Friday, November 12, 2010

13 It's All About Me, Me, Me, Me

Hmmmmm...really, Tila?

YOU FAILED, Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen!

What? No photos of your new mansion and blogged this crap instead?

First, let's go back:

Can anyone fill in this gap for me?

Funny Tila didn't mention about holding a contest to be featured in her upcoming musical porn video in this entry. And should she do, I bet she'll be pretending to make a contest, let alone, set it all up by manipulating everything to make sure no Tila Army soldiers wins! And what did happen to your I Fucked the DJ video? Were you being a cheap whore who's unwilling to pay like with Garry Sun?

Who knew it was postponed to December now!

I love how Tila tries to divert any stupidity's attention by making a non-believable excuse to hide the real reason of changing, or should I say, going back? FAILURE. When using that word on Tila, it resonates so pleasantly. Yes, call me a bitch, but I love to see that whore fail, fail, fail and fail she does!

So, I guess that means bye bye to Vince P and ILOVEBIGBOOBIES. I hope Tila gave Vince unemployment benefits or something for wasting his time.

For the past six months, let us congratulate Tila Tequila for successfully making the following list below a reality and accomplished!

1.) Highly anticipated celebrity gossip blog.
2.) Been busting her disgusting ass off working on her celebrity gossip blog.
3.) Real celebrity news, bringing us news "real time".
4.) It's not about Tila bashing random celebrities.
5.) It's a real celebrity news blog just like any other.
6.) Will beat out Piggy Dumbass Perez Hilton's blog.
7.) Perez's blog is old, Tila's up to date, edgy, and something new and fresh.
8.) Once we see Tila's new blog, we'll all be hooked.
9.) Tila's blog: Super, fun, and unexpected. Colorful, blasting with tons of personality.
10.) Even if you hate her, you'll love her blog.
11.) Blog to launch in April.
12.) After April, the world of celebrity will never be the same.
13.) She one thousand million trillion percent guarantee us that there are no other celebrity gossip blog out there like hers.
14.) Blog pushed back due to TilaMerch site.
15.) Her blog site is going to kick everyone's ass.
16.) Her site is "MAJOR."
17.) Previously mentioned it was the TilaMerch that was responsible for the delay of its launch, now states she hired a new team of writers.
18.) She's a pussy CEO slash boss slash mogul bitch.
19.) Whatever info she needed to collect from her new team of imaginary staff writers of 25-30, she had to hire another company to accommodate heavy site traffic she anticipated.
20.) Even though her site is not opened to the public, already the traffic is going bananas.
21.) Her blog is suppose to have cool features and pluggins that no other celebrity gossip sites have.
22.) Had amazing meeting with a partner who wants to be part of her imaginary team, thus, believes her site is going to kill every single motherfucking blogs out there.
23.) There were tons of people hitting up her PR team, asking to be part of it.
24.) Has a big office space with green screen and a huge film crew.
25.) Had confirmed to do an interview with a celebrity, saying "take that, Perez!" and only to discover it was some Russian Boxer most of the Americans wouldn't know.
26.) Her blog is going to be dope.
27.) Refreshing, new, totally loud in our faces (whatever the hell that means), extremely funny, and will actually have real celebrity interviews each week.
28.) Her blog is super duper duper duper fun and real news and tons of exclusive materials that no other bloggers has.
29.) Due to having tons of connections, have exclusive insides that nobody knows, and amazing things popping up, she had to push her site back. Not because of hiring new team of writers or getting a dedicated server from a different web hosting company.
30.) Her gossip blog is going to be the number one celebrity gossip blog in the whole world.
31.) Her green screen and other videos will be syndicated to TV stations all around the "word."
32.) Will have contests, and prizes include a chance of a trip to Hollywood, chill out with Tila for a day, go shopping while paparazzi chase you and her around.
33.) Tila will be "outing" few people that dissed her to get even.
34.) Her blog is extremely high-tech and have features for it.
35.) Will have tons of "sexy" (though whorish is the politically correct term) photos of herself as well.
36.) Will have make-up tutorials.

Yeah, I would be so in denial of myself if I was her, too. So much in denial that I have the nerve to think my celebrity gossip blog is still number #1 and dethroned Perez Hilton! Bravo, bitch!

You should've been forgotten since Myspace lost its popularity you fucking idiot.

In a mind of a narcissist, of course she would think that. After all, the world does revolve around her! It's also laughable she thinks half the celebrities on her failed failed failed ....FAILED blog are her friends!

You see, in Tila's mind, this is how she thinks: She doesn't like those who aren't punctual (quite an irony for someone who is always late herself), but then again, doesn't like it when you're early, either, and bitches about littlest things. Take the maids scenario for instance. Yes, she doesn't have them in reality, but let's just pretend she does.

INFERNO CANTO XXIII [notes] a painted people - the hypocrites in their gilded cloaks and cowls (line 64). Hypocrisy is the sin of appearing to be what one is not, in particular of hiding interior wickedness beneath a virtuous exterior.
The Divine Comedy

So, it never crossed her mind people have their own reasons as well? Tila, you are a one fucked up ugly-old-alien-looking whore that needs to die or simply go away. Oh, by the way, Tila threw us a lovely picture I found to express her love for us! Well, I thought it would be nice to return the same token:

 Hello Kitty also likes to add exclusively for Tila Tequila:



Misty said...

Wow. Just Wow. I knew her flog wouldn't even last a year. I wonder how long her other site will last last - six more months. She can't even use FB, since she can't post long rambling entries.

She is such a loser! I wonder how many people have asked her about Perez. Tee Hee!

I can't wait for your post about her court date today. See what comes out it. I really wish just once I could see her in person. I think I would in fact spit on her and call her a whore. And that's really not my style.

hanah said...

misty, she'd just walk away if you saw her, she has zero social skills and therefore avoids confrontations (unless people are kissing her a**)

I don't get my hopes too high for the court date today, tough. For some mysterious reason Tila gets away with everything she does and says.

Misty said...

@hanah & qocap: Check this out: first one states she had to pay Merriman $2m, second leads me to believe she is in court today about her sex tape (maybe) she could have been in court earlier

Misty said...

Sorry 2nd link:

Misty said...

I was wrong, she was in court about Garry Sun. If you are looking for some LOLing, check out the comments.

hanah said...

Garry said he was late for the hearing and that it was a default ruling, what the heck?? He just lost all my sympathy!

And have you seen the pic of her after court on tmz? She looks horrible, I don't know if it's surgery, meth or whatever but she looks worse every time I see her, no wonder she's posting old pics

Joann said...

I'm with you hanah. I'm done with Garry. Late for court!!!!!!......he should have been the first one there.

hanah said...

Joann, especially since he was TWEETING right before the hearing! But he couldn't make in on time/at all to court? Just shows again that we never should trust anyone who's been around Tila

Misty said...

Hanah and Joann, I was thinking the same thing. I was hoping that Garry would at least get the ball rolling with the downfall of the midget whore, but was really disappointeed to see this happen. I still think there is truth in the middle of the allegations, but usually something rotten as well.

So.....who is late for court? I mean if you had made serious allegations against someone and were truly this afraid, wouldn't you be early?????

What is up with Michael Lohan's tweets to Tila? And does he tweet drunk?? Reallly correct the spelling errors.

And Tila looks like shit - like wow, shit!!

Joann said...

Misty said..."I mean if you had made serious allegations against someone and were truly this afraid, wouldn't you be early?????". THANK YOU. That's common sense.

This dude:
1. Takes the time to make signs about the skank and places them at the front of Mr. Chow for everyone to see.

2. Takes the time to make videos and give us info about this kidnapping, how some men came to his house and frighten his dad and what role Tila allegedly played in Casey's death.

3. Was given info by TRS which would help him tremendously in his case to prove Tila was slandering him and lying about him cutting her arm.

When it's time he goes to court the dude arrives 5 minutes. Tila who is always late for everything gets there on time and he doesn'. SMH

He wants to blame it on the traffic. I live in Cali and that time of the morning there is always heavy traffic. He knows that.

Unless you live in some hick town, all city traffic is like that. He should have left out an hour earlier than usual to make sure he was at court on time.

Even if he got to court on time and lost I would have more respect for him because I could say at least he put up a fight.

I said on TRS yesterday I was done talking about him. NOW I'M TRULY DONE.

Joann said...

Oops..meant "he arrived 5 minutes late to court".

Misty said...

Just noticed this and it's good for a laugh: If you check the whore goblins' twitter time line, she retweeted two tweets from Michael Lohan - take note they are from the end of October........think she is trying to make it look like they are recent following the court date. Loser!

Joann said...

Haha...good catch Misty. Those tweets from ML were sent to her twitter on Oct 28th and 30th. The skank then re-tweeted them to herself yesterday. SMH.