Saturday, November 13, 2010

10 This Is How A Dumbass Loser Thinks


This is the best news? wtf? Just like having your sex tape is the worst thing that could happen to anybody as well, right bitch?

As we all know by now, Garry Sun was unfortunately late for a court hearing which ultimately granted this whore a three-year restraining order, plus one hundred yards instead of ten this time, all because he was late. Honestly, as much as I want this ugly nasty bitch to go down (I don't mean hands and knees) or put in jail (even better), I didn't have confidence in Garry Sun when he failed to prove otherwise and suspected he would lose had he shown up. A letter means nothing.

Ironically, with all the fucked up things this whore have done to remain in her struggling spotlight, you would think she's the one that needs a "law" protection, right? I guess we're wrong because our poor delicate, petite, fragile Tila is an angel of God and a warrior from her past life and thinks the world is out to get her!

Can you think of a "real" celebrity claiming to have so much stalkers in less than two years? None comes to my mind. So, if Titla Bacteria is not a celebrity, but claims to have so many, it's not hard to fathom she's making it up or screws her target upon disposal, labeling them as stalkers, her favorite word. I have a message for this twit: You are NOT a celebrity. You are just a famewhoring worthless slut with serious issues and if one is truly a danger to the society, then, it is you. Let us not forget you ran through a red light and encouraged a driver to speed so you and your fake friends won't be late for that stupid Halloween party.

Like many people have said, if the judge felt the same way, he/she would've taken affirmative action and get him help, but since Garry is free, let this dumbass whore think she'd done something great for the society such as believing gay marriage had become legal because of A Shot At Love with Tila Tequila show. Oh, I still remember this one comment stating who knew politicians watch MTV! I was like, I know. The Freemasons and the Illuminati, yes, but politicians? Never! I wouldn't be surprised if Tila watches A Shot At Love every night.

Face it folks, Tila's stupid-ass life is nothing but filled with drama. She is the queen of all drama queens! So, Tila wishses to move on with her life, was granted a three-year restraining order, plus one hundred yards, and yet, going to pursue another case against Garry Sun? A real celebrity doesn't have to keep suing people to remain relevant (even though Tila isn't), so you can imagine how pathetic this Grandma is and what it's like waking up everyday, concocting stunts to have people look at you, with hatred and disgust. I have quite a few reasons of keeping up with her bullshit charades, but one of its factor is to witness her downfall, be it disappearing from media spotlight turned full-time prostitute or her death, and help expose the lies along the way. I don't care if she decides to take her own pitiful life. That's her choice, but, and despite me wishing she would do so, I honestly rather watch her continually fail to the point she has nothing left to contribute, not even her drugged-up looks could save her sorry ass.

Tila Tequila is a narcissist who believes the world owes her an apology and expect free handouts, be it respect, admiration, encouragements, and so forth. Wrong. However she was raised is definitely an anomaly, and I mean that in a bad way. We all know trauma and being victims of violence (whether physical or emotional) affect our minds and can make us sick, but if one remains to play victim, self-pity, and refuse to help themselves, then there's nothing those around can do. Sure, Tila made previous entries blogging about her visitation to a therapy, strangely, I think this whore's gotten worse and have no doubt she ever took an initiative to get better, hence, made that visitation a lie, just like how she claimed of going to Celebrity Rehab, then said it was canceled, but the reason was a failed psych test.

It's obvious Tila is self-loathing and desperately seeks approval. Personally, I don't fucking care about approvals from people myself. Why some people think it's the most important factor in life is beyond me. Drugs are bad, we all know that. Fame is a drug, an addiction. Had we not see people destroy their lives for fame, I believe most of us will be more fucked up than usual. So, thank you, Tila, and other famewhores, for demonstrating how fame-seeking can just be as destructive. I hope you guys are genuinely happy with this journey. Remember, if we all have souls and continue after death, keep this in your mind: It is your thoughts that will be brought with you to the other side, not your occupation or materials.

Anyways, I find Tila's entry pretty embarrassing. Wait. Let me rephrase that: I find all her entries embarrassing. I'm getting this weird vibe Tila's all excited and is very proud of something she didn't do except show her cottage-cheese ass to court. Garry Sun didn't show up, I saved Rome! Whoo-hoo! didn't do shit, moron.

It reminds me of this scenario: Instead of email, think of R.O.

UPDATE - Back in July 26, Tila tweeted about being stalked by a crazed paparazzo. Please tell me if she's referring to Garry Sun or another paparazzo. Tila wishes she had stalkers because it makes feel like she's wanted but in truth, no one wants her. Hey, if I was her, I would do the same thing of making shit up just to feel good, myself!


Joann said...

I agree QOCAP.

I'm sure right now she's feeding off the false illusion she is one bad bitch but what she fail to realize is the only reason it went the way it did in court was because the judge was very displeased with Garry not being in court when the case was called.

When his name was called and he was not present the judge gave her lawyers what she wanted by DEFAULT, not because of anything her or her lawyers said because the judge never heard Garry side.

She will never admit to this because she wants to be seen as a winner.

Tila has taken another step closer to her downfall but she is too mentally sick to know it.

What she thinks is a victory is nothing more than a bunch of lies from her sick mind built around other sick lies that are slowly burying her alive.

Her looks are damn near gone, people in mainstream media take her as a joke and she has no talent except taking her clothes off.

I think what we are all waiting for will happen much sooner than we think.

BigPoppaPhat said...
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BigPoppaPhat said...

Hahaha DAL & the AOI's.

Joann said...

IMO, she was lying as usual. She knew Garry back in July and if he was a major creeper she would have gotten a RO against him then AND put his name on blast like she's doing now.

I don't believe Garry was ever stalking her or did anything to her. She's getting back at him for some other reason that only make sense in her screwed up bobble head.

hanah said...

twitpics of her shoot:

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

LOL at that guy on the left from second pic!

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

@Joanne I would like to ask you something personally but have no way of contacting you. :(

Joann said...


Queen of Copy and Paste said...

Check your inbox! :)

Misty said...

For someone so "gansta" she sure gets scared a lot!