Saturday, October 23, 2010

7 Let Us Welcome Tila's New Guest Blogger

Tila doesn't find other people fucking attractive if they're not her or skanky at all. On October 18th, this retard tweeted this:
Excuse us, but the world does not want to see your saggy blue waffle cooch or your wonky tits. You're not young anymore. Get over it, hoe.

Whore decided to change her twitter background image and tried to be like Britney Spears:
Is it just me or have this whore gained some pounds? Skankalicious!

Not only is Tila a liar, thief, selfish, manipulator, and a hooker, she's very conceited:

As if you your slutty photos aren't airbrushed and shit. Tell yourself that because the truth is, you are old and need all the photoshop a person can get.

Tila has welcomed a new guest blogger named Vince. I guess nobody informed him the dangers of working with Tila Tequila.

Let us not forget she accused Casa Wilson of rape, threatened to file a sexual harrasment against Chris, a bodyguard she once hired, pissed off Carlton Jordan, accused The Game of being her baby daddy, sued Shawne Merriman, fired Garry Sun, even though he wasn't getting paid and to add an insult to the injury, blames him for cutting her arm. Then goes Mr.Bradshaw, who made the right choice of leaving the psychotic bitch. So, Vince, don't say no one tried to warn you.

While it was nice of Tila welcoming poor naive Vince, I wonder what happened to ILOVEBIGBOOBIES, aka Big Tits?
Nice name, stupid. We all know it's you. Don't ask me why it says posted by TILA STAFF 11 instead of Big Tits. I doubt she has eleven writers, let alone, 25-30 employees working for her.

Anyways, Vince actually wrote his first entry which I've overlooked. I assumed "Don't Be Mad" was a song Tila wanted us to hear and said to myself hell, no and moved on. Why I went back, I don't really know. Boredom? Maybe. So, now that I finally realized it's Vince first entry, I'll give him a piece of my mind.
Great way of introducing yourself, jackass! I live in Chicago and never fucking heard of your ass. Allow me to say these beautiful words: WHO ARE YOU AGAIN? Jesus. Does Tila walk on streets and pick random people to come join her team or something? Hell, his twitter account isn't verified. Not verified? A nobody. Let's move on.


Misty said...

I was wondering who Vince P was as well. I just assumed he was the latest of transient "employees" that are paid in blow jobs.

Has she actually posted any new pics of herself lately? Everything I see is old or taken way previously. The only recent pic I see is the facebook photo where she is sitting in bed in her lingerie and I don't think she looks so healthy. I find it funny she keeps finding all these "sexy pics" and they are years old.

It is sad really that she has nothing but her body to sell. Every time her fan base starts to fall off, she posts a new "sexy video" or pictures none of which are recent. Her body must look be starting to show the drug abuse, just like her face.

Joann said...

All the skank needs to do is stop looking at them and since when did people who supposedly live in a mansion have porches?

Those first two posts(spotlight of the week and who's that guy/girl)I don't remember.

I usually skim through her long rambling posts because all she does is repeat the same thing over and over and the subject matter is usually about herself or something else just as trivial.

My computer blocks a lot of stuff on her site so Vince P pictures were blocked out...his video was viewable but I didn't watch it and didn't know what he looked like...I do know the "haters" tore him a new one. I kinda felt sorry for the dude. lol

He came on with the "I'm famous and the most hated person on the internet", "I'm successful" and started name dropping.

Why he started out like that I don't know but the "haters" went up one side of him and down the other. I was LMAO at the comments. Don't think he will be back too soon.

Misty said...

Anybody watch the Happy Birthday Miss Tila video? hahahahahahahahahahaha!!! I feel sorry for her AOI. They are really sad lonely kids. If you haven't seen it - it is a few clips and pics of fans and a good 12 minutes of a photo collage of her, plus an interview where she is lying through her skanky ass face about living in the Buddist community and how she was making all her dreams come true. I feel really sorry for her family.

Queen of Copy and Paste said...

LOL I watched it for the purpose of trying to get it flagged. SUCCESS!!! Having it removed would have been better, though. Oh, that collage was really a laugh riot. "My family is very poor." Still playing the self-pity victim, we are, Titla?

Misty said...

Good job! It is actually difficult to get to, I had to create a Youtube account, etc. It would have been great to have it removed, but there wasn't quite enough wonky nipple. Ha!

I don't know if you ever saw Ghostrider's blog. There was once a blog about Tila (there has actually been a couple), but in this particular one there is some info dug up about Tila in high school, including a newspaper article where she is a senior and there is a picture of her with the new car her parents bought for her - it's a Honda Acura. (forgive me if you have seen it and used it here, I'm just too lazy to scroll back right now).

Anyway, not only was she not poor and not slaving away at a flea market, this slut was handed a car her senior year - and a new car. And she can't even be grateful to her parents. She has to play "oh poor me, I was so poor, boo hoo, I've had to make all my dreams come true on my own." I feel sorry for her parents.

Apparently the whore's dream was to "model" aka "pose naked every chance I get". I really hope this last birthday in her twenties has hit her hard.

Well, rant over.

Joann said...

I watched it for a hot minute, that's all I could take. I wanted to see how Mittiee, BBJ and Carlena looked in a video.

I got to see BBJ but not Mittiee or Carlena because I clicked it off at the 1.30 mark. Couldn't take any more looking at the collage of the skank.

Haven't been back on her twitter but I know this morning they were still waiting for the skank to acknowledge the birthday video.

@Misty...I did read the Ghostrider's blog on Tila growing up and just like she does with everything else, she blew her background info way out of proportion so people can think she came from nothing and made it on her own to get to the top. LMAO.

Abbie Normal said...

Any guesses on how long this guy is going to be around before Ol' Wonky Tits starts blowing her rape whistle?

I wonder if she met him in a supermarket too?