Saturday, May 14, 2011

24 Tila's PSA: Don't Drink and Drive!

Thanks to Joann for the link!

On the highest floor of her majesty Tila's mansion single-family rented home, made a cheesy brief PSA (public service announcement for those who don't know its acronym) and speed-dialed RadarOnline to post this "uh-huh, we already know" message for their site and in return, get some quick bucks for her rent and Lambo payments:

Hmmmm...I guess Tila and her PR ran out of publicity stunt ideas at this moment. Anyways, aren't we all blessed with such a sweet, honest mogul who actually took a time off from her busy, busy schedule to contribute a powerful message that have been said million times before? I mean, really? This is the best shit she could do besides lying about doing charity work around the world?

Don't be fooled by her name she says? On the contrary, but don't be fooled by her sincerity as well. Here's why:

Exhibit A:

After being paid for making a three-way lesbian sex tape for Vivid Entertainment (as Tila was very desperate for fame, and still is), spent her dirty money on a Lambo and sped down on a highway, putting innocent drivers around her in danger. Thankfully, no one was hurt by this midget whore who can barely see over the dashboard.

Exhibit B:
Sent to a much cooler celebrity tabloid website, TMZ published a video of Tila receiving a traffic violation (see video clip here) and ran through a red light afterward:

Exhibit C:
On Halloween, Tila, Kate Major, and Michael Lohan (not surprisingly, never seen together afterward. So much for friendships, right?) were late for some z-list party and from her "DEAR DIARY: MISS TILA, KATE MAJOR & MICHAEL LOHAN HALLOWEEN PARTY!" entry, encouraged their limo driver to speed so they won't be more late:

So, in conclusion, who should really be taking one's own advice? The message is clear about DUI, however, you don't need to consume alcohol to be dangerous behind the wheel as well. It's the absence of responsibility that is just as dangerous and we all know it. But, unfortunately, many people don't care and do whatever they please, take Tila's case for an example.

Before ending this entry, I want to add something: Remember back in November 2010 when Tila boasted about purchasing a mansion? Yes, I'm sure most of you guys are tired of it by now, but again, this is the benefit for later readers. When Tila got caught lying about her mansion purchase, the event turned into a circus, literally. We, wonderful haters, had the joy of laughing at her crazy ugly ass for long time. Anyways, Tila took down her tour video and never shown her home ever again, just her car, though. Awwwwwwww.

Why doesn't Tila show her idiotic fans her new home again? I can only think of one thing: To dissuade readers from knowing the truth: If Tila doesn't show photos or videos of her home, how can I prove the photos I have are authentic? Although readers who have been here before November have witnessed the epic fail themselves and could back me up if they wanted to, but it was quite a problematic for those who came way later. Although this new evidence isn't much, but it can diminish their skepticism to some degree:

My point is, the photos of her new home I have on here are actually authentic and Tila is very embarrassed she got caught lying and hates the fact that most of her impressible stupid fans and detractors know where she lives (obviously, I will not disclose her address for security reasons). If the fact of me having photos of her new home wasn't the issue, then why did she took down her home tour video? Why does she not brag about her new home? After all, it is a nice single-family home, but doesn't it make you ponder? Why show off just a vehicle? A message to Tila: Since it's May, I would love to see your new design of your house! Do make a video, please!


BigPoppaPhat said...

She's about due for a purchase of another mansion about now. Its been about six months. Time to hype up the huge estate sale again too.

deluwiel said...

Have you all seen her tweets from last night in Laredo? WHAT. AN. IDIOT!!!
She's chortling about how close to the Mexican "boarder" she is and she can hear gun shots and how it 'excites' her to be so close to the Mexican cartel 'getting all gangster' and she might stroll across the 'boarder' and join in...
Jesus Christ. People are being terrorized and killed every day, they're finding mass graves, Mexico is at war in every sense of the word and she's LOLing about how she's gonna be on stage pretending to dance so she can dodge the bullets.

She makes me want to vomit. Seriously.

Joann said...

When I saw her PSA on ROL I was thinking who in the hell put her in a PSA about drunk driving? As you said QOCAP, she may not drink and drive(may be a different story with pills however)but she is very irresponsible when it comes to driving SOBER as we all saw last year when she got her "wrong way" ticket and blew through that red light.

I laugh at her ignorance when she talks about her car and says "my Lambo". She can't say her car is a two seater, it has to be "my Lambo" is a two seater. That's what people say when they are not use to driving expensive cars and want to show off.

She never brags about the mansion because it's not a mansion and it's not her house. Simple as that.

The way that skank likes to brag, if that was a mansion and it was hers that video would still be up on her piece of crap blog.

@deluwiel...I haven't seen her tweets yet but let her dumb ass go strolling across the boarder thinking she's the shit and trying to act gangsta...and she thought the Juggalos treated her bad!!!

Monique said...

@QOCAP I have a HUGE "Exhibit D"! It came from her blog when she got the Lamborghini. Notice she is NOT wearing a seatbelt.


@BigPoppaPhat What ever happened to her penthouse at the Trump Towers?

"haters keep hatin….. oh and btw, I just bought a new penthouse in NYC at the Trump Towers. But I figured I would just keep that info for myself for a while but since you haters keep talking shit, I will keep rubbing it in your faces how miserable and shitty your lives are and you wish you had my life! hahahah!

By MissTilaOMG on August 1, 2010 at 7:40 am"

She said that in the same blog about getting her car, but then it looks like she went & deleted all her comments. That is what infuriates me the most! She knew that the haters who thought she was lying about getting a Lamborghini would be wrong. Why would she feel the need to "take it up a notch" and add that she purchased a penthouse?

@deluwiel She also insinuated she was going to get some drugs after the show?

"I'm totally gonna walk and cross the Mexican Boarder after I'm done performing tonight to pick up that good shit! LMAO! #BadGirl"

Finally, I have a theory I've been stewing on and wonder if it is just me? But I think Tila keeps changing Twitter user names (4 I think) & site urls (at least 3) to make it hard to track down her past lies. Like I just noticed recently that celebrity tweet had finally added her @tilaomg account and put her @officialtila as old. But that info isn't even correct since she has been using @misstila. I bet as soon as the next site launches she will remove any trace of misstilaomg & I think it will be virtually impossible to find it even with the Wayback Machine. That is why I am confident she IS opening her new site. I have never seen anyone that changes their url every few years. Unless she REALLY thinks that a name change reinvents ONESELF.

I apologize for my lengthy comment.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@deluwiel God, what a fucking bitch. I hope karma gets her again...but three times more!

@Monique Yeah, I find it very strange. Good theory! And no need to apologize for lengthy comment! It shows Tila that us, haters, are in fact, smarter than her and her dim-witted fans, and can express our opinions without ass-kissing someone!

@Joann Agreed!

@BigPoppaPhat LOL! She'll probably accuse her landlord of stalking her! Her next excuse for moving out. But we all know the truth: She ran out of sex money and needs to film another porn flick, but doubt whatever company will pay her the same amount.

Not to sidetrack here, but is anyone interested in having a messageboard? Since we are a very small community, I thought it would be nice to have a board where we could share, discuss, and get to know each other a little more. I'm sure Tila would highly disapprove!

Just a thought. I like the poll, but I rather personally hear it from you guys.

deluwiel said...

wait, wait - she has more than the OfficialMsTila twitter?
Probably nothing trickling out yet, but has anyone seen/heard any info on her "performances" this weekend?
I think a message board would be good. Put me down as a "yes."

Awwsumkitteh said...

Well I have a decent screencap collection of her flog so she'll still have a rough time running away from her past. Plus there's your blog and the rot spot. Her big fancy lolyers haven't gotten rid of those sites yet

Awwsumkitteh said...

I made a quick forum until QOCAP can make her own:

Monique said...

Just wanted to make a correction, that last twitter account for Tuna (yes, that's my new name for her, I think it is quite appropriate) should of been @officialmstila, not @misstila. And for anyone interested as to the 4th twitter account I hadn't mentioned yesterday, it's @tilatequila. I don't believe she uses it, but it's out there & I think it is her's. I am not counting any of her fake accounts or ones that I believe are impersonating her such as @tilawynn.

@deluwiel Were you being serious? Just wondered, it's hard to tell over these darn internets. @:-)

I voted "yes" to a open forum in the poll. I actually consider blogs just another form of a forum, you have a topic and then replies. I think it would be nice to have the ability to private message other members. It would be a good place for some of the more chatty members, we know who we are. @;-D

Joann said...

@deluwiel...haven't read anything about her performance but one of her fans posted this twitpic link on her twitter of her at one of the shows:

Her face says 40 years old and I have lived a hard life. Maybe it's the lighting but her skin has an orange twinge to it, her boobs looks like someone took two grapefruit halves and glued it on her chest, the belt does not match the dress and her nails one hand are not matching the nails on her other hand. At first I didn't think it was really her. She looks a mess.

The forum sounds like a good idea, let's go for it.

Monique said...

This supposedly one of her new songs. I don't think it is not good at all. Forward to about 3:30 & listen to the lyrics. Does she seriously think she will EVER have a hit when all her songs have the F word?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Awwsumkitteh It says I need to log in to view. I've heard about yuku and what a coincidence! I was thinking about using that messageboard. :)

@Monique I'm currently listening to that garbage as I type this. I wish I could hear what she's rapping about, but the vocal is being drowned by the music and to make matters worse, is that I suffer from tinnitus. Anyone with good speakers would care enough to write down the lyrics for me, please?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Joann Who the fuck dressed her up?! Certainly not Mr.Bradshaw! Disproportionate, her belt does not match with that awful curtain dress, and her fake wonky tits looks awkward as hell.

BTW, the rapping at the end is certainly not auto-tuned (which explains that horrid voice) and does not match with the song. In other words, little midget Saigon whore can't rap for shit!

Awwsumkitteh said...

I changed it to everyone can view hopefully it works

I'll be posting up some of my favorite screen caps I've gathered about Tina

Joann said...

Here is another twitpic of Tila up close after her hosting job last night. I think she was high in this pic.

She needs a mani and a facial. Her face is greasy and breaking out. Tons of eye makeup on and is that white stuff on her eyelids glue from the false lashes or white eye makeup?

Obviously she can't afford a good stylist or a makeup person.

deluwiel said...

@Monique - yeah, I was totally being serious. I had no idea there were all those twitter accounts floating around out there.
@Joann - When I saw that picture I thought the same thing. Eye makeup is WAY overdone and smoodged. Her face looks gaunt and haggard and tired and that plastic belt - really? The boobs are too funny. "two grapefruit halves glued on her chest" LOLOLOL
I didn't notice the nails at first, but yeah - the tips fell off 3 fingers on her right hand. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

deluwiel said...

okay. That "song" sounds like a high school talent show performance. Where the hell did she do this? In someone's basement? I'm not in the music business, and anyone who knows more about this than I am please correct me if I'm wrong, but there's no way this is a studio recording. Sounds like a back track she picked up somewhere or an electric keyboard playing in the background while she "sings" into a karaoke mike. During the melody part she's so flat it's painful to listen to. "freestyle" - psshhh. This is cheap-ass, amateur garbage.

lalabinks said...

Tila always reminded me of Googie Gomez in the film The Ritz.

lalabinks said...

Tila has a lazy eye. Her music is awful. the music drowns out her vocals. It is kareoke at its worst.

BigPoppaPhat said...

@delwiel I didn't hear it yet but from the descriptions I can assume she did it at her house, probably on a mic going to her laptop. If there is an room reverb or sounds like its sung in a bathroom that's most likely the case.

Deborama said...

Haha, I just noticed something funny. I was just going through the old flog and noticed that dress she wore to do the hosting event is the same dress she wore in the video she made for when her flog opened. She's even got a very similar belt on. I thought as a super rich boss bitch, she'd be able to afford a new dress. Her wardrobe is as old as those nails she is currently wearing.

Monique said...

I assume by the low quality of the song that it isn't the final version. If she releases it as is, then she is stupider that I ever imagined.

@delwiel Thanks for answering, didn't want you to think I was being a smart @ss.

Here is some info about her twitter accounts.

@OfficialTila (4/1/09 - 2/28/10) 314,808 Followers

Tuna announced that she was deleting her twitter account & moving to Texas to take a break from the media and to focus on her empires.

"Twitter only lets u delete ur account and restore it only after ONE MONTH, but Im gone for 3 months so I dont think I can restore my account".

Of course she is lying, there would be no need to delete the account, just don't use it and when you return it would still be there. But she never did delete the account & from a recent tweet it looks like she may be using it again.

@TilaOMG (3/12/10 - 12/2/10) 53,508 followers

Wow how time flies and 3 months passes so quickly, it only seemed like a couple weeks & she is back on Twitter. The last tweets saved at celebrity tweet are about the haters being blocked from commenting at her flog to give you a idea of when she switched to the next nick.

@OfficialMsTila (8/20/10 - present) 70,524 followers

What I believe she did with the last 2 accounts is just change the name, that is why there is the discrepancy with celebrity tweet. If you notice celebrity tweet stopped saving her tweets in Dec. 2010, yet you can currently read tweets from that account as far back as Aug. 2010. That would also explain why she has so many followers, since she didn't have to start from scratch.

Out of ALL the celebrities at celebrity tweet Tuna is the ONLY one that has changed their twitter name.

I came across the following when I was looking at the different accounts, found them amusing.

"I have a maid, a dog, an yes, I have somewhat a staff but I pay them good so Im giving people good jobs! lol"

Just like we thought her "staff" is Onyx.

"I study everything from Einstein, Nicola Tesla, Quantum Physics, String of my many side hobbies."

Now I understand what the whole ustream fiasco was about, she was just teaching her AOIs tampon string theory.

Deborama said...

@Monique - Genuine lol at 'tampon string theory'! That's gonna have me laughing all day. I never comment much because usually, I have nothing to say that hasn't already been said, but you guys crack me up on a regular basis. Just wanted to say thanks for the lulz!

deluwiel said...

@Monique - "tampon string theory" HAHAHA
As much as she would like for it to alllll go away, she's never gonna be able to shake off all the bullshit she perpetrated in the last years. And her whole schtick right now, the "serious actress" crap, the "musical artiste" won't last long. The big high profile movie deal is off, obviously; otherwise she'd be tweeting the crap out of it day and night. A couple of dive bar gigs in Texas isn't gonna give her the attention she so desperately craves. Any day now the crazy will start up again.