Monday, July 26, 2010

6 Gossip Shite, Stalkers, Car Update, and PETA Campaign?

Previously, Tila mentioned from one of her latest entries regarding about respecting opinions from people. Unfortunately, there is no truth in this and our sentiments will looked upon with disdain, unless we're kissing her disgusting ass. Take these for examples:

And when people criticize her, she resorts to what she does best: deny, calls them haters, and accuse those who oppose her, of suffering mental illnesses and should be arrested:

Haters are beyond stalkers now? Wow! You called one hater a Bum Fuck and then called haters trolls. And your TilaArmy philosophy is love and peace? [1]? In order to be a stalker, one must do more than just offer opinions or spew expletives. To consider yourself a stalker, you must physically stalk them, find ways to get in touch, send mails, make phone calls and other morbid ways and not stop until you've succeeded. Ironically, stalkers often plan to kill their target. I'm sure duh must come into your mind, but apparently, Tila doesn't understand the nature of stalking. I would like to know one hater that is stalking her.

"I am a celebrity!"

Not only she can't distinguish between haters and stalkers, she can't distinguish between famous and infamy. On July 2nd, 2010, Tila wrote, "People always bash on me and say that 'BITCH YOU'RE NOT A CELEBRITY!' The funny thing is, I never said I was." What is funny, I was able to Google search and successfully found sites with Tila Tequila stating she was prior to this denial. Had she kept her words, I would congratulate her for being honest...for once. But, as usual, Titla likes to fuck with everyone besides herself.

This is not the first time Tila tweeted about having stalkers and certainly this wouldn't be the last, either. She broke the laughing news back in January of this year:

Reading this screencap literally boils my blood. What a fucking cunt. She blamed the stalkers for making her relocate. According to RadarOnline, "This isn't the first time Tila has had a run in with an alleged stalker. Back in April of last year Tila claimed a stalker broke into her home and posted frightening messages on her Twitter account. The chilling messages were posted around 2.20 am, with the first, 'Tila Tequila is dead' followed by, 'I just broke into her house, killer her and her dog. Logged onto Twitter to tell you guys.' She was signed on already. Tila Tequila is dead.”

Alerting the media about being a victim wasn't good enough for Titla and unbeknownst to us, another surprise was forming. As of this date, Tila Tequila does not have a stalker. Celebrity stalkers are usually caught and the media have photos of them. For Titla, her imaginary stalkers were reported since April of last year. Not once, but three times, Tila persuaded us she is a victim and so far, there are no updates or conclusions of any of these situations; past or present. Instead, there's a break and the cycle repeats. She is infamous. Stalkers have better targets.

So, Tila announced she's doing a PETA CAMPAIGN besides getting a production deal and being a TV executive in Los Angeles (LOL). I am an animal lover, but I find these PETA campaigns really annoying. It's like a soft side of MAXIM or any other mens' magazines. As someone commented, this is an excuse for being naked and it's right up Tila's alley. I went to PETA's website and found no satisfying result about Tila doing a campaign with the organization. I'll call her a bluff and paradoxically, giving her the benefit of doubt.

But, the benefit of the doubt is lacking, big time. The image is part of her website design, which was launched in April, but officially opened in May. And underneath the photo, Tila typed: A preview test shot from my "PETA CAMPAIGN" Um, say what? So, it's taking PETA nearly four months to a make new campaign?

"This pic is not the pics going to be used to that’s why I’m just gonna throw it up here today, since I don’t wanna waste it with unseen eyes!!!"

Ah. This apparently answers my question. In other words, you want new people, who are mostly underage, to drool over a picture of yourself, eluding them into thinking this photo is current. What a fucking joke! And you had the nerve to block the word, "pedophile". EPIC FAIL on everything you do, bitch! The terror does not end here, folks! It never does:

"My new, uh, website, it's uh um, mixture of uh, celebrity gossip blog and..and I throw in a little bit of my own personal life in there."

Bullshit, Titla. Complete bullshit. Raise your hand if you've predict this! *all raises hands* And to state you're the only one doing this, is hard to believe if you claim you have 25-30 staffs working for you! Tila continues to sink into lower levels of stupidity as time flies by. Most people, with intelligence, were cynical and it's now becoming more clearer Tila's celebrity gossip blog is indeed more of a marketing tool. The facade is definitely crumbling and eventually, Tila will have to admit the truth: It is a marketing tool of self-promotion. Take a look at what the contents were to be included on her gossip site!

The only content she is actually pursuing and destined to make it a reality. PATHETIC.

"And sorry kids, must be 18 & OVER to get this very RARE LIMITED EDITION POSTER!!!!"

LOL! Riiiight! Like you're actually concerned about the underage! Please! No, you wrote that in there to prevent people from attacking you with pitches and forks for possibly selling naked photos of yourself to minors!

First, she misses her flight, then lost her first class ticket, then accused London airport of losing her luggage, and now she missed an appointment with a car dealer? Uh-oh! Sounds like Miss Tila is concocting an excuse for not purchasing a fancy 1.7 million dollars vehicle! She's trying to act like that skanky retarded Paris Hilton piece of meat! I can't wait to see the results!!!!!!!! This proves Tila is desperate to persuade the skeptics of anything they doubt and really cares what haters say! POW!!!! BITCH!! We own you and can manipulate you for our own amusements!

Supposedly, for the sake of argument, Titla doesn't buy a car. Her excuse? She's ambivalent and requested the car dealer to hold it for her for few days to think it over. So, what is the motive behind this if she had no intention of ever purchasing an expensive car? My speculation is Tila got offended when few people questioned her license status, but already assumed it was suspended or non-existent. So, in order to prove it's valid, she tweets and left an audio clip of going to a local, but expensive, dealerships and stupidly forced Mr. Bradshaw to take a picture of the midget behind the wheel (with a possible chance of having four phone books underneath her ass if I may add).

The photo alone speaks for itself: She is desperate to prove she not only have a current valid driver's license, but also the money to purchase an expensive vehicle at will. But, other theory is, a car dealer would allow anyone to seat behind the wheel, as long it's in the parking lot and not running...unless you're going for test drive. That's a different scenario. Clearly, the car's in a parking lot, assuming at the dealership, and its headlights aren't on. But, wait! It's daytime! Ahhhh...but, look how the back headlights cut off from the view.

She made an earlier audio clip today and stated it's around eleven forty-five am. Tila then rambles about being indecisive, but rest assured the listeners she'll have a new car by the end of today. Notice afterwards, she says, "so, hopefully, I'll have it by the end of today." And the sun have set and it's midnight in the West coast. Tila tweeted to give us update about her new vehicle, but, decides to get a burger and read comments.

Fishy, isn't? It's like, she's working on an excuse of why she didn't get a new expensive car or something. Hopefully, the cunt will not go here first and steal my idea. Even so, if she did, then, I've predicted (just like everybody) her reason.


deluwiel said...

oh please. She owns this car just like she owns a private island and a private jet and a mansion... all in her little world of make-believe. Tila lives according to a couple of simple rules. #1: "If I say it on the internet - it's true." What do you want to bet that she'll never speak of the new car again. Because Tila's Rule of Life #2 says, "If I stop saying it on the internet and/or delete it from the internet it never existed."

chris said...

Just wanted to let you know, that the "PETA" photo was done in the same shoot as the photo for her Misstilaomg header. Just look at the two photos, same lighting, same hair and makeup. She's taken a photo that's PETA-ish that no one has ever seen and is fooling no one but her deluded army.

The words Jane and delusional have also been blocked from the comments lol

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Yeah, I knew about that and sarcastically wondered why it's taking PETA nearly four months to make a new campaign. LOL

Vincent said...

I'd just like to say that you are doing a great thing with this website

California Dreamin' said...

Great site! I am just now finding it and catching up on all the great stuff you have written! Thanks so much for exposing this lying, delusional bitch!

sithlady said...

I know this is an older entry but I LMAO when I saw my comment :)