Tuesday, November 2, 2010

4 I Have Real Vampire Fangs!

I've always assumed, at the age of an adult, you know, like thirty, that stupidity was meant for Paris "Skanky" Hilton, but I guess stupidity does not discriminate age. I think this is one of the most agonizing entry I'd ever read to date. The way she described her Halloween day was just so...ineffable. Best words to describe how I felt was imagine someone telling you a story, but adding an excessive amount of unnecessary details. What contributed to this painful reading was her lack of basic writing style...or should I say, blogging? Anyone with a common sense know real vampire fangs don't exist, so my guess is she's intentionally fabricating crazy dumb shit in order to keep the haters and bloggers discussing about her. Whatever floats her boat because I enjoy insulting her.

Well, it turns out she'd never worn her "custom-made vampire fangs" and when questioned about it, this is her reply:

Really, Tila? While I understand fake fangs can interfere with communications and such, but does it really take that much of an effort to put them on only for photo ops? Your real custom-made vampire teeth are non-exist, just like those Twilight characters. Sorry. And people questioning are not nit-picking, you twit. You have a reputation of being a pathological liar, therefore, we are skeptic and will question. Nit-picking is you complaining about haters and your damned scar.

So, what was Tila's costume this Halloween?
Yes, a Saigon whore! The only thing I like is the mask and nothing else, which, in my opinion, looks a little awkward on her. Proportion distortion? Probably.

Oh, dear Lord Tila is getting fat! Lay off the tacos!

"So I drove down to Hollywood to see if I could quickly find a costume, and I went into a store and I just grabbed the first thing that I saw that was in size XS and bought it! LOL it was a really cute nurse costume, but then I didn’t end up wearing it because I didn’t have time to try on the costume, so once I got home, I finally tried it on and the top was WAAAYYYY TOO SMALL!!! OMG!"
See what I mean about agonizing?

"Thank GOD for my girly closet though! I have SO MANY clothes, dresses, lingerie, costumes etc in my closet that is brand new that I’ve never worn before so I just rummaged through my closet to see what I could find, and viola!!!"
And yet, you insist going to your local Halloween store anyways? Gee, I always thought you were late for legit reasons, but damn, it's your own stupidity and lack of common sense that holds you back. Maybe if you use your brain, you would be more punctual? Yes? No?

"I had to text everyone and let ‘em know that we were on our way! I even told my driver to speed and if he got a ticket, I told him I would pay for it!!! LOL"
So, not only are you a dumb ugly whore, but you're willing to kill anyone to get to your stupid party? I'm sure your driver truly wanted to say "fuck you, hoe! I ain't gonna risk taking someone's life for the sake of your dumbass party, nor, willing to receive a ticket, which will be on my record." I keep forgetting Tila believes the world revolves around her, and only her.

"I told Michael and Kate that they could Adopt me and I could be their adopted daughter, and I’m going to ask Emilia to marry me! WOW! What a family! LMAO!!!! But hey….. don’t hate! We are all just having a GREAT TIME and LOVING LIFE! :) Even in the car ride, we were cracking so many jokes, and everyone kept talking over each other! I was like “EVERYONE SHUT UUPPPPPPP!” LOLOLOL But it didn’t work…… haha!"
Is it just me or is Tila having her "high" moments? Not only about drugs, but experiencing her bipolar side effect.

"Straight to the bar! LOL They had some really cool cotton candy martini’s and I have NEVER heard of that before so me and all of the girls decided to try some! I wish I could drink, but like I said, I get a really bad reaction from drinking so I can’t consume much alcohol, I can only take a sip at a time…which was good enough for me! I just wanted a little taste and the Cotton Candy Martini was delicious!!!!"
Girl, either you're allegric to alcohol or you're not. Like someone commented on her flog, "it's like saying I'm a little pregnant. Either you are or you're not." And it's obvious Tila's not allergic. She tries so hard to be engimatic. It's not sexy.

"So then I called my driver to come pick us up from the Mansion and from there we were all SO HUNGRY that we decided to stop by the local 7-11 on the way home……"
What? The mansion didn't offer its guest food or something?

Oh, God, I want to bang my head against a wall. Tila's definitely on drugs, the question is, what the hell was she on? Anyways, Tila mentioned her height numerous times, and it doesn't take a genius to determine how tall 4'11 is.

Well, that's a wrap. Go to hell, skank-a-saurus.


Misty said...

Tina: "Thank GOD for my girly closet though! I have SO MANY clothes, dresses, lingerie, costumes etc in my closet that is brand new that I’ve never worn before so I just rummaged through my closet to see what I could find, and viola!!!"

Umm....doesn't she profess to be a tomboy? Maybe this is her professional closet? you know, for when she is working on her tours? (snark & snort) and then she goes on to state she has SO many "new" clothes, dresses, lingerie and what's this 'costumes'????? Brand new costumes in her closet, hmmmm why then the trip to the store.

This woman can lie about the stupdiest shit. And for no reason, who would have cared if the costume was bought or already in her closet. We all knew either way she would look like the whore she is.

And just another small note, I have a sister who owns a very large home on the east coast. Her home is 10,000 SF - it is large, even including an indoor racket ball court. I wouldn't call it a mansion, she doesn't call it mansion, it wasn't listed as a mansion when she bought it and when she tried to sell it last year, she didn't advertise it as a mansion. Point is, Tina's claim of a 13,000 SF 'mansion' is funny to me. I guess if you are in a little apartment like Tila you would think that. I just find it funny how she has to quantify that in her statement.

I don't mean to be offensive to anyone. There is nothing wrong with living in an apartment nor a condo nor a small house - hell my house is literally 1/5 of my sister's. My problem is with Tila lying about it. No shame in living in a small place - just be honest. I wonder if the square footage comment will come up again with her new "mansion".

Joann said...

I'm sorry QOCAP I know you did a lot of work on this post and I appreciate it but I just could not read it all. It's probably loaded with a bunch of lies and the parts that may be the truth are blown up considerably.

Don't believe she had any fangs made and I believe her, Kate, ML and her friend from Sweden did a lot more together than just party together.

His name was Officer Clothesoff or something like that, Tila was just about naked, I'm sure Kate and Tila's friend were in skimpy outifts too, alcohol was flowing....you do the math. lol.

Her Halloween outfit is styled just like the slut outfits she wears off and on during the year.

And you're right Misty, why would the skank have to announce the mansion was 13,000 square feet. No one asked her how large it was.

Just goes to show you she's not use to high end living. Probably her first time in a mansion.

hanah said...

I find it so funny that she completely forgot about all the charities. It's always the same with Tina: she gets obsessed with something, spends days on end talking about it, revolves her life around it and then she just drops it and never mentions it again, ever. She has the attention span of a hamster (probably due to drugs and a mental disorder) she has no perseverance, as soon as she realizes her goals require actual work, she's out of it.

Kat said...

I think she is trying to keep up with Ben Baller, he doesn't even acknowledge her birthday any more