Thursday, August 19, 2010

0 Promoting Love, but I'll Slit Your Throat Regardless!

A quick heads up for those who don't know: People discovered if you go to Tila Tequila's Records website, you'll find a rather ironic amusing ad of get a free burrito and that's all there is! Well, I didn't bother to click the ENTER button. Fuck, no! So, I decided to mock Tila and here's this stupid, but still silly result:

Yes, even though it's free, you still have to win it! So, up yours!!!! Tila is all about misleading and it's ad appropriate!

Moving on. Tila has a new TilaArmy soldier (I guess she thought Captain Howdy was a little too cool for her). I don't watch VH1, so I have never heard of this woman or her show before:

According to Tila, a white race gay basher, states she and her little playground kiddies promote love, peace, and positive energy! Well, you may think that's cool, however, they only promote love, peace, and positive energy at Tila. In other words that we can all understand: If you're an ass-kisser, you're following her philosophy. Get it? It's so amusing how she says she promotes love and positive energy, but has the words "repulse" and "pure trash" in the same fucking paragraph. Well, Tla, there's that saying: Trash attacts trash! I took my precious time to semi archive her omg "shite" and succeeded on finding something rather contrary:
And if that wasn't enough to convince you ignorant fucks out there, listen to this interview with Howard Stern:

You can hear this gangsta-wanna-be-worthless-cunt say, "I don't need to know Karate. I'll slit your motherfucking throat!" at 5:15 mark. This ugly bitch is dumb. I'm done with this entry.