaks me out. Who the hell refers their animals "the love of my life?" besides this psychotic pathological liar whore? And Onyx is very trained? Someone please fill in the gap for me and excuse my ignorance, but, aren't most animals who were rescued from cruelty not house-broken (I'm sure that's what the whore meant)? My family adopted a dog who was rescued from abuse and it had bladder problems. Although he didn't like me, but I am glad he got an opportunity to live a normal life and was loved. We had to put him to sleep few years earlier. He got really sick.

Okay, this is what I wanted to share with the readers. I'm going to narrow it down. I don't want you to miss some of the important parts!

Um, what? Are those 2,000 VIP members from your Myspace page? I hope you got those 2,000 members honestly. Yeah, fucking right!

Unfortunately, this selfish, irresponsible cunt had no interest of making sure minors weren't roaming in those web chatrooms and according to the tilasrotspot, this is what happened. And who cares whether or not if she had the only 18 and up message. If you fucking suspect or see a minor in those chatrooms, you do the right thing by removing them!

How the fuck do you give someone a lap dance over the webcam? Either way, her hotspot is definitely not "friendly."

Oh, really? So, why did you abandon it moron?

Yes, Tila. I believe you. You work so hard for your projects and it's appalling they always ended in total failure. Guess you're not working hard enough!

Man, that is a really shitty title. For once, you did something right by choosing a different name. However, your "real-time" news is usually a day or two late. Nice try, dimwit.

Wow! Isn't this, like, the same enthusiasm you used for your social networking? And I bet I can guess what your enticing proposal was: Give me exclusive photos and I'll pay you in sex instead of cash! But the reality check is, most of the photos used on her ff (fake and failed) celebrity gossip blog came from WireImage. The exclusives are photos of herself. So exclusive, right?!!

And it's sick. And no, Hollywood haven't changed you deluded fool.

Tila Taking Over the World entry was posted on November 23, 2009.

Hero of the Week: Dear Diary: And a Very Powerful Message to Everyone Out There! was posted posted July 1, 2010. Is she fucking stupid or think we'll never found out she labeled herself as a "celebrity"? Ha! What a fucking joke! She's infamous! Just like how Tila says she'll never cut anyone's face, but your throat!

Yes, we know you more than you know yourself, unfortunately.

For what Tila did was a complete fraud and her ass should've been in jail! Tilasrotspot have information about this fraud and non-existing organization founded by this fucking cunt! Click here and here. This disgusting whore had the balls to request for money from her idiotic retarded fans, lying about her charity organization being official and running when it wasn't and to add an insult to the injury, this is what she eventually tweeted:

I must be using all the insult words, but words cannot express how angry I am to see this vile disgusting rat getting away with these antics and what's worse, her under age fans and sick perverts don't find anything wrong with her and fucking love her! What the fuck?!!!!! This bitch deserves all the misery a life can get! I'm glad she suffered when as a child as she claims. That should be a sign the world was telling her life hates her rotted meat! Titla Bacteria, go to hell!


BigPoppaPhat said...

You should add "totally legit" to that list of her overused words, and you know that phrase translated actually means "totally full of shit" when she uses it.

Hannah said...

Wow, I never knew about this post. It's hilarious how many lies she spewed in one blog. I like how she writes about her charity and humanitarianism and then at the end of the post tells everyone she's planning on starting her own diamond jewelry line. Anyone who was such a humanitarian would know that most diamonds sold in America are blood diamonds from Africa. What a stupid skank. Good job finding all of this crap! And I really like your blog.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@BigPoppaPhat LOL I'll make sure to add that next time. :)

@Hannah: Don't we all just want to smack her? I hate frauds.