Tuesday, January 17, 2012

5 Tila's Reason Behind Judaism Conversion

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Remember, don't forget the Adult Video News will announce their best celebrity sex tape for 2012 tomorrow. Wish Tila good luck! With that being said, let's move on. This entry is basically a recap. As most of you know, Ghost Rider Radio wrote an entry about the truth behind Tila's reason to Judaism conversion. Normally, I view TMZ as a bunch of morons when it comes to interviewing or writing about Tila Tequila, but I was pretty pleased for what they did.

First of all, contrary to the belief of Tila having friends, which I doubt, she must have some bad ones because they're not encouraging this filth to get help, just like her idiotic tard fans. Don't you just hate enablers? Her fans, that are real, are the true haters. They want her to die. The haters may insult Tila, but they continuously encourage Tila to get some help. Ironic, isn't it? It's blatant Tila is messed up and her loyal army are deferent and never plea for their "mommy" to get help. Secondly, Tilasrotspot blogger was kind enough to notify the police when Tila uploaded a video of her alleged suicide attempt. Now tell me. Why would a hater do that and not of a fan? A true fan would care. Her fans did nothing. They're fake or they enjoy watching her spiral out of control.

Good eye, GRR:
In July 2011, Tila announced she's relocating to New York city to live a normal life and go back to college. While she did went to NYC, but to study Judaism is obviously a lie. While we can agree that Tila is just too stupid for college, let alone, understand anything beyond third grade level, we can call her a fucking twat for dissing one of her fans. This isn't the first time she insulted her Army of Idiots. But hey, as long they're fake or idiots, they'll take it as a compliment. Speaking of moving to NYC, which is untrue, it's quite sickening Tila would lie to those who are actually loyal to her:
I can't believe this fucking midget was the fastest sperm and survived abortion. Oh, if she were born in China...Anyways, so Tila recently got a new tattoo to honor her parents, but in the end says it represents her stupid life. Oh, god. Still wallowing in self-pity, Tuna? Grow the fuck up, already.

If Tila was actually honest about converting to Judaism, I believe those who are not fond of this twit would be less critical. But, it's in Tila's nature to lie about anything. ANYTHING in hopes to make headlines because that's what people with no talent do.

"You shall not make gashes in your flesh for the dead, or incise any marks on yourselves: I am the Lord" (Leviticus 19:28)."

Turns out Judaism is strict on prohibiting having tattoos. This is clearly an evidence of Tila not giving a shit about Judaism and was even outed by the TMZ staffs themselves:
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For someone who announced of converting to Judaism nearly two months ago, sure did very poorly on the questionnaire done by the TMZ staffs. She was told to read a book and I'm sure "book" isn't among her vocabulary words. What the staffs say is believable and likely true. Take a look at the screencap below. This one picture explains it all and I'm sure every hateful comments are going to be viewed as "anti-semitic" from Tuna's point of view from now on.
I remember when Tila did an interview with Chaunce Hayden last year and walked out of the set for whatever reason. During her interview, Chaunce asked about her MTV show and she replies, "They offered me season 3, more money, more fame, I said no and I walked away." Really? The last two are the highest priorities in Tila's life. She is an opportunist and all I gotta say is, bullshit, Tila. BULLSHIT. You are just mad because MTV didn't want your skank ass anymore and chose someone else instead! Stick to what you know and shut the fuck up already.

I've always suspected Tila's hot spot v2 adult website wasn't going to be free, but hell, I've never anticipated it would be so grossly and ridiculously expensive!
Just who the hell does this fucking prostitute thinks she is?!!! For someone who's in their mid thirties, are way too old to be a "sex-kitten". And if Tila were to be a kitten, nice way of degrading your existence by the way, it would have rabies. I feel sorry for her underage fans. They now have to fork over their one week of McDonalds paycheck just to have a fifteen minute chat with their "mommy". Here are some of my favorite tweets:
Dear Tila, I know you read my blog, but stop fucking trying to convince me you understand web designing. You don't. Moving on. Did anyone see her merch site yet? It looks so 1997. Either way, she doesn't know what the fuck she's doing and is pretending to be all-knowing as usual. Don't let her enthusiasm fool you. She said the same shit over and over again about her failed celebrity blogging and merch sites. Typical Tila brags about having the best features, but in the end, there's always nothing. Personalized drawing of you? Oh, really? You mean like back in February almost a year ago about doing a comic book, starring your own Tila army? Too bad Tila Army now have to pay to get a terrible stick-figure drawing done by you. I'm sure you're going to charge $1,000 per drawing. GET A REAL JOB.
So now that we know Tila's career is really dead and resurrects her old hot spot in hopes to get media mogul's attention and for income, what about her underage fans?
Oh, please. Tila, you are not twenty. You're 36. You look haggard. You have nothing more to offer. Your lesbian sex tape has been out over a year now. What could you possibly have to offer that we haven't seen? Used toilet-seat licking? I heard Sasha Grey did that. You could never compete with her.

Personally, Tila resurrecting her old website is her business, but I find it very odd and disgusting that an adult entertainer is building a website for her army of idiots who are mostly underage, if they actually exist. She's basically a female version of John Gacy in my opinion. John had two personalities. One was good and loved making children laugh. The other was evil and took away his victim's life. Although Tila have no records of murdering someone, I am not ashamed to compare this skank to a serial killer. Hmmmm..John Gacy, Charles Manson?
Well, good luck on building a Tila Army website, dragon lady. A forum and building an adult website is easier to accomplish than creating a comic strip I suppose. Someone notify me when she actually has her stupid Tila Army website up and rolling. God forbid her three generals must be tired of waiting to moderate by now.

Fucking ugly bitch.


BigPoppaPhat said...

Any word on her iphone app? Whens the last time the content was updated? She hasn't said a word since the release of it. I remember all the "boo-yahs" and "haters can suck it" her fan(s) were saying while they were glorifying her buggy app. It was one of the few promises Tila came through on, it was huge to them. Not a peep since, she did promise updates and new content daily.

Nobody is going to pay for her website that's a given. She can't even keep the free access ones for more than a year. It'll be full of her own fake profiles of asskissers and homerbartts just like before.

FUYU said...

BigPoppaPhat, @OfficialMsTuna on twitter screen-capped Tila mentioning something about her app from the new forum (Sorry OfficialMsTuna.. I stalk your tweets! ;_; I love your TL).

Joann said...

I too believe a lot of her nitwit fans want her to crash and burn, still others keep telling her how amazing and hot she is so she will continue to post near nude pics and videos on her piece of crap website and a tiny few really believe Tila is this big A-list star that she pretends to be.

And, what may I ask is she converting from? I have never heard the skank mention anything about her religion before or maybe she did and I wasn't paying attention...just as well because I'm not paying attention to this BS either. This too will soon fade away and something even more ridiculous will take its place.

Everybody know this skank don't know how to build a website. The only reason she lies and says she's working 24/7 on the site is because she hasn't conned anyone into building one for free or she's still trying to get the money up for a pro to do it. I thought the Army website was suppose to be up on 1/14 or 1/16 and the adult one a week later....doesn't matter.....they won't be up for long anyway.

It's funny how she makes sure everyone know when she will be on TV but not a peep about her upcoming nomination for Best Celebrity Sex Tape or the AVN awards. Mmmmmmmmm....I wonder why. LOL.

BigPoppaPhat said...

"Yes I'm converting to Judaism, but It can wait until I get this tattoo. Be sure to tune in!"

-Telia Tequila

Fancy Cleaning said...

What a loser. Get a life man. I will join her stupid army just to piss you off. Fucking wanker waste 5min of my life by writing this shit. Get a real job then putting crap and hate on ppl. Who the fuck cares what someone else do. I would beat the shit out of you for being a little jealous hateful bitch. Btw if u hate her so much why the fuck you know her all tweets, interview, evry step she does. Sick motherfucker.