Sunday, November 14, 2010

14 Walking On Fried Rice

Bella Honey Soul posted a brief article of Tila's upcoming musical porn video called "Walking on Thin Ice" composed and performed by Yoko Ono, and judging by the photos we've seen, it looks like a knife and stabbing will be involved!

God damn, Tila Tequila looks really awful. That Asian upper eyelid surgery apparently did not go well or it's still in healing process.  Sad.


Joann said...

Yea, if Tila is involved it will be non-entertaining and she looks like someone who has aged 10 years in on year.

Wouldn't they have to get permission from Yoko Ono to make a video from a song she composed?

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Ever since Tila ripped Ono off, I've been wondering ever since why Tila was allowed to make profit off a song that isn't hers to begin with. The song has been out for quite a long time now, so I'm assuming Yoko is aware and after legal processing, permitted Titla to continue. That's all I can come up with.

LOL They should add that Psycho jingle upon that stabbing scene. I bet he tried to commit suicide and Tila, trying to show good image, comes to his rescue. *yawns* Boring, Tila!

hanah said...

she looks so trashy with the drawn on eyebrows and that cheap red polyester dress. You know, she's always had a horrible personality, but at least she had her looks until this spring when she decided to go ultra blond and it went downhill from there.

RockitQueen said...

I can't believe Yoko gave her permission to cover this song.

@hana: Agreed...not to mention those horrific prison tattoos.

Hannah said...

Ugh she is ruined. @qocap, I think you're totally right about the surgery thing. Her eyes are so messed up.

Misty said...

Tila is a bitch, slut, cunt! Yoko Ono and John Lennon have/had a reputation for "peace". If Yoko gave her permission to do this song, I wonder if she would approve of this video or interpretation of it. Not to mention this whore who has what sued for domestic abuse, shoots a video with this theme. Um, yea, she is not Eminem & Rhianna (who coincidentally had a actors in their video) Anybody but me see a coindence there?

And yes, Tila looks like crap. If you saw the photo on TMZ from the courtdate, she really has "crack whore face" going on.

And the video, well from what I've seen, my teenage kids could have shot this (no pun intended)

Misty said...

I also meant to say Qocap - I LOL'd the title of the article. How funny! Although maybe it should have been "fried lice" ?!?

hanah said...

Misty said...

Tila is a bitch, slut, cunt!

Word! lol

This is off topic, but why do you guys think her communication changed so much since spring? I mean she was tweeting constantly until her flog launch, then it decreased because she had the blog to keep her busy and for a while now she's tweeted rarely. And she became a lot less aggressive with her blogs and tweets, still illiterate but remember how she used to talk trash about lady gaga, iluminati,kim kardashian, etc? I don't know how to describe this in English, but she used to have these "visions", maybe you can call it delusions, she truly believed in. Not to forget her rants for days on end with no sleep. Could it be that she cut back on her drugs?

Joann said...

IMO, I believe Tila's communication has changed because she's out of ideas to stir up more controversy about herself.

As soon as she thinks of something else to make people talk about her she'll be back.

If you notice, Tila has no REAL talent so she stirs up as much controversy as she can over just about everything to make and keep herself relevant.

Her piece of crap blog was bogus from jump street. She had nothing she claimed she had pertaining to her "celebrity blog" and she knew it, so she slammed other celebs and made every other post about herself thinking that would be a success. It wasn't.

She's lost interest in that and wants to move on to something else "bigger and better"...yea right.

The only thing I see consistent is lying, doing drugs and of course more lying but I have to say I really miss her meth induced twitter rants. Those would keep me laughing for days.

She does her meth rants now in the form of idiotic poetry on her silly blog.

I think the "visions" she saw were either drug induced or her crashing. lol. I doubt if she cut back on her drugs.

Misty said...

I think her flog was an attempt to have a website about her. Myspace is all but dead it seems. Her "rotspot", uh hotspot site was a failure too. She at least has some sense to be in touch with the newest social media trends - thus twitter. I think FB didn't work for her because she can't really "post", there is a character limit.

I do think in the last month or so there has been some decrease in activity, but I doubt it is a lessening of drug use. It looks like she may have changed management teams once again and perhaps her attorneys, of which she has, have put a bit of kabosh on some of it. Although, that has really never stopped her before.

My best guess is, she a had a 5150 in June, I think some of that may have scared her - while her lies are still constant and outrageous, they are not the psychotic rants. I think she is being cautious because she probably knows she is being watched. But, that is just my thought.

Misty said...

Oh, has anyone checked out her new website? I can't imagine it is any better.

Joann said... of today she does NOT have a new website up.

Instead of a splash page while working on a new layout with her "team"(which she promised her AOI's she would do), Tila decided to leave the site layout "as is" so she can come back and update her AOI about all her new projects...*rolling eyes* and lol.

Along with that post, it says "WEBSITE CURRENTLY UNDER CONSTRUCTION!".

Of course her AOI's are all saying "can't wait", "YAAY! Go Tila!" and "I bet the new site will have a lot of cool stuff and fun surprises for us Tila Army!"....these are the biggest saps I have ever seen in my life.

I can't believe some of the younger generation is this brain dead. Six months from now they will still be waiting.

hanah said...

Thanks misty, I forgot about the 5150 and think you are right about that. But it also seems as if she found a new "hobby" or new "friends" keep her busy and to spend time with in the last month or so. I mean even in her best times she wasn't offline for such long periods as she is nowadays.

And yeah, boy do I miss her twitter rants lol

Abbie Normal said...

Maybe her silence is because she's finally taken everyone's advice, realized her 15 minutes have been over for a long, long time, and started her slow fade into the background.

I know, fat chance, but a girl can dream, right?