Friday, June 10, 2011

4 A Family That Sticks Together

Forget working on the new website, helping mommies out there with finanical issues, adopting children, building wells, or finding ways to help Japan, this midget whore would rather go swimming from her algae-infested pool that can barely accommodate no more than three people at the same time. But then again, who the hell would want to swim in there after looking at these photos?

Hogul went live on Ustream very briefly and then went off air because she was experiencing some technical difficulties...or so she says. I guess she was feeling short on cash and instead of working hard, enticed her kiddie fans to see her wash Onyx (poor dog) and "swim in nude" (as if that's anything interesting to begin with), but must watch a commercial beforehand and felt cheated because the alien whore did none of them. Another nice way to lie to your own fans and make money off of them like how you took all the money [1] from Crazy Horse, right Tila?

Anyways, the latter would have gotten the midget hogul in a predicament, so, it's likely she's teasing her underage fans or has been lucky so far of not being charged with indecent exposure and becoming a registered sex offender. Not to mention, her neighborhood isn't secluded, let alone, affluent, so the whore doesn't have that kind of luxury for an outside privacy:
Funny how she'd used the word, "pervert", to describe her next-door neighbor who likely doesn't share the same enthusiasm as a would-be fan and ignores her completely. Poor guy. I'm tempted to send him a snail mail, warning him that there's a crazy meth-face skank living next door to him. I mean, within six months, she's trying to start shit with her neighbors. Maybe her neighbors will eventually drive her out and move somewhere that is more appropriate, like the red light district for instance. Now, that would be hilarious and we can all read the same excuse why Tila relocated: Because of the damned stalkers! The truth is, no one could stand her smelly ass that's been fucked more than the people listed in the Chinese phone book.

It's very annoying Tila doesn't view herself as a pervert and yet, condescends to those of her likeness. Who the hell is she trying to fool? If you Google her, you can see nothing but whorish photos, and negative articles and songs of Tila fucking people, or hell, can't stop talking about fucking someone in general. Perversion does not go one way and doesn't discriminate gender obviously, but I felt it needed to be said. Tila, you are a pervert, too. It's a shame you're too blind to see. Maybe it's due to your eye surgeries, I don't know, but something is not right about you. Your allege of your neighbor being a pervert is all bullshit because evidence is clearly shown one, you seem to enjoy it, and two, if you were serious, you could have reported this spying to the police, but you didn't and we don't wonder why. Has it ever cross your mind that people don't need to "spy" on your disgusting ass when they can just go to their nearest adult store and rent or buy your lesbian porno?

Although this skank mentioned of returning from a photoshoot (probably for Tila Tequila UnCorked 2: Slut on the Cocks) prior to swimming, but don't you find it strange she still has her make-up, weaves, and colored contact lenses on? Right. So let me get this straight: Tila is going to swim with make-up, weaves, and contact lenses on? Um, okay. Just like going to bed after putting make up on. Oh, no, wait. Tila is just being an attention-whore. My bad!


Just to remind my readers that Tila Army, which is an euphemism (oh, no! I wonder if Muffy is going to lash out at me for using this word incorrectly!) for Army of Idiots, seemed to forget their philosophy:

"I have indeed kicked out a few “TILA ARMY” members before because they were NOT the loyal and loving ones, and attack people, which is NOT what my TILA ARMY IS ABOUT! SO for those fake Tila Army members, I kick them out quick because they try to give the rest of us a bad name!"
Could this child of idiocy mean any Tila Army soldiers attacking each other, will be kicked out! However, it's okay to attack if addressed toward the opposing army? I guess Tila is not meant to be a pacifist. I don't know if SweetAngelFerri is part of the cult yet, but if she is, she should get her ass kicked out for calling one of the soldiers ugly repeatedly. And to worry Tila Army will get a bad name, is this ugly bitch even more blind than I have thought? Because Tila's AOI are so stupid and hyper responsive to criticism and hateful comments, some haters disguise themselves as fans to stir things up and vice versa. That's how bad Tila Army is. You can't tell who is genuinely a fan and a hater anymore, so you might as well think this is nothing but a game, regardless whose side you're on.
Because the flamewars between the opposing detractors have gotten out of control, skank finally gave up. Although, for someone who claims to have thick skin, sure take things very personally and continues to delete comments and ban people. How sad.

Since I don't "personally" reply to MuffyGrant anymore, she/he uses other twitterers to get through to me. See what I mean by MuffyGrant being in love me? Muffy asked SweetAngelFerri to ask for my photo and when I said no like the hundredth time, SweetAngelFerri would not discuss anything else and accuse me of being physically ugly. Yes, it is a shocker! Since, I'm never going to reveal my pretty face to anyone under this name, it gets very irritating these dumbasses would rather imagine what I look like and avoid the real issues. Plus, why would I need to share my personal photos with them if they already think I'm ugly? Sigh. Part of the issues with AOIs' disturbing fixation about Tila is that they don't encourage her to seek help. Not one fan notified the police when Tila uploaded a video of her cut arm last year. So who did? A hater did. So much for support.

I hate Tila Tequila for numerous reasons. I couldn't possibly care of hating people solely on their looks. Unless you're racist, who the hell picks on people for that one reason? Certainly not me, but hey, if that's how these AOI soldiers want to think, then that's their problem, not mine. For someone who thinks they're beautiful sure felt the need of getting plastic surgeries. I'm confident in my looks and although I would like to have bigger eyes, I'm happy with my looks to not go under the knife. So tell me, who sounds more insecured?


By the way, when you're online, just because you're a kid doesn't mean everybody has to treat you like you're some delicate, fragile flower. You're going to get your ass beaten by people of all ages. That is the current issue with MuffyGrant. I called PunkPrincessWwe a cunt. She/he claims to be 13. Do I fucking care? No. So, Muffy, butthurt as much, is thinking calling a kid a "cunt" is far worse than Tina being almost nude, understands most of her audience are minors, couldn't give a rat's ass about it, does what she please:

Or what about this:

Afraid? What exactly am I afraid of? I'm a chicken for not uploading a photo of myself? Then, I guess everyone who use avatars must be chickens as well! That's a whole lot of them! Why would I want to do that if I know for the very fact they're going to ridicule my looks? Because these idiots simply want to bash me and it pisses them off that many haters, including I, hold the cards.

So, what's the fucking problem?


BigPoppaPhat said...

Im pretty sure @MuffyGrant is now @TilaCanDance.

Great post and yea that pool is gross. It was probably clean before she got in it.

Awwsumkitteh said...

This is the perv Tuna was talking about:

Joann said...

When you rent a house it's up to the new tenant to keep the pool clean and evidently Tila is not doing that. Skank is nasty, the pool is nasty and you can bet your last dollar the house is nasty and didn't the skank say she can't swim or am I mistaken?

Did anyone see her swimming?

LOL...that picture up top labeled "crackhead" is so fitting. Look at that crazy bitch with fake eyelashes on the BOTTOM of her eyes. She had to be on crack or something to do that to herself and think she looks good.

I'll give her another year, maybe sooner, and she will be looking like this:

Forgive me Elvira. lol

Monique said...

Her eyes look too big for her head now. She has succeeded in making herself look more alien-like.

@Joann, you are correct she said she couldn't swim. For some reason I thought I knew that so when I watched the video I definitely heard her say that. What a coinky dink that Homer has now said that he also can't swim.