Sunday, November 14, 2010

8 Do You Think Tila Played a Role in Johnson's Death?

A commentator, N Poko, from the Tilasrotspot, provided an interesting entry posted by Blonde Blogger regarding about Casey Johnson's death. It is really interesting and should be read and I want to help spread it. Click here to read the entry, otherwise, proceed on.

You know, I wouldn't be surprised one bit if Tila had anything to do with Casey's death. In fact, I still believe she was somewhat involved. Until evidence starts popping up, Tila will remain free, seeking new targets for her sick greedy pleasures.

Fuck you, bitch.


Jennifer said...

Awesome find, thanks blond blogger, I've been wondering about the timeframe where she was, and am disappointed no one cared to look into where TT was. But then again, the people in CJ's life also did not put much emphasis on the relationship between the two (however exaggerated or not) so they may not have thought TT could have been involved.

Joann said...

At the time I didn't think too much about it. I did wonder how she could leave her fiance alone for so long especially during the holidays, even if they were fighting, and never checked on her.

After reading the post and looking at the time line....IMO, Tila knew Casey had died, not saying she killed her, but did nothing to alert the authorities and went on her way.

I really hope the Johnson family gets wind of this post and hire their own people to do a thorough search on the circumstances surrounding their daughter's death.

hanah said...

I don't like to engage in those speculations, the police doesn't seem to be interested into further investigations. I do hope there's karma and Tila will get hers for everything she did, but seeing how she gets away with everything, I won't hold my breath.

RockitQueen said...

There's no doubt in my mind she knows way more than what she's telling. I'm also surprised there wasn't more of an investigation into her after Casey died, particularly after that damning JVM interview where she admitted she told Casey not to take her meds. We're coming up on a year since Casey's death. The holidays should be interesting.

lalabinks said...

I don't believe Casey tweeted at all. All her tweets sound like Tila. I remember Casey's twitter account, and around that time Casey was supposedly tweeting while having an orgasm as Tila was performing oral sex on her. I believe it was all Tila. I wouldn't be surprised if Casey didn't even know about her twitter account. I also believe Tila was with Casey when she died. She may not have caused Casey's death but she was there.

lalabinks said...

This is pure speculation but Tila may have withheld back Casey's medications from her. Perhaps when Tila realized that Casey had been cut off financially, Tila may have withheld Casey's medications from her, as she had no use for Casey anymore. I remember when Tila first met Casey and on her twitter wrote : I finally found me a suga momma, I'm rich bitch. Casey was only ever going to be a meal ticket and a huge financial payout.

Hannah said...

@lala I agree. Her actions after the fact were way too shady for me not to believe she had something to do with it. Otherwise, why lie about where you were and when you last saw her? I'm not saying she played a direct hand in Casey's death, but I think it's really likely she found Casey before anyone else or found Casey on the brink of death, freaked out, and ran without ever looking back. Either way, Tila is a cold, heartless bitch that used the death of an innocent woman to supposedly catapult herself into fame and I'm so glad it backfired.

Misty said...

Without a shadow of a doubt I believe Tila played sort of role in this tragic event. I am not saying that Tila killed Casey, although I too suspect that she may have withheld her medication or if Casey had left the home, perhaps left her medication behind ultimately leading to her death. I think there is a real possibility that Tila had knowledge of Casey's death long before she was "flying home".

I would like to believe that the police looked at Tila as a person of interest. Her timeline does not make sense and of course, she could if she was telling the truth have just as easily had her alibi substantiated. All it would have taken was a statement from her family.

One thing that I question is whether there is not still an investigation ongoing. Would we know?

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