Monday, August 2, 2010

8 Desperate for Attention!

It's great that Tilasrotspot is re-opened to the public! YES! Go there to get the best Tila gossip news there! Clearly, the rotspot's notice says it's an invite to read only, but for someone, like Tila, thought otherwise, all too-hyped, and wrote these messages that will be used against her:

I'm sure Tila is pulling hairs! Anyways, desperate times for desperate measures, right? Tila have posted controversial entries lately in hoping to augment visitors (after all, you want to keep your sponsors, right?). If archiving old pictures isn't helping, what other options do you have? POST FALSE AND MISLEADING ENTRIES! Tila posted an entry about publishing her own sex-tape [MISS TILA SEX TAPE???? HMMMM…YOU DECIDE! NSFW!] (not caring most of her fans are underage) and only to upload an archive clip of her earlier modeling photo shoots (looking like a tired haggard nasty whore with greasy hair). Blond in Asians don't really good in my opinion. The texture makes them look old and awkward.

But why stop there? This entry was preceded by NUDE SEX PHOTOS OF LADY GAGA LEAKED ONLINE!!!!! OMG! with a link to an explicit photo of a naked woman. Truth is no longer relevant now. Lies always seem to work with her, though. We know celebrities news don't bring traffic to her site, let alone, much comments about them. But, it's only entries about Tila herself that brings traffic and many comments. This would explain why Tila seldom posts about celebrities. Hey, if entries about myself bring traffic to my site, why not use that to my advantage? I would. Screw what I've promised them. Screw my promise of having celebrity interviews each week! I think Tila does not want haters to actually go away as they make the most of the visitors despite her constant whining. The first time she required visitors to register in order to post, comments were lacking. She, then, uplifted the requirement, and the magnitude of comments were back. Then, she did it again with the requirement. Same results, so, she uplifted again, and sure enough, a flood of comments returned.

The greatest scheme she ever pulled was her fake suicide attempt, which successfully drew in a lot of visitors. And now, she's hoping her false sex-tape will do the same. This obviously explains more about her. Tila Tequila doesn't have any real talents besides making ridiculous allegations and planning her next publicity stunts such as faking suicide attempt and falsifying the release of her sex-tape to name a few. All these in hopes to remain relevant in Hollywood. When you go this far, though, it's a sign your fifteen minutes of fame have been long over due and is telling you to disappear: Hollywood doesn't give a shit about you, Tila. You're done. You're finished. Your actions lately is a sign of serious desperation.

Truth is not important. In fact, false information always worked on her: She's done it many times, and it always brought traffic and attention to her site. As I've said earlier, why stop there? We can argue with her, insult her, and even write a blog about her, but, in the end, Tila is laughing because she knows lying will increase traffic to her site and it's very important and she's willing to pay the price of being ridiculed, just as long people still come to her shitty fake gossip site. She can laugh all she wants, but, we're getting the laughs out of her, too. When you're doing well in Hollywood, you don't need to fake suicide. When you're a real celebrity, you don't need to prove everyone you're successful because we all know you are. When you're famous, you have variety of age groups (for someone close to being 30), and not just one. So, Tila, keep writing false and misleading entries on your site and time will only tell how long your antics will last. Perhaps you should really get a deal with Vivid Entertainment.

I was thinking the same thing, Nova. Yes, her latest trick to draw in more people when archiving old photos of herself wasn't doing so well.

LOL! Tilasrotspot wrote an entry regarding about Garry yesterday, and I guess Tila's just pissed off!

So, what's up with her Lambo? She posted two short clips of her driving it (still unconvinced she actually bought it but rather, rent one instead, and within a week, will never mention about it. I honestly think the whole purpose was to prove she had a valid driver's license. Otherwise, she was able to purchase one because she likely whored herself! Still, some people were not buying her bullshit:

And, yes, this is how TilaArmy thinks. If we're able to prove Tila's lying, this is what they usually say.

And one more thing. From her shitty entry of MUSIC SPOTLIGHT: M.I.A – BORN FREE MUSIC VIDEO! POWERFUL MESSAGE: NSFW!

Yeah, and you're really God's angel, too. CUNT.


Misty said...

Great post QOCAP!

I have a question - this staff of Tila's....where do they work? Does she have an office? Do they all telecommute? Do they each have a day of the week that they come to her apartmansion and blog?

I feel sorry for Garry Sun - I know he is douchebag, but his only real fault seemed to be not being intelligent enough not to try to latch onto a Z-list loser to make a name for himself. I don't think he really deserves the slander.

If I was Mr. Bradshaw - I'd be watching my back!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Tilasrotspot will likely have a better answer. : )

deluwiel said...

@Misty: she's said in interviews that their office is "right next door" to TMZ... ?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

But who actually believes this twat of having an office next to TMZ, let alone, share the same dedicated server with MSN? *pphhtf*

Sandra said...

I love your posts ,Qocap, oh and your artwork/pics too! I've never commented here before, though I read your posts everyday.

I can't believe the shit Tila wrote about Garry a former employee. As a boss isn't that illegal? Slander and Defamation? Accusing someone of sexual harrassment is a serious offence especially as it's probably a lie. You know even if it's not a lie, how can anyone believe the whore that cried wolf....

Anyway keep up the great posts, oh and btw I can't believe how quick you are at putting posts up, sometimes it's only a few hours after her crappy post. Brilliant.

Sandra said...

I wish we could find out from TMZ if it's true. Too bad if we emailed them they probably wouldn't reply!

Beth said...

I do not see anything looking like Tila Stuff.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I don't know where the poster got the address, but, the dealership store Tila went to is 125 S. Robertson Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211