Monday, July 19, 2010

0 Tila is Worse than Lindsay Lohan, Trust Me.

Not only is Tila Tequila a hater herself (see her shitty supposed celebrity gossip site), but really envious over Lindsay Lohan and her fame...fame which Tila could only dream of obtaining and yet, is so far from reaching genuine stardom...and talent.

I swear to God, there's so much hypocrisy written all over her latest entry it's not even funny! Before going any further, I encourage you to read this entry to understand the real reason why Tila hates Lindsay.

Exhibit A:

If anyone can verify the actual date of Tila's erratic video of massaging Michael Myer's kitchen knife against her fake tits and tongue, please do so. Otherwise, I suspect her video came afterwards.

Exhibit B:

Here Tila rants about how Lindsay is asking for sympathy, forgetting Tila have asked for sympathy numerous times herself...and continues to do so. Hell, Tila even wrote, "feel sorry me," a tactic we use on her. It gets better. Tila had to jump the shark by adding Lindsay's selfish, when it's obvious Tila is also selfish! Not to mention, with Tila's illicit behavior by exposing herself and having inappropriate and explicit conversations with her underage fans, have gotten away with the law.

Exhibit C:

This is definitely beyond a laugh riot! Does Tila suffer from amnesia? Tila allegedly harmed herself by self-mutilation, then claims her action was just a hoax (directs to the Tilasrotspot) (not caring about how her underage fans will react), then states her attempt was real. As for the drugs, here's a lovely, yet pathetic, entry about Miss Tila's own drug addiction.

Exhibit D:

Oh, please, Tila. Lindsay trying to dodge jail-time is not the incentive of disliking her. You're just pissed off because she refused to go on Celebrity Rehab and ignored you completely, thus, you were bubbly as hell about her sentencing, then, much to your chagrin, is pissed because her sentencing might be reduced.

Exhibit E:

Likewise, idiot. According from your "Hooking Up with Tila Tequila" failed book, one of the chapters discusses about you committing a grand theft auto with your friends and took a ride and eventually ditched the stolen vehicle by dumping it into a water. I'm hoping you're joking because it surely wouldn't be a laughing matter if someone broke into your car and did the same shit. Oh, wait. You don't own a car! Gosh, for someone who makes a million per year, you can't afford an actual house and a car of your own, let alone, an alarm clock?

Exhibit F:

Riiight. Just like how you're seeing your doctor (which I'm pretty sure is non-existent).

Moron, find your own words to express frustrations. Don't steal ours.

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