Monday, November 8, 2010

8 Tila's Pee-Wee House #2

When I'd finished reading Tila's latest entry regarding about her new mansion, I felt a déjà vu all over again. I recommend you read her old entry about moving away back in February of this year:

Photo Courtesy by SpikedTequila:

Photo Courtesy by Tilasrotspot:

Notice anything similar? As long as this dumbass whore been living at the apartment (which she claimed cost $30,000 for renovation), she has failed to give us a full tour of her new place and proved otherwise about the amenities. Hell, Tila says Onyx has her own room and relocated because of "stalkers." Really? Each time you move, it's because for security reasons?

"Plus moving was mostly for my SAFETY! Due to unfortunate situations that took place recently, I felt like I really needed to move so that my safety and privacy is protected by certain crazed stalkers…."

[UPDATE] Forgot to add: Didn't she purchased this mansion as a birthday present to begin with?

So, if Tila felt threatened again, does that mean she'll relocate less than a year from her new place as well? You know, it wouldn't shock me one bit. I have a funny feeling she won't be able to afford her new home eventually and to prevent public embarrassment, claims she has a new stalker and will relocate...again. I mean, what work has she done that can afford such a home? We still have yet to hear about the release of the professionally-made porn tape. Why haven't it been released yet? Could it possibly been a publicity stunt since the beginning? Could it be Tila paid the appropriate parties to help spread the false news? If so, it would explain why the tape haven't been released because it may not exist at all.

So, not to sidetrack any further, what work has this whore done in the past two years that earned so much sums of money? If Tila says she's ninety percent done moving in, then why are there no photos? Oh, I'm sure Tila will show us photos, plus videos. And when she does, will this be the same trend of being filmed from her "glamroom?"


Joann said...

Skank is lying as usual and didn't she say she was buying a new house for her birthday? She just moved last year so why would she have to move again?

What gets me is her reason for moving this time is almost the same as it was the first time except for some minor detals, i.e., instead of a stalker, it's Garry and she has 5 floors instead of 2, 5 baths instead of 3, a 6 car garage.

I wonder if she will take a panoramic video of her mansion this time, if she takes a video at all, or will it be still pictures she has photoshopped from some magazine.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Supposedly she does buy such a house, I'm pretty sure there are other girls living with her for financial reasons. Notice how she kept mentioning about her so-called girlfriends of being invited to live with her. Why haven't she invited a girlfriend to live with her at the previous residence, too?

Funny how this whore didn't upload photos of her new place. Other speculation mentioned by other haters is that she's probably living at someone's house and pretending it to be hers. It's highly plausible. What work has she really done to earn so much money? I can't think of any. So, I'll choose the latter.

Joann said...

True QOCAP, she could very well be housesitting or renting out the mansion with 5 other people or she could live in an apartment complex with three floors which would explain the elevator and a car port for 6 cars on her side of the building, if the complex is large. They do have those in Cali.

I have lived in an apartment complex with an elevator.

If she is in another complex and not a mansion then she's lying about the 5 bedrooms and 5 baths.

hanah said...

I love how Tina provides us with these riddles and we can do some detective's work for leisure lol so here we go:

1. in her new saynow message you clearly can hear an echo from a big room

2. I think it was lolercopter wo retweeted the pic of a chick from MTV. The caption was me an my favourite slut or something like that and it was obviously recent and it was taken in a garden. ->

3. Tina mentioned today on her twitter that she has news about a tv show. (PS this is completely off topic but did't she say she was back on gossip queens like a month ago? It's never been aired?!)

Logic defies that she bought a house like that because a) she can't afford it b) why would ONE person buy such a huge house that they mostly don't need? c) she ABSOLUTELY would have posted at least one pic by now. So no, she didn't buy a house.

But it really seems like something is going on, and as we've learned: in all the big lies of Tina there is a grain of truth and she exaggerates this little piece of truth until it blows up in her face. Maybe MTV took her back for a show filmed in a mansion? I really don't know, but the twitpic in the garden from the MTV chick really could be the clue to the solution

RockitQueen said...

Maybe she's moved into some kind of Vivid-owned house that's akin to the Playboy mansion. And maybe the "TV show" is going to be one of those live webcam slut things. All I know is she did NOT buy a house.

@hanah, I wondered about the second Gossip Queens appearance, too. I was really looking forward to seeing the eyerolls and hearing Loni Love rip her a new one.

Joann said...

@hanah & QOCAP....I too remember her saying Gossip Queens loved her so much they wanted her back and she was or had already filmed for it and would put up the date and times she would be on it. Still waiting on that one.

I don't know what this TV thing is. I also remembered late last year she mentioned about getting her own reality TV show and she wasn't talking about Celebrity Rehab 4 or another show on MTV who I think fired her which is why MTV had the twins hosting ASOL3.

I agree RockitQueen...Tila don't have bank like that to buy a mansion as the one she described. I live in Cali too and mansions and homes here are very, very overpriced.

Her entire Vivid porn paycheck wouldn't even equal a down payment on a 3 story mansion w/5 bedrooms/5 baths, an elevator and a 6 car garage.

She might have enough bucks left over from leasing the lambo to get a small house but a huge way.

Misty said...

I completely agree with the other posters. There is no way Tina bought a home, let alone a mansion. She would undoubtedly been posting pics at this point. Not that she won't eventually, she probably just hasn't had time to throw something together or the home is not hers, I like the theory on the Vivid place. However, there is always a kernal of truth in every lie and surely this will reveal itself soon enough.

What is am really amused by though is her overly blantant ignoring of the whole Garry incident - other than a mention on her flog eluding to the "stalker" and "danger", she is not addressing anything. QOCAP had it dead on when she said "deja vu", how many times have we seen Tina "disappear" for a few days during a controvesial time only to reappear and act like nothing is going on.

The whore makes me sick.

Blairz said...

I hate to say it... but after seeing that twitpic, it definitely appears to look as if there is another MTV reality show in the works. Probably is what she will try to claim is her mansion. That outside canopy thing is something you always see on those reality dating shows for the cast to be sluts in. I suppose she could just be visiting a set of another show though...?

If she is filming another reality show, it would certainly explain her low profile as of lately( atleast low profile relative to her norm). In a way I would like to see watch her make a complete ass of herself on TV, but then again I don't like the idea of MTV giving her anymore attention.