Tuesday, November 30, 2010

23 Tila's Mansion!

ATTENTION: Please do not share Tila's new home address on this site for policy and security reasons. Anyone do, and your comment will be deleted! Thank you. Carry on!

For God's sake, don't watch this clip with your speakers on! I had to endure it for obvious reasons. Want to know how a narcissist behaves? Well, now's your chance. As a narcissist, you must be in your lingerie while giving your underage fans a tour. You must discuss about your stockings and your lingerie, but most importantly, must talk in front of a mirror, forgetting to realize the viewer is interested about the new home than the midget skank before their eyes. In other words, can this skank ever show us a clip without her face literally right on our monitors? I'm just say'n.

I think Tila was consuming energy drinks with um, pills today (I'll discuss about that too) and hence, was under the influence because she not only rant about the tiniest things around the house (mainly the lights, thinking they're part of alien ships probably), but sang random shit and yap with a British accent spontaneously here and there. I think that was pretty weird. Her singing is god awful. It reminds of me of those crazy people who sings and rants loudly on trains. And Tila, stop playing that goddamn tune and compose new ones already. Jesus Christ.

I'll discuss about her new home in a moment. Right now, I want to recap about her past home advents and the video. Let us never forget back in June of this year when Tila was going to give her fans a tour of her new home, and never did. Instead, shot from her "glamroom" or on her bed. It's obvious she was embarrassed. Had she not bragged about being a "mogul" back then, perhaps she wouldn't have to be. After all, moguls who employs 25-30 staffs don't live in small condos, right? With her new mansion, it also makes you wonder how she was able to afford it. This shouldn't be a mystery anymore as she's not the only living there and forked over money.

It's so sweet of Tila of buying this home as part of her birthday gift and then suddenly blame Garry Sun for relocating. Always blaming others for your misfortunes, right skank?

Another prime example of how Tila finds her AOI annoying. What a fucking ugly bitch.
I like this rely:
Well said. As a narcissist, Tila fails to realize the reality of this world: No one is harassing this slut for stories. Tila's the one who thinks she's famous and respected on the same level as Angelina Jolie while she's not. She's good and respected on the same level as the Lohans, the Gosselins, and Nadya Suleman to name a few. Tila is trash and trash attracts trash.

So, it was nit-picking, and now she's going to consider anyone who mocks or questions her biggest fans? Well, when you have something to hide and being untruthful most of the time, I would say the same thing.

This is the first time I've seen Onyx on screen most of the time. Is it me? But have any of you guys ever heard her bark or show any signs of contentment? Contrary we're told she's happy, but from that long clip, she does look pretty scared. I remember reading an online article of a reporter witnessing Tila tying up the dog to a stripper pole:
I don't know what Tila's response was (something very stupid no doubt), but wouldn't moving the dog to a different room be a better option? Dogs chew on things. It's her own fault for leaving shit on the floor.

Apparently, someone had a sharp eye and caught a can of Monster Energy Drink® and what looks like a pill bottle...and don't forget cigarettes. I guess the whore stopped trying. Oh, Tila. Tsk, tsk, tsk, back again? That would explain your erratic behavior from this video.
Let's read what Tila had to say:
Really? For someone who consider themselves anemic, sure doesn't know what the fuck it is!

Oh, and you forgot to mention this, you lying skank:

I'm no doctor, but I think it's too obvious it's not recommended to consume alcohol or energy drinks with their meds. You need to lie better, girl. Oh, and Tila, if it is true, why haven't you mention this before? Answer: Because it's all bullshit!

Okay, and now what we've all been waiting for! I want to give a big thanks to the person who wish to remain anonymous for sending me these info! THANK YOU!
1,000 people, eh? Well, you decide whether or not if her new home can accommodate such numbers!

She's right, but notice how she tried to exaggerate the length of the driveway, though:
And of course, the bathrooms.

Haters had their reason because of your lack of employment, idiot. Some of them just like to come to a conclusion and start firing away instead of being quiet until evidence provided itself. Also, you're just as guilty you dumb whore. You do not live in a mansion. Need a reminder? Also, that elevator would have been perfect for a Saw movie. It's smaller than a closet and looks like a death trap, seriously.

Well, there's our answer. Tila, suck it, you bitch!

Now, when is Tila going to invite her AOI to her new home? Perhaps she could make it up for them for not inviting any of them for a joyride in her lambo?


Joann said...

I like the reply Jenna gave in response to Tila's "I will post things as I feel fit and appropriate". Jenna hit the nail on the head.

I really believe Tila is either shacking up with someone in that house or renting it. I find it hard to believe she would even have the money to make a down payment on a house like that. Maybe one of her johns made the down payment and she is making the monthly payments. lol.

I remember last year when she was moving, she said she bought all new everything for her new house which is why she had her garbage sale.

Now she's saying the same thing this year about this house and yet we see those same ugly zebra chairs she had in the previous house.

IMO, Onyx doesn't live with Tila and she does act like she scared of the skank. It's like when a dog doesn't know if she/he is going to spanked or patted.

Did anyone notice Onyx's "bedroom". There were no toys or a doggie bed and who would give a dog their own room yet have it fixed up like a room for a human. I think she only gets Onyx when she has to take pictures with her.

I can't look at this video again but if someone looks at it tell me what was in the bathroom that was suppose to be Onyx's. There was a man's belt which she said was Onyx's collar, two rings on the sink and I thought I saw a couple of toothbrushes in a holder.

Great post QOCAP

Michelle said...

Great post QOCAP! I'm actually pleasured to have a couple of my comments published on your site :) I started cracking up laughing when tina replied with her like always justifying attitude that no one buys, I love it when she digs her own hole deeper and deeper into her first floor of absolutely nothing.

I wasted my 20 minutes of watching her video, I had to plug my ears cos her voice sounded like a fingernail scratching upon a blackboard.

I honestly think that house is a little off putting, where is the open space and less complicated rooms, it's like all the rooms are hidden into isolated areas and I find houses like that a bit creepy..

Thanks for the post again! keep it up!

cantthinkofcoolnamesoiamjustme said...

this is the reason onyx doesn't have toys..
comment page five halfway down responding to Allie +13

MissTilaOMG -98p · 11 hours ago
I threw most of it away before I made the video so the house wont look so dirty! But if you look closely outside where the pool is, you can see what a mess she made out there! LMAO! Reply
+2 Vote up Vote down
jelizhatergraduate2010 63p · 10 hours ago
you threw your dog's toys away??? are you kidding me?? why? just so you wouldn't have to clean up? Damn, that is cold hearted. are you gonna do that with your kids (if you ever have any) toys? just throw them out.. Onyx is your baby remember?, you love her, remember? So you throw her toys out! Dogs have fav toys you know. mine has basket that she goes and gets them out of. I don't just throw them out. And clean up the dog shit outside, that will make her sick and give her heartworm..can't believe you own this beautiful dog! poor baby onyx

and that is just sad sad sad

Ben said...

You should have left on the rental ad for the house that it was leased in October. Before Tila started talking about it. Odds are her management company (the one that reps porn stars and fame whores) rented it and is using it for their people.

Onyx is not a happy dog, I bet when she leaves for her "trips" she leaves Onyx in the house and either leaves bowls full of food, or has someone drop by, but that dog is not happy at all.

It's funny that she has her pills right next to an energy drink, just like her ambien and energy drink days, but yeah, they're not for that. SMH

Bitch is crazy, in the comments she said this is last time she's going to tell anything personal about herself, I give that a week.

hanah said...

My heart breaks for Onyx :( I wish I could take that dog from her and go on long walks in the forests here with her everyday, feed her with healthy food and give her love, a daily schedule she can rely on (so she doesn't have to poop on the floor) and a real home. The fact that she always seems to be pooping on the floor just says it all :( is there an organization in LA I can contact to report dog abuse?

About her house: it's nice, wish it had a backyard instead of that pool surrounded by nothing but cold concrete, tough. Why has the price been blacked out in the listing??

About the downstairs bedroom: I turned the sound off, but did she say what for that bedroom was? I had the impression that Tila lives on the top floor and someone else is living on this floor. Because all the furniture you see on the top floor is stuff from her apartment (dining table, chairs, pictures, rug) it seemed like only the top floor is being used by her.

Some things that made me laugh:

-the intercom straight from the 80s
-the IKEA mirrors behind the couch
-the fact that she "prepared" the house to be filmed, ie all the candles lit, fireplace lit
-"this is a guest bathroom, I never use it"

And her appearance says a lot: she always puts her boobs out but is too messed up for her basic hygiene, ie. her hair (which is always stringy), a nice make up (always overdone). In my job I saw this in many women who abuse drugs, they think a short skirt and boobs out will do (because they need a LOT of reassurance from men) but the more profound things as taking care of yourself (washing hair, facials, healthy diet, etc) is not possible for them because it means to actually and literally take CARE of yourself, which druggies can't because it would mean to face the effects of their drug abuse.

pankuuka said...

Ye,Tinas mansion is so awesome. The only thing I dont get,why the hell kitchen etc is on 3th floor? wtf?

And lol the room design sucks,rly bad,it looks like in public toilet.

Anonymous said...

Well I feel kinda special you liked my comment and put it in the blog. Lol. That video was rediculous. I couldn't finish it. I love how when she stares at herself in the mirror she loses track of what she's saying. Kinda like a dog staring at a piece of meat. I feel really really bad for Onyx...She looked really unsure when tila called her over, and scared. I think the reason is not because Onyx is scared of the move, like Tila and the army claim, I think its because Tila pays no attention to Onyx and when she does is mean, unless there is a camera around. I could be wrong, what the hell do I know. The army tried saying Onyx just woke up....well when my dogs wake up, they stretch, and then they're awake, trying to play, etc. I just don't see that in Onyx. Also wasn't this house for rent? or was that a different one.

Hannah said...

Great post! As far as Onyx is concerned, I would have brushed off the way she was acting because she is an older dog now so she might not have as much energy to wag her tail and act excited and playful. But then came the part of the vid where Tila asked her if she wanted to go swimming and pushed her outside and you could see a dirty ass food and water bowl on her patio. Maybe that's why we don't see much of Onyx, Tila leaves her outside whenever she's too busy or out of town.

Anonymous said...

You my hero. That was one of the best comnments posted on her flog EVER!

I noticed exactly the same thing about Onyx. And as far as Onyx always pooping in the house...does anyone remember the absolutely disgusting fake-crying video interview Tila did after Casey died (with Radar, of course...I'd love to know who she's blowing over there to get so much coverage), in which she said that she and Casey had been fighting because Casey's dogs were always pooping in the house which was a bad influence on HER dog (Onyx) because she was house trained??!!! Bitch, please.

Anonymous said...

Haha thanks for posting up my guest bathrooms comment. I typed it too quickly and hadnt noticed I forgot the 'h' on 'with' and it's been killing me, though. Love this site and your writing style. Thanks for taking the time to write it.

Joann said...

We all agree Onyx acts scared and is not happy. She either got Onyx when he was an older dog and she's at the point that where she's just older and moves slowly or been mistreated.

I'm still going with the idea Onyx lives with someone else and Tila gets her when it's "picture taking time with the dog" which is why Onyx doesn't react to Tila that much. I think Onyx forgets who Tila is. lol.

Well, the skank took her "home tour video" down and deleted the whole post. Mmmmmmm...I wonder why, everybody knows where she lives and saw the video, so what's the point in taking it down now?

Tila's crying about wanting her private life to stay private yet she's pouring her heart out to her pretend lover on her piece of crap blog site. Yea...that's really private.

hanah said...

Wow, she not only deleted the home tour post but now also the one "for her lover" from today. What's going on with her?? I'm taking a guess and say it's because there were a lot of people who posted her home address.

BTW. found the listing price of her "mansion", it's 5200 dollars a month

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

C'mon guys, we already know where she lives, let's not embarrass her any further about the finance. Sheesh.

hanah said...

What's embarrassing about paying rent? It's not, what is embarrassing is the fact that she has to lye about it.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Hannah, I just think it's none of our business to know how much her rent is. It's like me asking random people what their wages/salaries are. I'm sure they'll feel offended. I mean, wouldn't you?

Anonymous said...

Hey is it really possible for Tila to press charges on users who posted the address? Some of them thought it wasnt the exact addresss, and thought it was a town-house look alike

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Poppy It's unlikely there's an address error. If the address is wrong, then why would Tila go on a deleting frenzy and create a new entry about the haters disclosing her new address? Wouldn't she just laughed it off and not do anything except call us idiotic stalking psychos with nothing better to do? No. She took actions. She deleted three entries, tweeted those responsible are going to jail, and created a new entry about the haters.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. So anything can be posted except personal information? So like posting pictures is ok? I wish I knew internet laws/rights. How would one take legal action? Sorry not expecting you to know, but any knowledge would be awesome. Thank you!

hanah said...

Queen of Copy and Paste: She's not "random people". She is also not a teenager or new to this business. I wouldn't know about the 5200dollars if it wasn't for her lying on the web for everyone to see about a mansion she bought.
Posting her home address is a completely different thing and absolutely crosses the line (when I read the address on twitter a while ago I thought it was most likely a joke and posted it here because I know this blog is relatively private-no offense :)

Bottom line is that the moment Tila stops lying is the moment yours and all the other "hater"blogs will die and most people will loose their interest in her. She can start doing this right now but as long as she refuses to do so, she's fair game.

Misty said...

oh, looks like I missed some fun. I saw parts of the video - I couldn't bear to waste my time watching the whole thing. I have some of the same questions - why is all her stuff on the 3rd floor and why is there a kitchen on the 3rd floor? I think she is living in a home rented by someone else.

I missed the whole address posting thing. I would agree that posting her home address is wrong. There are some crazy folks who could do who knows what - not that I care what happens to Tina, but I wouldn't necessarily perpetruate the demise.

Very thorough post Qocap! Do you know what was in the other posts she deleted today? I did check out her twitter and she has posted a couple of what look like email addresses of people - I haven't looked at her facebook yet.

And...MMA - is this mixed martial arts? I see a new lover, pregnancy coming in 3,2,...

hanah said...

poppy: Celebrities are considered high-profile and do not have the same privacy rights as us normals do. Only posting her address is not considered harassment or stalking(especially not if it's on HER OWN blog) if there are no further motives ie no intention to harm her. Tila can make a complaint, but nothing will happen.

Joann said...

I wouldn't put it pass the skank to leak her own address.

If she has never mentioned it to anyone how would someone know her address?? Nobody is stalking the skank. She wish someone would stalk her. lol.

That address was put out on the web way BEFORE she ever did that video tour so why didn't she say something about it then.

I think she set this up herself. I definitely don't trust her at all and put nothing past her.

I'm going to see if I can find the link when it was first leaked on the net. I think I saw it on her twitter.

Watch we hear about this on TMZ, X17online or Radaronline.

And, who cares abut being banned from her piece of garbage blog site. Wait until next week, it will be a different story...."OK I know who leaked my address and they will be sued. Haters can come back but be good hehehehe". Skank bitch.

Bannana Smoothie said...

I can no longer comment on her blog as I called her a looney, bad influence person who is a narcissist and a compulsive liar who when confronted about her lies re: being pregnant, miscarriages, adoption, travel, travel, travel, charity work in Africa digging wells and her sex video.. and when I told her that she does not have any real friends but just her good weathered friends who uses her the same as she uses them and her Tila Army who are all mostly either under-aged, special and slow.. she is all alone. I also told her that if she loves herself and have respect for herself, she will get help. There... she blocked me for that and so now I'm banned.. but I'm not really fussed cos really going to her website burns my eyes just seeing her soft porn photos! Eww!! I'd rather just read clips of it here and Tila's Rotspot. You guys are doing an amazing job of exposing her! And as for Onyx.. poor dog! Can someone report her for animal abuse please!