Saturday, December 4, 2010

37 General Chat: What's On Yo Mind?

So, while our little embarrassed, hater-obsessed tyranny boss slash mogul slash bitch slash whore slash hooker and etc is recouping, I think this would be a pleasant time to get to know each other and share our interests. This entry will also be a place to discuss about Tila herself as well. All I ask is that we keep the conversations spam free and general friendly. We are more civilized and mature than this twit and her naive minions. Also, depending on the comment count, it will be necessary to create a new entry and close the other because it would suck to keep scrolling down. I hope that's cool with you guys. That said, shoot away!

P.S. for the haters who haven't gotten the memo, please read Dear Visitors: A Proposal and participate in this plan!


BigPoppaPhat said...

I like nachos.

danger.mouse1 said...

Last count was 132 fans while other non censored blogs had over 400 comments. So, using that logic I can safely say that the Tila Army os not as big as she would have us believe.

On a more upbeat note, my boyfriend and I just finished the last touches of the guest bedroom we remodeled just the two of us from the paint and wallpaper border to assembling the bed and night tables, hanging blinds and installing a new ceiling light. We live in Geneva Switzerland and we love raclette, we have had about 20 inches of snow with more to come tomorrow and we love to watch Serie A and La Liga. Let's keep this going guys as this is a cool idea so we can get to know each other better.

Joann said...

Hubby died unexpectedly from prostate cancer 8 years ago. I have been with my SO(significant other)for 5 years and live in SoCal(southern California).

Thoroughly enjoy down to earth "for real" people.

I am on the go a lot, I love to read, laugh, love a good murder mystery, comedy, and some science fiction(V will be back in January for all you guys who liked the first part of the series) and love, love, love to play the slots. lol

Hi@danger.mouse1...I'm willing to bet Tila has made up a lot of fake accounts herself and told her AOI's to do the same so it will look like she has hundreds and hundreds of fans.

She knows some of the "haters" will be reading her blog and she wants us to think she has more fans than we give her credit for.

amanda brooke. said...

I'm getting married in a week exactly! So excited.. :)

Ghost Rider Radio said...


I know that I haven't commented on your blog before. But, hey here I am. More importantly, lets get to the matter at hand...

I really feel that the boycott could possibly affect her. The only way would is in regards to the traffic level on her website. On the other hand I think that she really doesn't care about the traffic numbers to her site. Here's why...

Tila as we all know, lives off of immediate gratification and she snorts it up her nose, just like the Ambien she takes. By avoiding her flog and Facebook completely, at least on the haters behalf minus the people who blog about her (TRS, QOCAP and Myself) so we can screen cap her crazy rants and such. Would help the cause immensely.

But, in my mind I still ponder the thought, would she really care? She would still declare it as a win for her. She would say something to the effect "I scurred the nasty hater/losers away" or "The Tila Army wins again, POW!"

What's most important in Tila's 5150 mind? COMMENTS and how many she has. She always talks about how many she gets and how she never deletes them and such, which hasn't been the norm lately. But, I know that Tila has visited my blog and commented anonymously at least 3 different times. She knows that she can cause its easy. Because in her mind she thinks that no one knows its her. But, we know that's not true because of writing style along with my location and IP trackers really helps. Plus, her style is quite obvious.

Anyhow onto my point...

The BOYCOTT could only work like this:

1. People who dislike or even hate Tila must avoid going to her flog or her Facebook, no matter what is going on (Minus TRS, QOCAP and Myself). That's going to take some serious effort on some people's behalf. Plus more people need to BLOCK any cookies from saving on your computer from her website. I did this long ago and would blind her IP trackers on her flog, making her pissed off, cause she wont know if anyone's been there or not.

2. There also must be NO comments left at her flog or her Facebook. I know that this might be an issue for some, because they Facebook more than they tweet. But, the sure way to avoid this is to NOT go to her FAN page at all. I haven't been to her FB page since May and I'm not missing out anything. It's just the same rant from her flog and her twitter.

3. The amount of time for the boycott should be well planned out. Another thing that will greatly help is removing anything about the boycott, on all of the known hater blogs about the dates. Because I'm sure that she will be ready for it. The best plan of attack is to move silently. That means maybe planning it for a future date NOT already mentioned in the comments section.

Besides all of that fuckery. Great job on the blog QOCAP. I landed on your blog a few months ago while searching some shit on Tila. Great cartoons, they are very entertaining :)

danger.mouse1 said...

Hey Joann! Sorry for your loss. It's tough enough to lose a loved one but cancer is.... gotta have strength. Hope you hit it big at the slots and that you remember us here at this site when you get around to spreading the wealth lol!

Amanda Brooke Congratulations!! Much luck and love on your special day and remember the famous Spanish saying...."Una novia mojada es una novia afortunada" translated means a wet bride is a lucky bride so if it rains consider yourself doubly blessed!!

It's a welcome change to hear from people who actually have real lives, have their priorities in order, who can write legibly and have other interests in their lives other than where Tila buys her slutty lingere and have snappier comebacks other than "Eat my Shorts".

A special thanks to the person(s) who started this blog, I enjoy it every day with my morning coffee. You rock!!

imoutofit said...

Funny how us jelis haters have more meaningful lives than Tina...

Anywho, I go by Soco Lime on Tina's flog comments. I'm a college senior and I have finals next week. I have a Shiba Inu named Guinness and I am trying to squeeze in some video game time as we speak. I'm trying to finish Assassins Creed 2 before I start playing Assassins Creed: Brotherhood during Christmas break.

@Joan: Like what Danger.Mouse said, it's really hard to deal with the loss of a loved one, but it's even harder if they had cancer. I hope you win big one of these days at the slots!

@Amanda: Congrats on your upcoming nuptials :)

Really Tila? said...

I am so happy that you opened this up for a get to know you session! I always envision what I think everyone of you are like, so this will be fun!

@Joann, sorry for your loss....Even as it was 8 years ago, the effects of Cancer are long lasting and my heart goes out to you. I always enjoy your comments and I appreciate your insight.

@ Danger....I lived in Geneva (Near the Plaine de Plainpalais) for almost a year and I loved it. It was absolutely beautiful and I miss it. My only regret is that I didn't travel more while I was there! I was too homesick and I let that affect my decisions to venture out more. I did help teach English to a group of wonderful people twice a week while there for fun and it helped me to learn more about Geneva in return! :-)

@ Amanda Brooke, Congratulations! Do you mind sharing some minor details? How exciting! :-)

About me: I am a mother of 2 sweet little boys who are 2 and 3 and have a husband who is Active Duty Army. He's served for 19 years and deployed to the Middle East twice for 18 months and 22 months. We both married late, so it was a first marriage and first children for both. I'm very fortunate I can stay home with the boys and we live a very comfortable life. I've had many, many surgeries over the past 2 years on my back where they did a spinal fusion and inserted titanium plates, rods and dowels and will be having 2 more fusions on my neck and mid back shortly. I was also just diagnosed with a brain tumor so will have to have surgery on that at some point, but we are trying to delay that due to the fact the surgery will most likely leave me with no memory and unable to walk, talk, etc because of its location. At times, I do laugh and think "Wow, No memory of Tila! Let's do it!" I am so blessed with a very full life filled with lots of friends who love me and are always here for me. My husband is absolutely amazing and supportive to me and is a wonderful father to our children. I have a perfect life, even if I am physically limited in what I'm able to do at times. I am so lucky, even if others would think otherwise.

I have a connection to the Hollywood scene (my Uncle is a Screen Writer and I visit him quite regularly) and I always hope one day I'll run into Tila at a party or a resturant. I've made a promise that I'll take one for the team and punch her. It'll be well worth the visit to jail to see her with a fat lip or bloody nose at my doing! She's offended me in countless ways to just let it pass and I'll be sure to let her know why!

Joann said...

Thanks to everyone for their condolences re my late hubby but Really Tila....reading your story left me with my mouth hanging open.

OMG, OMG....I had to read your story twice because I thought I read something wrong.

All of the surgeries you have endured and now you find out you have a brain tumor which will leave you with no memory and you won't be able to walk or talk!!!!

I have no words I really don't. I will keep you in my prayers today and always.

Joann said...

So sorry I forgot about the rest of you. I was so wrapped up in Really Tila's story.

Hello and welcome to imoutofit and a hello and congratulations to amanda brooke.

RockitQueen said...

Wow, what a group of people! Each of you sounds so amazing. I was reading and thinking how this little tribe has such fuller lives than anything I've read from the Gremlin or any of her sad little followers. I know that was a poorly written sentence, but you know what I mean. BIG HUGS to all of you and so glad we could all "meet"...and under the most unusual of circumstances!

@Joann, so sorry for your loss. ((hugs))
@Really Tila?, I am also floored by your story. You sound like an amazing person.
@amanda_brooke, congrats!! Hope you can tell us more about your big day!

I'm just a regular gal from Ohio who loves music, writing, animals and anything having to do with popular culture. I have a fabulous man friend (RockitKing), whom I've dated for several years. I play in a band and write a blog in my spare time. I also love to travel and try to go at least one place I've never been every year. Turn ons: rock, having fun outdoors, being with friends, food/drink tastings, Jack White, Ville Valo. Turn offs: passive-aggressiveness, willful ignorance, intolerance, manipulators like the Gremlin.

Thanks for starting this thread and for everything you do, QOCAP!

Bannana Smoothie said...

Hello fellow "haterz" hehehe. I'm from Sydney, Australia. A barrister and engaged to be married in 2 weeks time to a very wonderful man! Exciting times! :)

It's great to finally meet & know people here. And thank you QOCAP for the laughter and tears (of joy) everytime you expose that lying Tina who is an embarrassment to the Asian community. I bet her family can't stand hearing things about her anymore.. I feel sorry for her Mum & Dad.

Anyway, have you guys read the latest at RotSpot? Apparently they know the guy who is Tina's latest victim... Poor guy.

Anyway, it was lovely to meet you guys here! :)

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@BigPoppaPhat Just remember, nachos can't be complete without melted cheese!

@danger.mouse1 Switzerland? That's awesome! If I ever visit, you'll invite me right? ^__^

@Joann :( I'm so sorry to hear about that. My condolence goes out to you and your family. *hugs*

@amanda brooke. Congratulations! May you have a bright and a happy future together!

@imoutofit Awwwww...This is for you! :)

@Really Tila? *hugs* You will be in my thoughts. And I hope it wasn't you who Tila made fun of about that brain tumor because if Tila dares to post about getting physically injured to the point she needs to be hospitalized in the future, I'll make sure to send her my qocap condolence style. Someone needs to ram her head against a wall...and hard.

As for me, I like to read and sleep most of the time. I'm almost done reading the Divine Comedy and started on War and Peace. I also like to play video games as well, mainly the fighting ones. Dead Space 2 is coming out. I'm excited. However, I won't be able to play it though because I suffer motion sickness. It sucks balls. So, I watch whatever I can find on YouTube. Isn't that weird? I can't play third-person shooting games, but can on YouTube? I believe it's because of the size of the monitors. I actually watched the entire Dead Space walkthrough and it was sweeeet and didn't get sick!

In general, despite my aggressive behavior online, I'm really a nice person with a goofy, but somewhat, shy personality. :)

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Bannana Smoothie congratulations!!!! May you also have a bright and happy future! <3 It's so cool to have visitors from different countries. :)

Oh, btw, I forgot to mention my sister-in-law is due next week! I'm gonna be an aunt!!!!!!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@RockitQueen We're not so apart. I live in Illinois, ya know, the state where Tila had shit and sex toys thrown at her. LOL

You should teach that whore Tila what music's suppose to sound like. God damn, she's awful.

imoutofit said...

@QoCaP: Lol, I get queasy playing certain games as well. I like watching my bf play games if I can't play them myself. Yay, congratulations for being a future aunt!

Bannana Smoothie said...

By the way, here are photos of Tina and her new victim er.. lover. *vomits*

SDK said...

Hey Rockintqueen and qocap I am right between both of you in Indiana!

cantthinkofcoolnamesoiamjustme said...

Wow.we REALLY DO have lives!!

It is great to hear about others that share a common interest. Pain and love in life is really truly what living life is about.The ups and owns, tears and laughter. (sappy much? yes I is!) I myself just met my daughter that was yanked out of my life 23 years ago. She was 6 months old when this happened. Imagine my surprise (NOT) when she informed me of what they had told her. I can't look and hate the past when I have a brand new future in front of me.

So to all of you...congrats and I'm sorries for your life events. Chins up, shoulders straight and we make an even better army as we go through our lives.

Great weekends to long haul driver hubby just strolled in after 4 weeks so probably won't be back til Monday...tehe

Sandra said...

Hey everyone & Qocap, I haven't commented in a while, I have been lurking though. I'm from Canberra, Australia (it's the Capital). I'm a heavy metal fan, I saw Metallica twice last month, I was front row and caught Kirks pick, and I saw Korn last night. I love Metallica so much I got married this year and walked down the aisle to Metallica, lol. My wedding dress was a big princess style, hot pink with a white bow on the back and my bridesmaids wore white, it was cool!!!! I'm a hair stylist, bought my first place when I was 21, don't have kids (don't want any) and I love Qocap and TRS.

Oh and I have you all in my thoughts and prayers, I love that we can all get together, it's really great. x

khandersuk said...

Wow, thanks QOCAP for doing this, I have often wondered who the people are on here and TRS!

Firstly, sorry to those who have posted about loss and illness, very sad to hear, and pleased all are doing their best to see the positive (Oh God, I did not even just try to sound like Tila just there??! Except I don't throw that out for nothing, I mean it!!)

I am American living in London and have been working 17 years as a specialist in sexual health (genito-urinary medicine) and HIV. Single after a split last year but have a couple good options, so seeing how all that goes. No kids, but two cats, if that counts . . .

hanah said...

@danger.mouse1 C'est trop géniale de voir une compatriote! I think Tina is especially attractive to us because her midnight ramblings are right in time for our morning coffee breaks ;-) Cordiales salutations de Bâle à Genève!

And it's nice to get to know all of you a little better!

BigPoppaPhat said...

Tilas rank moved over 100,000, her stats aren't available anymore lol. I wonder how shell spin that.

Misty said...

Hey all..what a great thread (thanks Qocap!). Your stories and experiences are amazing, I never doubted we all had real lives. I feel like saying "see Tina, not a single pedophile in a cornfield in Bumfuck take that."

So, a little about me - I live in Pennsylvania, a state so far that has been Tina free, although we got Kate Gosselin, so you know, that's our cross to bear. Anyway, I have four great kids, a wonderful job (I work at a school for underprivileged children), I am in grad school right now, a great husband and house full of animals at the moment. Life is full!!!

So I why do I lurk a Tina board: Because the lying sack of shit whore has made fun of serious subject matter: I have suffered a miscarriage, my youngest daughter passed away 6 years ago, my youngest son is actually adopted from a foreign country, I spent my earlier years working in a crisis center with rape victims, my husband worked for J&J, I work with the types of kids that are in her army ........

what else has she lied about.....??? But, I'm going back to my happy place because this blog is now about us and the positive aspects of our lives.

Glad to get to know you all better!!!

Deborama said...

Wow, I'm a long time reader but don't usually comment as you've all said what I'm thinking anyway! I read the comments as well as the posts and having read all these comments, I just wanted to say what a wonderful bunch of people you are - its hardly surprising, after what some of you been through, that you feel the way you do about Tila!

As for me, there isn't much to know really. I'm 26, from London in the UK (born and raised), and I'm a Business Developer for a kitchen sales company. I live with my other half, a cat, and two degus (they look like massive gerbils and are the most curious and inquisitive pet I have ever known!). I've been following Tilas antics since just after Poor Casey died, came across QOCAP and TRS and became hooked! Sometimes I just sit back and shake my head at the things she says and does. We have a couple of these non-celebs over here in the UK, but not one of them comes close to being as disgusting as Tila.

Anyway, I thought I'd join in and say hi, keep up the good work QOCAP!

(Oh, and I'm not really anonymous. I just don't know how to use e-blogger!! You can all call me Demurph if you so feel the desire. I'll try and get it sorted out lol)

Deborama said...

Oh it turns out I do have a name!! Told you I'm useless!

RockitQueen said...

@Deborama, I just Googled degus...what adorable and interesting little fellas!! I'm a big animal lover and had never heard of them.

raunchyb said...

There are too many comments to reply to individually, but thanks to everyone for sharing. My well wishes to all of you.

As for me, I recently graduated with a BA. After three months of searching, I was hired for a wonderful position in my field. I've been working and living in my own apartment for about four months now. I live with my trusty sidekick - my bird. My boyfriend of three years lives a few hours away from me, but we hope to live together (and get married) someday.

@Deborama - I hadn't heard of degus, but I just did a quick search too, and they look adorable. They remind me of chinchillas. I had a guinea pig when I was a kid - so cute.

danger.mouse1 said...

As raunchyb pointed out there are too many comments to answer individually. We all seem to have so many things in common. We don't measure our worth by how many material possessions we own and fame means nothing to us. We realize our loved ones and our health are priceless and we don't feel the need to have others validate who we are. Each post is interesting, well written and respectful. I'm really proud to be in such good company. Maybe it could be possible to have a separate section here or maybe a once a month a chance to catch up and see how each other is doing. I'd love more details on the wedding, news regarding Really Tila's health, how that new job is going for raunchyb and of course how everyone else's life is going.

@hanah..Lo siento mucho pero no hablo (aunque leo bastante bien) frances. Parlo inglese, italiano y espanol! Anyway thanks for the shout out neighbor :)

Somebody said...

Not much to say about myself except I'm just a girl with a short attention span. In 11th grade at the moment. I'm thinking about going into a job that involves computers or web page designing when I get a bit older but I'm still not so sure.

I don't hate anyone, really. I do love reading this website, though. :)

shabbycat said...

Hi my name is Denise. I have never commented but have been reading for awhile now. This is my guilty pleasure. I come check out the blog and comments daily. It's nice to learn some about people who read this blog.

I myself am a mother of 5, in my 30's and a self employed artist of photography. I don't watch any television. I happened upon this Tila business quite by accident. I saw something about it on twitter when I stumbled upon THAT by accident. Lol This Tila character is so vile and unbelievable in her actions ,its hard to look away.

Thanks to QOCAP for the entertainment and all of you for your comments. It really is a daily thing that I do. Lol.(I have many friends and family who make fun of me for it.)

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

It is exciting to hear from you guys! All of us actually have lives! Take note, Tila! We are not psychos and dimwitted like your underage fans. Since pretty much everyone knows Tila's new place, she might as well throw a house party like she said she would for her fans. She broke her other promise of offering her fans to ride in her Posha, the least she could do is invite them to her house, ya think?

snowsintokyo said...

I have never commented but enjoy this blog a lot! It's interesting to hear about the other people who do too. I live in SF, married with a cat.

amanda brooke. said...

Sorry, I've been super busy! We are having it at a chapel about 30 minutes away.. Inviting all our friends and family. The wedding is 2 days before my birthday and we couldn't be more excited

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

What is the weather like in your area? In Illinois, effin cold! We're suppose to get lots of snow. We already did, but looked like couple inches, so it was a warm up!

Damagedroses said...

Never commented (I don't think) but been involved in Tila blogs and things since just after Casey died. I live in Southern California and have 2 kids ages 8 and 10 and a wonderful BF who is very supportive. I work from home most of the time, going graphic design for companies and book keeping for several smaller companies. I enjoy the time I have to spend with my children. Not much longer that they have until they are out on their own.
I don't comment about her anymore really. She is just too predictable and boring.
I love my life and I think we have it pretty good despite some financial setbacks trying to do it on my own with my kids. Someday I will marry my BF and live happily ever after. lol

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

I want to apologize to Ghost Rider Radio for not seeing her comment (was marked as spam and been pending for quite a while) earlier as I never check the comment section from the dashboard area, but will now after this unfortunate little incident.