Friday, July 30, 2010

4 Car, New Book, and Latest TilaArmy Expolitation

Does anyone actually believes this shit? ......Neither do I. Moving on.

Okay, four days isn't a lie, but purchasing? Why should I tell you? It's my business and don't need to prove anyone I have money! *pause* Oh, wait, I am trying to prove the skeptics I have dough! Never mind! So, Tila posts a new entry (abusing the privilege of running a celebrity gossip site and constantly make it all about her, forgetting its true purpose) about finally bought a 2010 Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Coupe (snickers, yeah right!). PLEASE NOTE: I know nothing about cars, so if the car type is wrong, let me know, otherwise, continue reading. [UPDATE 08/04/2010 - The correct model is 2009 Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4] Why did Titla Bacteria wrote Lambo costs $1.7 million, dollars when in fact, they're not? It's under $300,000 according to these sites: [1], [2], [3], [4]. Fortunately, Tila does mention the more accurate price eventually. Perhaps if she got all the options, the total would cost around $1.7 million dollars? I doubt that. Anyways, let's revisit the tweets, shall we?

I think Tila had no intention of buying such car because basically, she can't afford it, but decides to pretend she can just to seek media attention. If you noticed, she kept on asking TilaArmy to help decide which color should she pick for almost four days, dressed up, and called TMZ about her whereabouts. On the night after visiting with a Lambo associate, the woman never mentioned about her visit until the next day. Why was that? Shit, if I were her (thank God I'm not), and bought myself a car that was worth almost $300,000, no doubt I'll be rubbing your faces all night! After all, I wouldn't care if it annoys my TilaArmy because they know I'll kick their asses out of my group if they dare to speak their minds! BITCH DIDN'T BUY A LAMBO!

There's only twenty of them? As it cost $1.7 million dollars? I wonder who's lying.

Your DEAR DIARY: LETTING GO OF THE PAST AND NEW BEGINNINGS FOR MISS TILA! entry states otherwise and I'm sure as hell your family is very happy to read this!

Folks, do you want to know what Tila had to go through during childhood? From her stupid DEAR DIARY: A DAY IN THE LIFE OF MISS TILA IN NYC! entry:

Yeah, she really did have a rough life after all! I feel so sorry for picking on her!!!!!!

I love the fact she didn't put a "This bitch is lying!" option in the poll! It would've skyrocketed!

Let's see what the other Haters/Stalkers had to say. Oh, and Tila thinks we should be arrested for being mentally ill and shit. How fucked up statement is that when this little mongrel is just as guilty?

So, in my closing conjectures for this part, I believe Tila has enough money to buy a car, but not this one. And if she did bought one, what are our chances of seeing her drive it? I find it pretty suspicious after she was taped driving Mr.Bradshaw's car, people were questioning if Miss Tila had a valid license, and sure enough, she announces she's getting a car. And not just any cars, but a Lambo. Even though if she'd managed to show us videos of her driving, how can we be certain if the vehicle actually belongs to hers and not from an acquaintance? Let's say she does, would she show us only the side view or particular camera angles where the license plates can't be seen? I guess seeing isn't always believing. Perhaps, the real motive, besides attracting media attention, is to prove she does have a valid license by pretending to purchase a car. Taking photos of yourself at dealerships means nothing. And what are our chances of her talking about the Lambo after completing paperwork? I predict Tila will never mention about this after tweeting she'd bought one and will focus persuading TilaArmy she's buying a new house and working on a new book:

Tila published new photos from London, with one image of her fingers close to one of her eyes, and people accused her of copying Lady Gaga's Illuminati style. What she does she say? Observe below!

YEAH, FUCKING RIGHT! CUNT NEEDS TO PROVE IT OR SHUT IT AND ADMIT SHE'S AN ILLUMINATI-WANNA-BE SLAVE, a marionette! SpikedTequila wrote an excellent essay regarding about Tila giving herself up to the Illuminati. Certainly a must read!

So, tonight, Tila tweets, asking her underage fans which adult-themed photos they would like to see. Fuck, just go to her twitter page and you can see for yourself she interacts with minors!

Old Tweets:

Behold her newest entry:

Her nipple is covered, I just blacked it out because I don't want to see her wonky fake tits or her ass crack.

Yeah, like anyone is gonna really believe once they see dirty pictures of you at Google's image search! Otherwise, your videos says something disturbingly different:

And don't forget, Tila acknowledges most of her fans are minors:

""Yo, why are you talking shit about my fans, man? They're like, LITTLE KIDS! You know? Does that make you feel better? Like, THEY'RE KIDS, man. You know? THEY'RE KIDS! You know? Leave them alone! Like, don't be talking shit about...KIDS. Amazing kids at that."

"But these haters, like, go like...they're like, fucking PREDATORS on internet and they talk shit about like, LITTLE KIDS, you know, who buy like, Tila books, or like Britney Spears albums and there's like these haters who are so pathetic in their little lives to go on internet, and go on my myspace, and leave nasty little comments on my little fan pictures. You know, like, leave them alone! Get a fucking life! Jesus, seriously! You wanna talk shit, talk shit about me. Do not talk shit about my fans..." You can get the whole clip clicking here."

Yes, Tila. You are truly God's angel who came down here to save us from evil people like me. And here's a video of Tila showing us her arm:


deluwiel said...

a few thoughts:
1. if she can afford a car like that she can get it in any color she wants.
2. she can't afford a car like that and I agree with you - she'll never speak of it again.
3. The soft porn pics are a distraction from people asking about the car.
4. I'm predicting this time next year the flog will be gone, the EP and smut songs will never be heard again, her "Army" will have grown up and moved on and the name Tila Tequila will pop up only occasionally on Radar after she's perpetrated some pitifully outlandish stunt or other or has tried to associate herself with some quasi-famous person to see her name on Google again.
5. I can't believe she's still pulling this crap after being called out so many times. I guess it's true... taking her clothes off really is the only thing she knows how to do. Which is going to go over really well by the time she's 35 or 40. oh. oh god. I just had an image of 40-year-old Tila...

BigPoppaPhat said...

I wish I was as rich as Tila and buy a Lambo on a whim, and "might even pick up a Bentley as well" LMAO Wow

Misty said...

That was a great post!! I don't know if you caught in the pic with the photo facts - that she starts with "I didn't have any tatoos" and two sentences laters she says "the only tatoo I had was a scorpion" - she can't even keep her lies straight in the same paragraph.

I really think we not hear about the car again - her latest posts - the pics and now the "sex tape" are really just cries for attention and to garner hits to her blog. Which I refuse to click to - it is well worth the wait to read it here (and so much more entertaining).

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I was so tired I didn't notice about her tattoo thing! WOW! Everyone is right: She can't keep her lies straight!!!!! LOL!