Thursday, May 26, 2011

11 Tila Tequila at the Hangover 2 premiere?

Before I discuss about Tila's alleged appearance at the Hangover 2 premiere, I want to briefly focus on Tila's fashion and mock the hell out of this fucking idiot.

As you can clearly see, Tila whines about being a celebrity, you can't wear the same outfit twice. Fortunately though, Tila is not a celebrity, so she can get away with it, however, this skank needs to stop bullshitting when it comes to price tags, seriously. When Tila made an appearance at the grand opening of a strip club, the outfit she'd worn cost no more than seventy dollars! Now, why is that? After all, this twit bragged about having wealth, let alone, self-proclaimed as a mogul numerous time. So, Tila, why do you keep recycling clothes? Oh, that's right: because you're broke as hell and got $400,000 for doing a porno and spent it on a car! How much money do you have left? Five grand? Hey, that's enough to cover up your rent for a month! Will there be a Tila Tequila Uncorked sequel once you're completely broke?

Last week, Tila was in Texas for some lame ass performance and what did she have to wear?

Or more recently:

Don't forget about shoes:
Tila, you have no friends and your clothes are fucking cheap. But do you know what's the cheapest? YOU.

Okay, back to present.


Is it true she was at the Hangover 2 premiere? Well, not quite. Thanks to those who keeps revealing her lies, were able to say otherwise. I love you, guys! As you can see, I've been catching up with Tila's news for long time now and with this blog having reach its first birthday, I am able to observe how she likes to manipulate and twist words around. For an example, Tila never denied about making a lesbian sex tape, but rather said, "there is no sex tape". She wasn't being direct, but instead, vague. And if you read between the lines with this tweet, you can tell she didn't use the word "official" or descriptions being at the real premiere. So, was she really lying? No, but she obviously didn't want her fans to know it wasn't the official premiere.

This official Hangover 2 premiere clip was uploaded on May 20th by the Los Angeles Times. The premiere Tila attended was held at the MaDang Courtyard on May 24th:
Yeah, this ugly-looking bitch is stupid.

Can you guess who this is? His name is Chuck_LA and is currently Tila's publicist. Thanks to Hanah85 for the info! He has a twitter account and I'm tempted to tweet him to say thanks for entertainment because he does a good job making Tila looking like a complete psycho! What? I'm just say'n! A word of advice, Tila. If you want a good image, you should look real hard and fire Chuck, seriously. All the entries you find repulsive here were done by you. I just report it.


Monique said...

I think the side by side of Tuna I did. Glad it got put to good use. @:-) Shout-out to Deborama, she recognized it as the dress in her launch video.

Tuna is a master manipulator and knows how to twist words to suit her needs. Tuna did NOT go to the "premiere", it was a "advance screening", which is a totally different thing. We don't even know if she saw the movie Hangover II, the party was a separate event and tickets to the screening were not included.

I really like the dress that Tuna wore and the fact she and her date/publicist matched, but hated the color. The self-tanner along with that color make her skin look like a Oompa Loompa.

I can't believe that she once again told her AOIs she would "brb with a update" and then hasn't been heard from.

shaniqua said...

Not to nitpick, but saying that there is no sex tape pretty much should include lesbian sex tapes. It wasn't being vague, it was a straight up lie.

SammiDe said...

Why won't Tila realize she is OVER? Everyone else has..... Lmfao! xD

Awwsumkitteh said...

How dare you imply that SammiDe Tila is a very delicate tulip just wafting in the breeze, an untouched flower waiting for its silky petals to be plucked...

ok I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Joann said...

"Tuna is a master manipulator and knows how to twist words to suit her needs." true Monique.

I really don't like using the word "master" in connection with anything she does but she does have the ability to say something in such a way that if you aren't aware of her lying, sociopathic ways, you would believe what she's saying was the whole truth about herself or the situation she's involved with.

Remember when she told Jennifer Anniston on the show Between Two Ferns that she had worked with Adam Sandler before.

That's true she did work with him but what she neglected to tell Jennifer was she was in a group scene, half naked as usual, and only on the screen about 25-30 seconds. A person listening to her talk would think she was in major scenes with Adam.

LOL @Awwsumkitteh....ok Homerbartt....I use to skip over his replies but since there are only a couple of people on her piece of crap blog leaving replies I read the ones where he confesses his love for her. Funniest stuff I have ever read and you got him/her down to a T.

Mr. Bradshaw is not dressing the skank anymore so she's probably dressing herself with the few clothes he let her have which could be the reason she's showing up in some of the same outfits she wore last year.

You know she's not buying any outfits if she can get them for free from Mr. Bradshaw. lol

RC3199 said...

I have been driving Homerbartt crazy for the past hour or so with some fun facts about Tina.

Check it out:

Fun begins on Page 4 - 5

BigPoppaPhat said...

I don't waste my time with homer, that's persons only reason is to troll.

lalabinks said...


You are such a shit stirrer. I love it!! lol
I've upset Tilabrat a few times myself. I like to annoy Homer too, although I know he/she isn't real

BigPoppaPhat said...

Actually that was pretty funny, and the fact that it on her blog

RC3199 said...

The thing with HB is that he trolls every single post hoping to get people to respond to him.

What I do is never respond to his replys and just post another more ridiculous fact about Tina.

Also, I always call her Tina and it drives him nuts insisting that I get her name right.

My personal favorite was:





He immediately claimed he would never hurt his idol.

Additionally, many of the post I made had a grain of truth to them so that made it all the more satisfying...

Sheriff Gauncent said...

Hey all! Sheriff Gauncent checking in. I remember some of you. Hopefully you remember me. I'll be back to stir some shit up!