Thursday, June 2, 2011

32 Maybe Tila Will Do a PSA For Suicide Prevention Next

I would like to write a review about Tila's so-called "Celebrity Charity Tabloid Roast" she'd attended just recently but since there are no clips of her getting roasted (like she doesn't get roasted every day if I may add), I'll just link to an interesting entry written by Ghost Rider Radio regarding about this charity event. Good stuff, GRR!

Someone from Tila's flog wrote a comment that pretty much can be agreed upon:

This is basically fork-over-some-money-and-sit-yo-ass-down-to-eat kind of charity. How difficult is it to donate clothes and money as oppose to building wells, adopting children, or hell, help Japan?
As of this date, the midget hogul has yet to show kindness to those suffering. What does she do instead? Mock them, that's why she's a bottom-feeder. Yes, folks. Recording a few second video of PSA and asking mothers if they need help (and offer few bucks) is a hard work! Who knew? This whore has no intention of providing help unless it evolves around her.

Honestly, this woman makes me sick and her desire to help shouldn't be taken seriously because it isn't serious, otherwise, she would be well on her way of building wells, going to poor countries helping those unfortunates, or speaking with social workers about adopting a child...or an older teen. Don't hold your breaths, it ain't gonna happen! What we can expect from this psycho meth-face bitch is going to dinner charities and that's it. Despite the lack of going beyond, it's better than nothing, but the appraisal is very weak and not worthy from my perspective and I'm sure many would agree.

Quick news: Someone pointed out Tila changed her birthdate on facebook to 1992:
Why? I don't know. Maybe it's the drugs and those plastic surgeries, not stress, that sped up her ugliness because she certainly looks very old. In fact, it shows very well at the roast charity event:
Goddamn, she looks awful! It looks like Death is creeping on her...not that I'm worried about Tila's well-being, but she just looks awful. And that dress? For someone who claims to be a mogul, is sure "going green" on money by purchasing a "Sexy Black Pink Cocktail Party Mini Dress":
Thanks to deluwiel.misstina for this info! Now, you, too, can look like a scary clown for less than fifty-dollars! Unwashed rat-nest hair sold separately! If you ask me, that pretty healthy-looking girl on Ebay certainly worn it better and I'm not saying this out of spite because the model girl has a better body proportion for such an outfit. Plus, she looks pretty. Now, why would Miss Titla Bacteria chose to dress like this? Maybe she wanted Adam Hunter to roast on her looks instead of her lies. Until I see the clip, it'll be a guess.

So today, hogul was very generous posting an entry about her post-charity event. Instead of talking about her experience however, she'd shared a clip prior to the event on a fake-ass "red carpet" for z-listers and briefly discussed about the end of the world and among other laughable things that is sure to make you, well...laugh:

Besides what Tila have said in this video, I find it very sad many of her AOI weren't there to personally root her on. But, based on this video, it seems only few fans showed up, all grown men (perverts), and requesting their slutty hogul to autograph old photos of herself. The photos, she looked healthy, but thanks to the drugs she's consuming off camera, is taking its toll and is fucking up her face and very badly. Anyone notice how she tried to make it look like numerous people are requesting autographs but they're the same grown men switching to a different picture? I wonder how much she paid Celeb-4-A-Day for their service?

When asked if the world is coming to an end in 2012, Tila replied, "I hope so." Her response sure would raise eyebrows among the speculators, and to make sure it doesn't get reported out of context, quickly added, "unless mankind starts to shape up and like, sto-stop ruining the universe and the planet, green." Oh, really? Do we need to remind poor stupid Tila she bought a three-floor single family home and a lambo? I doubt this whore takes buses and trains, let alone, care about earth.

When she said, "unless mankind starts to shape up," I have a feeling she really meant unless the haters stop bashing me, the world will come to a fucking end! That, too, ain't gonna happen. Tila is a very easy target and all the nasty stunts she'd pulled on herself and others, she deserves all the ridicule and insults a person can get. Speaking of 2012, although it's not a fact, but I guess you can call it a prophecy, but Tila did tweeted that she will die in 2012. Yes, you read that right!

We shall see. Too bad for Vietnam ambassadorship. I was really looking forward to that disaster attempt! Anyways, if Tila wants to die with respect, she'd better stop blogging, making awful music videos, and better start traveling around the world building wells and shit! Obviously, none of this is going to happen...I'm not talking about her demise. So, what I want to know is, will Tila make a PSA about suicide prevention? Will she have an "audacity" to do it? Only time will tell!

Now, here comes the fun part! AOI, army of idiots. Why are her fans called that? See below for the explanation:

I've never doubt that it could be someone just playing around and try to make Tila's fans look dumber and dumber as days go by. However, it is their own fault for acting so stupid since the beginning. If they sounded normal and had the ability to express words instead of just "I love you", most of us assume it was a joke, but nowadays, you just have to take an educated guess, but who spends time trying to determine if the poster was being real or not? Either way, the AOI's comments makes us laugh.

This shit is hilarious!
Here's my most favorite tweets from this poor girl:

Hmmm...should I take this girl seriously despite her requesting for a back up? *palmface*


BigPoppaPhat said...

Double Facepalm for going to " I wanna tickle your taco while milking my lizard" homerbartt out of all people for support.

Joann said...

@qocap...I was rolling at Ashley MeagherX tweet to you about "taking her seriously cause she's not the one to fuck with" and asking for help from the idiots to back her up. If she's not the one to fuck with she don't need backup.

At first I was thinking it was Tila herself, but I'm pretty sure it's PQ. She thinks she's Tila's top bitch and tough. She probably picked up Tila's habit of making up different accounts to come after the haters, but I know you aren't taking the trick seriously so I'm done. She is funny though.

The picture of the skank taken yesterday at the roast made me flinch when I first viewed it. I see you have it in your top skank looks like death warmed over.

That is the worse I have ever seen her look. With that hair combed back on that big bobble head and the false eyelashes on the top AND bottom of her eyes, eyes open wide as saucers, dress falling off, she looked like a crackhead who just got through smoking. lol

I have to go out for a bit but I had to mention that picture before I left.

Anonymous said...

@qocap...MogulCouture here.
I am a big fan of this site and while I am honored to get the "Shout Out" for posting the Ebay auction for the same dress Tina wore to the roast I must clarify that the auction listing was discovered by: deluwiel.misstina and was shared originally on so much respect to deluwiel.misstina for the initial find...

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Oh, thank you RC3199. Sorry about that deluwiel.misstina Good find! :)

Joann said...

Tila and her porn friends have gone from being roasted to doing a group car wash.

Monique said...

Tuna working a car wash? I will believe it when I see it. I bet she will "be on tour" on June 18th. If anything needs a good "detailing" it's her ugly ass.

@QOCAP did this for your banner You can use it if you like, but you won't hurt my feeling if you don't. @;-)

Joann said...'s not about helping out Octomom or anyone else make money unless she's getting a cut off the top. Skank talks about charity and spreading love but we know it's BS.

I don't have twitter but if I did I would tweet Tila and tell her how impressed I was to read she's helping out Octomom with her car wash to help pay her house note.

I would say charity should start at home and since she's so passionate about charity this is perfect for her. lol

deluwiel said...

@qocap I didn't give you my promission to blog about me or use my tweets so I suggest you delete it.

@MuffyGrant She won't delete the blog about me and it's making me cry and no matter how hard I try she won't unless I insult Tila!

@qocap Your being mean to me and Tila leave her and me alone and get out of my life!

@qocap I will contact my lawer and bring you to court for harrasment unless you delete the blog

@qocap Remove the tweets this is the finale time I'm gonna say it I'm only 13 and you picking on me!

BWAHAHAHAHAHA I'm dying here.

Anonymous said...

I got a good laugh when I read the above tweets.
I come off all gangsta on twitter but once she got pwned by @qocap she wants to call her "Lawer" because she is only 13 years old.

Joann said...

I too read that and had tears in my eyes from laughing so hard.

"She won't delete the blog about me and it's making me cry and no matter how hard I try she won't unless I insult Tila!"

I...was...rolling. Funniest thing I've read since Tila's meth rant tweets.

Joann said...

disregard that tweet...deluwiel already put it up.

Monique said...

Just a little update to those not on twitter, this is the latest brilliant remark from Tuna.

"Headed to my friend's wedding vowel renewals! How exciting and romantic for them! Congrats! I would say whom but I dont wanna spoil surprise"

Yep, they are renewing their vowels, a,e,i,o,u and sometimes y.

She also tweeted the following,

"I will be covering live feed from the red carpet at this year's MTV Movie Awards! This should be interesting & wild! Stay tuned 4 more info!"

I really don't understand why she always does the "stay tuned for more" crap. It just makes her look even more idiotic when us "hater's" get the exclusive before her and her AOIs. So her "coverage" will be on Ustream (big surprise) and here is the information.

"Egotastic! Streaming Live from the 2011 MTV Movie Awards with Tila Tequila (Um, Maybe)

Cover the kids' ears. Have biblical relations with the sheep. Awake the Krakken! Tila Tequila will be hosting the Red Carpet coverage of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards for Egotastic!On Sunday, June 5th at 3:00PM PDT / 6:00PM EDT, our officially unlicensed correspondent, Tila Tequila, will be hosting our coverage from the Red Carpet of the 2011 MTV Movie Awards, which, cross your fingers and light some candles, we're hoping to live broadcast our antics on Sunday. My probability calculator puts the chance of technical success on this live feed at 67.4% The chances that Tila makes out with Kristen Stewart and/or grabs some poor teen celeb kids junk on camera -- 100%. So, please do check in live and see if we're running here on Egotastic!, or on our Egotastic Media Ustream channel. This, you do not want to miss. I mean, if it works, you don't want to miss it. Which it will. I think. Future enjoy."

I can't believe that Egotastic thinks a grown woman touching a minor inappropriately is humorous.

deluwiel said...

oh god. How many actual celebrities do you think will let her close enough to actually talk to, or will it just be Tuna off to one side bursting out into random song, twirling her hair, and rambling about herself. More importantly, will she have found stronger nail and eyelash glue by then?

Joann said...

@Monique...I don't understand why they would find that funny either or even mentioned that unless they know for sure Tila fools around with minors and it's a possibility she might act a fool on camera and do something like that thinking it's funny.

She went to Ice-T and Cocco's renewal of their "vowels"(I can't believe Tila is this ignorant) and wait until you get a look at her outfit.

What happen to her "I am a serious actress" look?

deluwiel said...

@Joann - are we sure this was a wedding vowel renewal and not a Halloween party?

The 'serious actress' thing just wasn't garnering enough attention. She has to get back to what she knows works, and that's pushing her wonky half-grapefruit plastic boobs in people's faces. Her acting career is in the toilet, otherwise she'd be bragging all over her flog and twitter about it. She's focused for the moment on her "album" (since when does 1 song comprise an album?) and when that tanks in July she'll turn her attention back onto her new site. I saw one of the comments on her flog was "love the new site - why can't I click on anything?" *sigh* really? every day - new and astounding levels of stupid.

Joann said...

@deluwiel....I called it a pimp and ho convention.

Coco's dress looked ridiculous on her. Her gigantic boobs were hanging out in front and the dress was pumped up in the back. I guess her super big ass made it look that way. lol

This was a renewal of her and Ice-T's wedding vows so you would think she would show more respect for the occasion and cover up. SMH

Tila, on the other hand, looked worse than I could imagine. Her "look" has passed slut. I can't even think of a name for it.

In that picture she had on enough eye makeup for 3 people and what's with the false lashes on the bottom of her eyes? If she knew how those lashes made her look she would not wear them.

That "cover" she wore as a dress was two sizes too big for her and the shoes were ugly and also too big. Either she has gotten super skinny or she's borrowing clothes from her larger porn friends.

I know Tila has always had her boobs hanging out but for some reason I have started to notice how unappealing they really are.

I don't know if it's because she's lost weight or what but they don't look right especially in that white thing she wore to the renewal. All you can see in that dress are two flesh colored circles passing as boobies and you hit the nail on the head about her "career". It's done, done, done as far as a mainstream entertainer goes.

Tila should be content making her porn films, taking care of her clientele and leaving everything else in the entertainment field to people with real talent.

Joann said...

Skank is on live asking her fans who should she interview and make out with..."rolling eyes".

She's also saying how hot it is out there and to keep from sharing her water bottle she has it hidden in her vagina. I'm out...Tila is already sounding stupid and she hasn't interviewed anyone yet.

Monique said...

It was a trainwreck. She was behind a barrier with the rest of the small time media outlets & fans. The only way Tuna could interview anyone is if they would come over to her. I can't tell you how many times she saw someone and said "There's my friend _______, I'll have to interview them.", only to have the person walk by ignoring her. She didn't know anyone that she interviewed. The only thing that helped her was the reporter for that was next to her asking the interviewee for a soundbite for their site. So they would say something like "Hi I'm Bob Smith and you are watching". Then Tuna would say "Oh it's Bob Smith, find out who he is!" Journalist Tuna Fail.

Monique said...

Oh and she had a lisp like she was wearing a retainer. I really hope they release the recorded video, you have to hear her say "Ssssteal your ssssswag".

Joann said...

LOL...I knew it was going to be beyond horrible. I watched from and no celebs had shown up yet so she was just talking about anything. It was so stupid I just clicked off and never went back.

Monique...did she interview anybody and if so, what did she say?

I know earlier she said she was going to ask MIla Kunis to make out with her.

Monique said...

Her interviews consisted of telling the interviewee that they were "so hot". Then asking them to give a shout out to the TunaNavy & Egotastic. She also gave her phone number to some interviewees, she pulled them out of her bra, classy! The only people that I recognized that she interviewed were Lil Mama & Tyrese.

Monique said...

Forward to about 1:15 to hear Tuna say "Steal his swag" with a noticeable lisp.

Anonymous said...

I tried watching it when she was live.
Between her comments about sex, drugs, and the fact that she did not have a clue who anyone was I could not stomach it very long. I just terrorized the AOI on the live chat until it was over.

Joann said...

Thanks Monique and LMAO @ "I just terrorized the AOI on the live chat until it was over."...way to go RC3199.

Joann said...

@Monique..I forgot to tell you the slur was so clear you could not miss it and did you hear her tell the young man to give a shout out to the Tila army. OMG. Tila does not have a clue. Her and her AOI have nothing to do with this.

I wonder what Egotastic thought of this fiasco.

Anonymous said...

Here is what Egotastic had to say:
"Thanks to everybody who watched and participated in our first ever live broadcast for Egotastic! I honestly can't believe it even worked. We had to battle the sun, cell phone towers, and, worst of all public relations stormtroopers, but, hey, wasn't like the Wright Brothers had hot stewardesses on their first flight. Baby steps. We'll be doing more of this in the future at more media events.

Thanks to all the chunky girls with glasses and the serious dudes with headphones at MTV for not kicking us off the carpet or making us stand behind a plexiglass wall of shame."

Notice no real comment on Tina's performance...

Joann said...

Thanks RC3199...and you're right...nothing about the skank. As my grandma would say...if you have nothing nice to say about somebody...say nothing. lol

Monique said...

Although I posted a link to the video hours ago, Tuna tells the AOI that her "producers" are editing the tape. There is a video on her YouTube channel where she says it was her "first time hosting". Hosting? Really?

I was doing other things as I listened to her commentary and like RC3199 I couldn't stomach it for very long.

deluwiel said...

@Monique - I. can't. deal. with. her. I just can't. Her producers are editing the tape? Editing what - the interminable blocks of dead air when she turned her back on the camera? Her stupid sexual references and shameless plugging of her AOI's (hoping people would be impressed by the fact that she DOES still have fans, goddammit)? That would leave... let's see... about 4-1/2 minutes of usable video.

@Joann - that wedding vowel renewal - "pimp and ho convention" HA! perfect! The "dress" looks like a robe that's too big for her. Her shoes looked really weird to me, too. They make her look like she got into mommy's closet and was clumping around in her high heels. With a too-big dumpy pink bag. The hair, the makeup all look like she just rolled out of bed after partying too hard the night before. Oh wait. and her boobs literally look like two flesh-colored cereal bowls have been glued to her chest. She's a bigger freakin' mess than she's ever been. Even in the worst crazy times she looked better than she does now. She's starting to remind me of Nora Desmond. Only not tragic. Just used up and clueless.

RockitQueen said...

Guys, I've been trying to sign on to the forum with no avail, but wanted to wish you all a happy anniversary (kind of)! It's been about a year since Jane's big attack!! Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday...

Joann said...

On Tila's twitter I read where quite a few of her "fans" ask her if she will ever do a Shot of Love again. Tila claims she turned down Shot of Love 3 because she wanted to move on to something else. Since when does Tila turn down a chance to be on TV. lol

Anyway, I KNOW I read somewhere she was fired from A Shot of Love after the second season but after searching Google I could not find that link.

What I did find was a forum where people were commenting on her and her show in 2008 which I thought was hilarious. I read a few pages and some of the comments about her are the same comments we say about her now.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@RockitQueen That's weird. What browser are you using? Mine is Firefox.