Monday, July 19, 2010

3 The True Art of Cyber Bullying...You Dun Goofed, Tila!

Few days ago, a new internet meme emerged. Why am I bringing this up? Ever since our mogul-wanna-be friend launched her failed celebrity gossip site, she complains about haters attacking her and her kiddie fans incessantly and calling us "cyber bullies". The truth is, Tila received negative comments even at her now defunct hot spot site. Anyways, here's the premise of the new internet meme called "You Dun Goofed" or "Consequences will Never be the Same!"

This is the best site that explains the birth of "You Dun Goofed." It's sad, but I find it very amusing. I don't feel sorry for this girl. So what if she's eleven? Nevertheless, she's the one that provoked everything. And her parents sound very responsible...not. Children grow up so fast, don't they? When I was her age, I wasn't a foul-mouthed brat like her, thank God.

Watch the birth!

Wow! I wonder if Tila had the same attitude at that age! I don't blame 4Chan and /b/ going after her. She was like a sitting duck after that post!

And the Aftermath!

I've mentioned before I don't like posting photos of Tila's underage fans, even those who aren't, but the fact is, this is an internet meme. Many sites have these videos on their sites, so, I'm gonna join the bandwagon. I thought this was rather imperative to let Tila know this is the real cyber bullying. Us, haters, compared to 4Chan and /b/ are your friends! And it's unlikely you have actual stalkers and the reason of moving out of your previous home. You are to blame, not your detractors.


Just One of Many said...


You're such a bitch!

I love it.

This is my very first time to your blog....I don't know why it's taken me this long to get here, but I'm here, so suck it!

Tila's blog sucks major dick. The "news" portion is always two days later than the rest of the world, and it's usually her just hating on celebs that won't give her the time of day on Twitter. The only "interesting" parts for me are authored by the skeez herself, usually her self promo posts, and can be identified by one of three of her favorite pics circa 2006, before the meth started to show itself on her face.

I wish there was a way to read the hater comments without setting foot on her site. I hate to give her the hits, and the hater comments are the only coherent writing on the entire site.

Keep up the jeliz hatin'!

jaytee said...

This 11 year old is going to be on good morning america which means she's doing better than Tila already.
11 years old and well on her way to being a fame whore in her own right.

Kitschy Kitten said...

Love the blog!