Monday, December 13, 2010

40 Sorry, TilaArmy, But Haters Are Too Important

Desperate times call for desperate measures, right Tila? Despite the fans' plea, the wicked witch made the decision based on volition rather than vote to allow haters back...all for the sake of site traffic, which is a total fail *coughs celebrity gossip blog coughs*. Apparently, the skank wasn't too thrilled about her site analysis. I'm sure those online ventures, who are paying for ad space, aren't too thrilled themselves, so what's a nasty slut got to do? Bring back the haters!!!!!! Screw you, fans! Wow. Tila basically spit on them again and they still act she's innocent!

I find this all amusing but is not amused when it comes to brainwashing and manipulating those naive, somewhat-lost children who are at their wits end and tragically found a deranged, psychotic, pathological lying, seductive, skank named after a hard liquor. Oh, and by the way, Tila is not allergic to alcohol! Bitch likes to drink.

Since December first, Grandma Tila thought she was punishing us for good by denying negative comments posted on her site and falsifying her fans the true nature of the opposite party. All this taunting about haters acting like a bunch of big babies was said on Twitter and based on Twitter timelines, not one hater begged this bitch to reconsider so it's not hard to fathom Tila's bizarre behavior. Don't mind her, she's just trying to save face, and failing miserably while at it.

This past Sunday, Tila posted this garbage:
I won't bother commenting (but will occasionally post my blog from time to time) because they keep getting deleted anyways. And to say we've crossed the line is a slap across our faces. This nasty "will fuck anything" hooker done things that have really crossed the line and the sad thing is, she was able to get away with it. Well, hopefully, her luck will run out and justice will start to prevail.

Hoe, your communication skills are appalling.

May I say again this nutcase is like, really, really, really paranoid? I bet she'll announce she's moving within four months because some hater have been stalking her! If there was a real Tila stalker, it would be her fans, and no one else. Seriously though, she had moved three times and her reason is always the fucking same! But the real reason is due to financial issues and I can't blame her for not being truthful on this part.


Queen of Copy and Paste said...

While screencapping, I took a look at the comments and haven't seen a hater comment.

Anonymous said...

I'm sick and tired of this twat. Her latest fuck buddy better make sure he gets tested or just run the fuck away from her because we all know that in a short period of time, he's going to be a dad, sued, and thrown in jail for domestic abuse.

I'm glad most of the folks agree to just leave her site alone. If she doesn't get paid, hopefully she can admit that she's a complete and utter failure, take down her site, and maybe, just maybe get a job.

Misty said...

I bet she will keep posting and tweeting until she finally has to break down and pull some stunt. I give her less than two weeks. The ban/black out will drive her crazy. Just look at her comments, each response talks about the "haters", she is really the one that can't live without us.....Ha! Ha! Ha! Suck it whore goblin!

Joann said...

The skank has never showed any respect for her AOI's. She knows how her nitwits feel about us haters and still said we can come back to her is that for showing love to her loyal AOI's.

If their eyes aren't open by that betrayal, they never will be...and I don't feel sorry for any of them. There is no way they can be that clueless and function in the world.

They know Tila is full of it but they continue to worship her and get treated like be it, they get what they deserve.

What gets me is when they say they are coming to LA and maybe they can meet up with Tila and go shopping or do lunch or something. That cracks me up every time. Don't they know there is no way she's going to be hanging out with them.....EVER.

Tila said her website was better without all the "dark evil energy" the stalkers would leave on her why invite us back???? That doesn't make sense.

Of course, we know why...she wants us back to get the 200-400 hits back. Too bad that's not going to happen anymore.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Qocap army: 1
Tila army: 0

Joann said...

This was a surprise. For all the Dexter fans on here.

Bannana Smoothie said...

She is just a pathetic bitch. I'm actually over her now and have not visited her flog for almost a month now and I have to say, I don't miss it one bit! Haha! She sucks big time that lying pathetic bitch! If we continue on with the boycott, she will probably end up cutting and killing herself cos without us "haterz" she is NOTHING! Bahahahahahaha *evil laugh*

Caroline O'Grady said...

Heh heh, that 'hater ban' didn't last very long at all, did it? *eye roll*

In related news, just wanted to say that I really appreciat the clone blog of her flog's content that you've posted. I will never again be forced to give her site hits in order to read her bullshiz.

Keep it up, QoCaP! =D

Sandra said...

I haven't been visiting her site either, she's boring now. Though what a bummer about Dave Navarro, Carmen Elektra is hot, Tina is a skank. Gosh what happened to you Dave that you would stoop so low. I would be embarrassed if I were him. Lost respect for Dave.

Misty said...

@BigPoppaPhat great new term Qocap Army!!! Instead of Army of Idiots AOI, we can be the AOIQ (Army of IQs).

@Joann off topic - they're divorcing. WTF? I didn't see that, will need to check it out. Did you like the season finale?

See whore goblin, our lives are very full without you and your antics. **middle finger salute**

Anonymous said...

Tila isn't losing any ad revenue because she isn't getting any ad revenue. All of those skeezy ads are from the same company, and she doesn't get paid just for clicks, but rather for clicks accompanied by purchases.

I found this by clicking on various ads then clicking the Webmasters link at the bottom.
(BTW: If you click on one of the ads, make sure you scan your computer afterward. The sites seem a bit "viral.")

She talks about how she's "beating Perez," but he regularly has ads for the latest major motion pictures and television shows. Notice that the cheap-sh*t ads on her site never ever change.


(I left this comment over at TRS as well, but they haven't gotten around to moderating comments.)

whatathriller said...

hey truthers, is this what i think it is?

can`t watch it cause youtube didn`t set it free for my country :-(

Joann said...

@Misty...the drama where Deb had the gun on Dexter and Lumen behind the heavy plastic curtain had me wondering why Deb never went through the curtain.

I remembered when Deb was in the police station talking about what happened to her when she was younger and she understood why the vigilantes were doing what they were doing....I knew she would let them go.

She didn't want to see their faces and out of sympathy she didn't want to be the one to capture them. I know Dexter was relieved. lol

Lumen is gone and Dexter got Quinn off the hook concerning the blood on his shoes so all is good until next season. Can't wait.

@whatathriller....I watched that video and Tila is, once again, lying and blowing things out of proportion to make herself look like the victim.

Talking about online she now believes she has made herself too accessible to others and because of it people think they are her friends,then get delusional and feel like they own her, it's dangerous and she can't trust anybody anymore.

Sounds like she's talking about her AOI's. None of us want to have lunch with her or hang out with her in any way.

She also says if she going to eat a hot dog and the paps snap her eating a hamburger everyone says she's a pathological liar because they are so obsessed with her. LMAO at her twisting the truth around with that statement

The only one delusional is her.

As far as her online privacy and her being called a pathological liar(you can tell from using the term "pathological liar" she reads this site and TRS and picked that term up from us) all she has to do is:

1)Keep her mouth closed about where she's going and stop telling the paparazzi where to find her at every moment of every day.

2) STOP LYING. She lies about being pregnancy, fake miscarriages, illnesses, adopting children, how big and successful her bar hopping tours are, calling an apartment/townhouse a mansion, leasing a car and saying she bought it, her relationships and every other freaking thing.

That's why people call you a pathological liar Tila, not because you say hot dog and people see you eating a hamburger.

And, can someone please tell me why she keeps calling herself a celebrity??? Let me change that....she is a celebrity but she's an "infamous" celebrity. Google that word Tila and you will find a description of yourself.

IMO, you are one sick person and you really, really need to seek professional mental help.

danger.mouse1 said...

Too funny seeing the latest Troll post askign what her Army is doing for the holidays. So many sob stories and cases of the sads. As if Tila even gives a fuck about these kids. She does however hold true to her materialistic ways as she suggests that her blog is a good idea to tell everyone what they want as a gift and maybe someone will see it and send it to them!!

I already got my gift as I watch her numbers plummet. She thinks she is so popular but she barely has 50k followers on Twitter and her site is getting around 100 hits on each new story. Compared to REAL celebs she is pathetic.

In closing, I really wish she would stop smacking her lips after each sentence when she makes a vid, and also stop giggling like a 15 year old. She's so irritating I'd love to slap the taste right out of her mouth. Ugh.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

That video has "bullshit" written all over it. First, the skank is not a celebrity, she's an infamous. Hey, if I was you, Tila, I'd hate me too and deny that fact. Secondly, Tila is always accessible. Hooking is her main source of income, so she and 7-11 have one thing in common: They never close! Thirdly, is it just me, but why the hell isn't she lip-smacking? Don't get me wrong, I'm just so damned relieved, but still...

And if you want privacy, Titla, you need to stop posting about your stupid pathetic life. Simple as that. That said, go back to drinking Monster and swallowing more ambien pills and think about killing yourself while you're at it. K, thanks, bye.

RockitQueen said...

Guys, Tila isn't accessible, she's ASSESSIBLE. God, that stupid slut can hardly form a coherent sentence.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Guess I heard it wrong. Bitch is whining about privacy and then tweets her latest next trip to a gas station or 7-11.

hanah said...

That interview was pathetic, there wasn't even someone there to interview her, that's how important she is, she just spoke to the webcam lol and once again they showed year old pics of her of when she was a pretty girl before she had all that plastic surgery to her face

BigPoppaPhat said...

I bet they did tell her not to do the lips smacking, its unprofessional and annoying as hell.

Hannah said...

I'm finding it hard to understand why CNN keeps feigning interest. Stop feeding the beast, CNN!

She completely trashed her fans and blamed them for all her problems. Once again biting that hand that feeds her. I hope after her latest antics some of them start waking up. Doubtful, but I really do pity them. Most of them just seem to want somebody to care and Tila is the worst person they could be coming to. She says she's their best friend and then turns around and calls them delusional stalkers who don't respect her privacy. What a bitch. Is there anything likable about this girl now that's lost her looks? Didn't think so.

Hannah said...

Btw...@Nother good find! So basically anybody could have those ads on their website? She really is a complete failure.

Anonymous said...

Tila, certainly screwed over her band of idiots on CNN. She deosn't deserve such loyalty from her army and fans. She is the one that encourages friendship with these kids and then she turns around and calls them stalkers. What an ungrateful bitch she is.

Really Tila? said...

What really makes me laugh is this tweet that REALLY says it all.....

"Wohoo! Just finished my interview with CNN! It was awesome!!!!!! I can't wait to show you cuz I wuz actually talkin about u guys!! #4realz"
2:00 PM Dec 7th via web

Her AOI is stupid if they don't take her at her word....

alison m m said...

Follow Garry Sun @prophecyhiphop : )
interesting ...

Anonymous said...

Okay, so I went over to the flog yesterday (I know, I know) for shits and giggles and was reading the comment by "Stephie". At first, I didn't read the whole comment, just the end where she proceeds to tell Miss Tina what she wanted for Christmas. So I laughed and laughed because (1) Tina doesn't buy shit for anyone but herself and half the time she "buys", she's really just borrowing (i.e., her car, house, etc), and (2) this dumbfuck Stephie seems to think that Tina is her "best friend in the whole world". Yikes. But after reading the entire comment, the whole thing (if true) is pretty sad.

A few people (not the Army members, I might add) offered to help out Stephie's fam, who apparently is homeless. Stephie, dillusional as she is, DECLINES the help, in her faith that Tina will come through and buy her family anything they want. Those who offered the help try to tell Stephie that no, Tina will not be helping her out and keep offering the help from a real source, but no--Stephie won't budge.

This, by the way, is the same "Stephie" who commented on the video Tina posted on Thanksgiving about meeting parents for the first time. Stephie is an absolute moron, stupid idiot who claims she saw Tina in Houston on Thanksgiving and that Tina must have flown there in her private just just like all famous people do.

Let me say this--Tina is many things--psycho, washed up, wonky, cracked out, whorish, cheap, slutty--but in her manipulation, she can almost appear smart sometimes. I do not think Stephie is real. I don't think there's a poor pajama-less nephew. What I do think is that Tina created Stephie to get haterz debating her honesty about a trip to SF/Houston when what she really did for Thanksgiving was snort some lines off of her coffee table while grilling up a turkey burger on her Forman grill. Now Stephie has made another appearance, perhaps so Stephie can claim how Tina came through and helped her fam by personally putting them up in her mansion, or so that the haterz can once again talk about how shitty of a person she is by not helping. Either way, Tina is feeding off of people talking about her. It's all she has left.

PS: if any of you have been able to get a hold of Stephie, if she's real, I'd like to talk to you.

cam said...

R- I went back and read that comment (damn you!!) and something doesn't seem right. If someone was that desperate (which her comment suggested) and was thinking solely of the welfare/happiness of a young child, why would she deny help? She would only accept Tila's unoffered gift- the only reason for this that I could think of is because she wants something that Tila has touched/given her. A child of that age isn't going to know who she is or care who it's from. There are some ulterior motives there. If my family was homeless, particuarly ones that I was close enough to to know their business so intimately, they would be sleeping in my home in a shot. That child at the very least would be taken in and cared for- if not by me then by the rest of the family. I also wonder why this woman can't buy the kid the 'one thing he wants' herself- especially if she's implying it's cheap. All I can say is be careful giving this woman your sympathy and/or money- This whole thing reeks of lies and manipulation. Maybe Tila is behind it after all?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

That is something! Thanks for sharing, R! Personally, if someone is that destitute and need help, going online wouldn't and shouldn't be their first and last options in my opinion. With all those Nigerian (who haven't received those ridiculous emails yet?) scams and the way the society is so greedy today, it's very hard to tell who's genuine and not. It's weird, but I have sympathy for those who ask others about missing people and pets as oppose to people sharing their financial problems and asking for donations online. Doesn't this remind us of Tila's fake organization, Jayden's Angels? FUCK YOU, SKANK.

RockitQueen said...

Something is up with that Stephi chick. I think it might be someone who is just fucking with Tina. If so, it's pretty brilliant. If not, sadder than we all expected.

whatathriller said...

what do you guys think is going on that she`s so quiet now? i smell trouble! :)

hanah said...

She's probably embarrassed about that MAJOR CNNtech webcam interview. Or she's high on drugs or has a new love of her life. But Tina has the attention span of a hamster, she'll be back in a short while, as soon as she gets bored with the thing that kept her busy.

Schöns weekend nach luzörn :)

Hannah said...

I hope that Stephie girl is scamming and not actually THAT deluded that she wouldn't accept offers from anyone else. Because if so that's just sad.

FUYU said...

QOCAP, thanks for the Titla Bacteria posts LMAO at the "My New Haircut - Senior Citizen Edition". XD

cantthinkofcoolnamesoiamjustme said...

I had a conversation early this morning one of her fans. It started with telling her that she needed to get help with her problem with booze. It ending up with us talking about cooking and crap. My question is this,,why do fans delete their twitter posts? Is it to make us look stupid? She deleted the whole freaking thing almost on her end! I don't know how to screencap anything to prove to you this conversation happened even though I do have that original page saved on desktop. I would like to show this to other AOIs seeing that this same person who had friendly chat with me started causing shit with pani something about him talking to "haters". Any ideas?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Fuyu You're welcome. :) For those who want to read Tila's latest entries but don't want to go to her shitty flog, just go to mine where I'm living up to my name!

@cantthinkofcoolnamesoiamjustme Which os do you use? I used to have PC where it had its own paint program you can use, especially when it comes to cropping and resizing or maybe I'm thinking about my old scanner...gosh, it's been so long! Anyways, if your cpu has a program like PC Paint or something that's already installed and has the cropping and resizing features, the only thing you need to know is how to screencap. It's very easy. For mac, it's shift + command + 3. I don't remember those three buttons for PC but I think it's something like alt + ctrl + printscreen. Try it.

Once you're able to screenshot, your image will appear on your desktop and you can drag the file to the folder desired. :)

As for Twitter, I have a habit of deleting tweets of my own. Don't ask why, but I try to keep my twitter profile Tila relevant. I do socialize with others but like after a week or so, I delete tweets that's irrelevant. I hope this won't offend those who replies to me. I'm just weird.

Anonymous said...

thx for the screencap QOCaP.

It's my hope that the haterz that read this post STOP commenting on her flog as well. The ones who are posting aren't even posting anything good or original or witty. You're feeding her ego and looking like a jackass at the same time.

BigPoppaPhat said...

Screen cap on a PC: I hit print screen, open up paint, hit edit paste then save the image into wherever folder.

Joann said...

This is so funny. I was looking at Tila's twitter and her last tweet was:
"2011 and Miss Tila in the *BIG SCREEN* coming soon! Stay tuned......... :) about 12 hours ago via web".

I won't say anything about her tweeting "IN the Big Screen". I'm sure TRS or QOCAP will put that tweet on blast and tear her a new one over that.

I seem to remember this November when Tila changed her piece of crap blog from a celebrity blog to a blog all about her and wrote this about her future:

"I have been laying low for a while, and will continue to lay low because I have been working on something HUUUUUUGE behind the scenes that’s been taking up all of my time! I can’t tell you guys yet what it is, but just KNOW that by 2012, you will be seeing a LOT more of Miss Tila on the big screen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! POW!"

So, will she be "IN THE BIG SCREEN" in 2011 or 2012? Tila is always planning something huge and can never tell you what it is or give a precise date when this huge, awesome "thing" will be happening. lol

What happened to:

1)being busy for the rest of the year doing charity work. After all that was her dream.

2)in Italian VOGUE magazine.

3)on Gossip Queens a second time. She never put up the schedule when she would be on.

4)put up her music video on her piece of crap is. lol

5)what happened to poor Rob? She forgot about him. Anyone know if he even made it out to Cali or not?

I'm sure I left out a lot of things she talks about doing but never seems to get around doing it. Such a pathetic lying loser. SMH

N Poko said...

Call me crazy, but I'm hoping she is IN the big screen...and then she gets stuck and can't get out, then we won't have to hear about her anymore.

whatathriller said...

hey guys, found something funny: remember how garry tweeted tila faked the diana_king twitter account? the few tweets on this account were actually already obvious that this is tila...but her last tweet was about this women, and i think she is the wife of a band member of good old dave navarro. haha!

FUYU said...

Was it with Carleana25?? If so, I SAW THAT!!!!!! I can't believe she deleted the tweets where you two actually were getting along! What is up with that?? Is she that afraid of loosing her loyalty score (lmao) from the rest of the AOI or Tina that she has to cover up a convo about food with a "hater"? And I was so upset when she kept saying "WHY DO YOU CARE?" when you were trying to show concern about her drinking .. she couldn't understand the difference between genuine concern and actual "hating".