Wednesday, July 28, 2010

1 Thought of the Day 07/28/2010

I've decided to make a new label called "Thought of the Day", which is inspired by our favorite mogul-wanna-be-aspiring friend's own Thought of the Day on her shitty fake celebrity gossip blog/site, except mine is better and makes sense. My objective for this label is be very brief and to the point. So, here's my first one.

RE: Should We be Worried about her Underage Fans?

So, I've stalked Tila Tequila by archiving and found a website that had few clips of Tila stripping naked and making obscene gestures on UStream:

Yep. Her kiddie fans must be very proud of her!


livvey said...

To steal a phrase from Tila..OMG. I can't think of any real mogel/CEO that would do something like that. Could you imagine someone like Hillary Clinton, a woman who has done well by working hard, laying spread eagle on a chair for her fans?

I'm just shocked her fans fall for claims of running an empire. I can't think of anyone successful in the business world that acts like this ho-bag.