Sunday, January 29, 2012

5 Dumbing Down...The Tila Army

It's been a week since the AVN's annual award show and we have yet to hear Tuna Tequila make a statement about her loss to Chyna for best celebrity sex tape 2012. I'm sure this loss is quite devastating because like twitter fellow, OfficialMsTuna, says, not only does Tuna may have to cut down her web chat fees, but even in sex, she just can't simply win. And since a week have passed with no news, I can always rely on Tila's tweets of random fucks for substitution; in this case, proving us once again that her fans, real and fake, are very stupid indeed. So get ready.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

8 Tila Tequila Just Got Corked By Chyna

Well, the winner for best celebrity sex tape 2012 is revealed. In my opinion, I am quite disappointed Tuna Tequila lost because all her life is evolved around masturbation, promiscuity, and among other sexual activities I care not to know. Who is the winner? Chyna. Her real name is Joan Marie Laurer, former female American wrestler turned pornographic actress. Perhaps Tila can become Chyna's protégée? Just a thought.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Tila's Reason Behind Judaism Conversion

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Remember, don't forget the Adult Video News will announce their best celebrity sex tape for 2012 tomorrow. Wish Tila good luck! With that being said, let's move on. This entry is basically a recap. As most of you know, Ghost Rider Radio wrote an entry about the truth behind Tila's reason to Judaism conversion. Normally, I view TMZ as a bunch of morons when it comes to interviewing or writing about Tila Tequila, but I was pretty pleased for what they did.

First of all, contrary to the belief of Tila having friends, which I doubt, she must have some bad ones because they're not encouraging this filth to get help, just like her idiotic tard fans. Don't you just hate enablers? Her fans, that are real, are the true haters. They want her to die. The haters may insult Tila, but they continuously encourage Tila to get some help. Ironic, isn't it? It's blatant Tila is messed up and her loyal army are deferent and never plea for their "mommy" to get help. Secondly, Tilasrotspot blogger was kind enough to notify the police when Tila uploaded a video of her alleged suicide attempt. Now tell me. Why would a hater do that and not of a fan? A true fan would care. Her fans did nothing. They're fake or they enjoy watching her spiral out of control.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

7 Tila's Narcissism And Her Mind

Don't forget the Adult News Awards will announce their best celebrity sex tape winner between January 18-21. Congratulate Tuna Tequila on her nomination, because, as a natural-born slut she is, deserves to win. This nomination could boost her lacking career into full-fledged adult business. Of course, due to her old age, she'll be labeled under "Mothers I Like to Fuck" category. Sorry, Grandma Tit, but you are not young and to make matters worse, you fucked up your face after going under the knife. Anyways, with her dumbass projects put to side for now, I want to discuss about narcissism, express my opinions on Tila's strategies of getting our attention, how you can beat her own game, and other topics you might find interesting.

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Monday, January 2, 2012

27 Tila's Rot Spot v.2 Adult Theme For Minors?


With 2011 behind us, we can expect more lies, mostly recycled ones, spewing out of Tuna's dragon lady's mouth for 2012. A big sigh. Tila posted on her facebook that she'll be launching an adult website on January 14th, one month away from Valentine's Day, thinking people still gives a shit about her nymphomaniac behavior when in reality, the midget hogul already "jumped the shark" and is refusing to go away. Speaking of January 14th, why not on Valentine's Day, Tit? Your lesbian sex tape was released around that time. You should honor your accomplishment.